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  1. Hello guys, I am managing Harrogate Town alongside Wales U21s in my FM19 Career. My club was expected to relegate this season but we managed to qualify for the playoffs in Vanarama National League. Due to such good and unexpected performance my club owner accepted my demand of associating with an affiliate club. We got offers from three clubs and we decided to affiliate with Stoke City. So I wanted to get some players on loan from them which I thought was pretty easy and smooth though it didnt come out to be so. Whenever I want any U23s or U18s player on loan, they never cooperate and instead ask a much higher fee just like any other club would. So I wanted to know how the affiliate system works and how can I benefit from my affiliate. Thank You.
  2. OK I will try arranging the players in right order but I still don't think that Sports Interactive have made training system much effective....
  3. Okay being realistic that yes, training for a week in attack mode won't make my team attacking, but then, how does the training system works ? If my team is bad at set piece defending and I can't do much by even training for a complete week (the longest gap I ever get between matches, that too rarely), then what should I do ?
  4. On the tactic part just don't ask..as you said that I seem to be changing my tactics all the time because I don't get the desired results. I made a tactic with defensive approach so what I got in the match was like opponents getting hundreds of shots on my goal and my team not taking even a single shot on the goal even though possession is quite balanced and eventually one of the opponents shot get into the goal which is quite frustrating. The tactic is a 4-2-4 with two defensive midfielder and one of them being a Segundo Volante at attack duty two AM(LR) and a Striker also an attacking Central Midfielder to support attack still the results don't improve...
  5. I agree on most of the part but what about training ? I really don't think that training has much effect in game situations maybe that's too because the players ain't good enough. No matter what is being focused during training but players don't improve though it should not be like this.
  6. Hello guys. I am the current manager of Wales Under 21s and Harrogate town as well. I am currently on 4th rank in Vanarama National League. My problem is that my team is really uncertain. It can win a match in one moment and lose it in another. For example; My team defeated Burton Albion in FA Cup Second Round with a score of 8-2 lost to AFC fylde which is at 24th position in my league with score of 3-0. What I mean to say is that no matter which tactic I use, the result is always a random and its stands same for the players. You never know which player is going to play well. I lost 2 matches back to back against lower level teams with an attacking tactic so I turned to balanced tactic against another low ordet club but lost again which was quite frustrating as I am determined to win the Vanarama National Leagur title. Also while using a bit defensive tactic the team was not creating any chances so I made the team train in attack mode for a week yet their performance in attacking third was below far. The wingers never cross the ball, whenever they do, the ball is always blocked by defenders and goes for a corner (and when I say always, I am not kidding). The strikers never face towards the opponents net and when they recieve the ball they lose it while they turn towards the goal. For the set pieces, we are too bad at it even though I always add about 3 set piece sessions(defend) in a week, yet we fail to protect the net. I need suggestions specially on training part because I dont think that even makes a difference in the game Thank you in advance.
  7. Yeah I realized the same so I accepted that no matter what, we were the losers even if I had played 100 times and even if the players would have been at their best.
  8. Yeah thats right. And probably that ends this thread as well 😁. Thank you for your continous support. I am grateful to all of you guys. Keep Managing. Keep Helping. Cheers.
  9. Yeah pressure could be a potential cause but I tried balanced,defensive and attacking typed formations but pressure should cause upset in 1-2-3 matches though my analysis included 5 games after which I accepted the team's fate 😅. (maybe because the result was much more satisfying 3-4 loss.)
  10. Thank you for the suggestions. I will try out the setup with above changes. By the way I made a few changes before to make the strategy defensively more reliable which seemed to work during the match against Havant And Waterlooville as we didn't concede any goal and the opponents didn't even get much shots (i had set TI to Regroup) but now we lacked in attack until we scored a goal in 84th minute. Now I was definitely happy but then guess what ?!! The opponents strike back ! I know these things are common in soccer but its definitely irritating to have defended so well through out the match and at last when everything was okay.. (sigh)
  11. I would obviously not get surprised If the opponent who is infinitive times better play like hell for us but if my players themselves give penalties and red cards then how can anyone expect anything. I replayed the match not to mess my perception but to build it up. I wanted to analyse a series of events against the same opponent with same team with different formations and actually its to my surprise that you aren't amazed at such results. Anyways No Offence.
  12. I am afraid but it didn't help in the least. I played the match thrice and guess what?! Three matches Three Red Cards Four Penalties. Thats What I am Talking About Man !!
  13. Hello guys. I come here with great pressure on my head. I am currently managing harrogate town in Vanarama National League. We have been drawn in a FA Cup (or trophy) 3 round match against AFC Bournemouth who are currently in Sky Bet League One. Now, obviously we are huge underdogs but I wanted some suggestions so that we can hope for the best results and keep our supporters happy. The reason I am posting this thread is that I have noticed whenever we have to play a match against such a big team, the players play their worse game like clearing the ball to an opponent, doing own goals, getting red cards, and giving penalty and thus making the match impossible to win. I certainly don't hope to win but I also dont want to accept my defeat if players play in such a manner. Quick replies are always appreciated.
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