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  1. I'm not gonna talk anything because I'M REALLY TIRED.just watch it and think which month in we are and still have TOTALLY BROKE AI. Ajax - Borussia Dortmund.pkm
  3. There is no team in EURO cup.Besiktas must be there and other leagues who earned to join EURO Cup.
  4. small number of users huh? i cant believe you guys.i opened a thread for this i did what you want about tests but ZERO(0) answer.here it is its a shame.
  5. what did you mean to say ''THEY'' ? who is going to chose like asisstant manager?
  6. @Cleon if we play on gegenpress,do we need to do gegenpress playing style training all the time? or just a pre season thing? what is your general schedule about this?
  7. same...i reported it. but if you want to play anyway there is a little thing.you must give all responsibilities to assistant manager after that you need to change your schedule again but key thing is responsibilities must stay on assistant manager if you touch anything about responsibilities of as.manager this bug happening again...so dont touch it.its not a solution but i can play it like this until the update...
  8. i tried new update but problem is keep happening...when Monday comes assistant manager changing everything about the schedule. edit: i found something.if i give to all responsibilities to assistant manager and after that changing to schedule for one time he cant change it.i need to do this all the time.
  9. Hello, i have a trouble with my assistant manager on trainings...he keeps overwriting my schedule.I did my schedule (Screenshot1) and he changed it (Screenshot2).i sent to you guys my staff responsibilities (Screenshot3) he keeps doing that all the time.i cant understand it.
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