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  1. Imagine scoring 4 goals in a game and being on the losing team, you'd have massive mixed emotions!
  2. Where do you draw the line though? Nobody in the world would have predicted Leicester winning the Premier League in 2015/16, and I bet if that had happened in an FM save, nobody would have seen it as realistic.
  3. I'm in 2023/24 with Leeds in my current save, and Liverpool beat me to the PL title the season before. So far this season, they've played 15 and won 15 in the league and seem unbeatable in all competitions. They've scored 45 goals and conceded just 3 in the league (one when they beat me 3-1). I can't really put my finger on why they're such a strong team, they obviously have more money to spend than I do so seem to have built the dream squad!
  4. You say you want to play the game "realistically", then when the realistic transfer happens you throw your toys out the pram and say you're never playing FM again? Big clubs offer low on purpose to unsettle your players if you reject. That then leaves you in the position to either accept an offer lower than you believe the player is worth, or to keep rejecting and keep having to deal with the low morale of the player and his allies in the squad. As a much smaller club, you just have to accept that your talented youngsters will attract the bigger clubs and it'll be very hard to keep
  5. I have set a nickname only once in all my FM games - for a Greek newgen striker called Ilias Athanasopoulous, who's name was annoying me every time it popped up so I set his nickname as Ilias, and completely ignored his surname.
  6. April 2022 Some good results and a hugely important win against Stockport. Mad game against Eastleigh that was 3-3 after 31 minutes and that's how it ended. Would it be enough? Table Just. Was a much harder ending to the season than what I wanted but we were able to just about limp over the line to escape relegation. My contract is up at the end of June 2022 and with the board unwilling to offer me an extension just yet, I'm not sure if I'll be here for the next season to go through it all again.
  7. March 2022 A dreadful month, picking up only 1 point out of 18. Huge April coming up where we definitely need to pick up some results. The annoying thing is we haven't been miles away in any of the games, getting narrowly beaten in most. Table In the relegation area now and very much in the battle I was trying to avoid. Some huge games coming up, including against Stockport, Eastleigh and Gateshead who are all in the battle too...
  8. February 2022 A very disappointing month, lost every game except a Niall Huggins masterclass against Barrow. Also out of the FA Trophy after losing 2-0 to Lincoln in the quarter final. Table 5 points clear of the relegation zone with 12 games to go. Hopefully we can pick up form and finish the season without having to look over our shoulder.
  9. January 2022 Quite a disappointing month in the league, drawing against Hemel and Maidstone in games we really should have won. Through to the FA Trophy Quarter Final where we will play Lincoln at home, who we put in a good effort against in the league but came up short. Hoping we can beat them in the FA Trophy. Table Need to start picking up wins to increase the gap between us and the relegation zone. Transfers One player joined and one player left in January. Edon Pruti left for an initial £11k to join Bosnian side Olimpik. Goalkeeper Zach Hem
  10. December 2021 A fairly decent month, with 3 wins out of 5 in the league and a mental FA Trophy tie. We were 3-0 down at half time and looked set to be heading out again, but turned it round to be leading 4-3 only for Chorley to score a late equaliser. We made no mistake in the replay. We have a tough draw in the next round - away to Carlisle. Table Doing well in mid table and hoping to stay safe all the way through. A drop in form could see us dragged down into a battle so hoping to keep picking up results. Transfers Only transfer news this month is that re
  11. I won the SPL with Cowdenbeath in my best ever save on FM16! I chose them purely because they were called The Blue Brazil.
  12. November Was looking like a terrible month until the last 2 fixtures. Important wins to get us out of the relegation zone. Table 5 points clear of the relegation zone in 17th. Looks like top spot is between Lincoln and Boreham Wood. Transfers Kaine Felix joined from Guiseley for £5k to try and help the winger situation, but still lacking on both flanks.
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