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  1. So what if you just forget about the last digit at that point? If you have over 2 billion, you dont care about 9 anymore.
  2. Because the number of the money in your bank account is stored in 32 bit, the maximum value can be slightly over 2 billion. To fix this, the board will invest multiple hundred million into an "investment fund" which you have no insight to at all. This is just not contemporary. If you make good transfers with a big club, you can reach that point in 5 years, easily. It simply destroys my motivation to search for profit-making transfers completely, because it won't matter anymore anyways. Just turn that number into 64 bit. Can't be that hard.
  3. I would like to have the option to make throw in's to the ground or high up for headers. Or even better, let the players decide whats best in the situation. It just makes no sense that my tiny winger receives throw ins he has to contest with a header. Everyone would throw the ball infront of his feet so he can work with the ball properly.
  4. I uploaded it again on ownCloud with the name " 'Trooper8 - Barcelona ". Note that it is 11 days before the action happened. I think I explained the pictures and the problem pretty well. I just think you have two different implemented actions in your game without noticing the coincident that both happen. Do you really need English screenshots?
  5. I manage Barcelona and Jordi Alba was the player. He was upset because he didn't get chosen for the Spanish squad and got mad A few hours later he gets exchanged for an injured player But he was still upset which leads to this image So it should either get removed or should be changed to "is upset because he wasn't first choice" or something like that in those situations. The earliest safe I have from before is 11 days in advance, so the player probably won't get injured and wouldn't be reproducible I think. And I think you wanted to see this also. Edit: I just upload the game file anyways through the link explanation. No idea where it is now, but the post says I should tell the name of the file. It was the standard "last save overwrite backup" file. Uploaded around 20:20
  6. I don't know if it is intentional or not, but it looks stupid when you don't know what happened. A player of mine was upset when he wasn't selected for the national team and got an information mark for it. A day later I got a message he got switched in because another player got injured. The result was a player in the national team screen with the bonus tag that he is upset to not be able to play in the team he is currently in.
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