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  1. On the one hand I can see what you mean, it looks defensive, but on the other hand I had second highest avg possession in my first season and most passes in the league. I love playing with 3 CB and no wingers. Earlier I tried 5-2-2-1 but I had problems with scoring and thought that 2 strikers will solve the problem. I know that the most successful tactics are gegenpressing but honestly I don't feel like playing it. This tactics is quite successful in 3 seasons I won 2x carabao cup, 1x Champions League and 1x Premier League, but I wanted to better understand the game and learn how to solve pr
  2. Hello, I would like to suggest to make a window which will show all existing (or at least crucial for player's position) stats for one player. Currently you have to enter analysis and choose options one by one to analyze one player. It's very hard to remember everything so you have to write it down and it is not clear at all. It should be something like on sofa score app for android. It would really help finding the weakest link in your team. PS I currently play FM20 if something changed in FM21, I am really sorry not to follow
  3. Hello, I play Manchester United and I tried to make control-possession tactics. Unfortunately I struggled scoring goals against weaker teams, ending up losing 0:1 but also had problems with certain strong teams (Liverpool, Arsenal) while destroying other (Man City, Tottenham). I applied some changes and now it looks like this (pictures). 1) I am still not 100% satisfied with the results. Sometimes still struggling with weaker teams, but less often, and I still have problems with some teams (now Arsenal and Everton). Do you have any ideas how to help me? 2) Another problem is very
  4. Hi guys, I recently wanted to follow my players during international breaks. I know that we already have International round-up window, but I found it very confusing and more-less useless. Firstly we have there only latest international game for each player - currently I am in March and I see games from October. The old games aren't that bad. You can filter the window by date, but the other problem is that you can see only ONE game! If you don't check this window every day during international break you won't know anything and that's why it's useless. I would suggest to modify this win
  5. Thanks guys for replays. I was just wondering and tried to gather any rumors that I heard. I think there is a problem with my players motivation or pressure because the goals for this year were a bit lower than I perform.
  6. Hi guys! I recently started Manchester United career in FM2020. I chose big club to have very comfortable and easy game to rest after work. I created nice tactics and got very good results. I was undefeated until late March (lost against Brighton in FA cup), but shortly after winter transfer window I noticed that my team started to struggle in every match. Now (April) I can hardly win even using save&load several times. My main tactic still obtains similar stats (shots, possession etc) but it doesn't convert to goals. Opposition GKs started to catch everything. Also I lost first
  7. Hello, I recently just started playing FM20. I am quite happy with my team performance, but I have some issues with a few aspects of my tactics: 1) WB are crazy mad. They get the ball and ALWAYS run straight forward to the end line (never cut aggressively towards the goal), then wait for the defender and then try to cross the ball to the other WB, which concludes in weak shot on goal. I would like them to play more safety on their half (not always sprint forward), but also attack in the final third towards the goal not end line and most important to cross the ball to forwards not the othe
  8. Hi, What should I pay attention to during searching for young players for my team? Is there any specific pattern? Should I relay on my scouts and 'stars'? How do you recruit for your teams?
  9. I posted because in my opinion it would be better. I don't say that current solution is bad but it's not obvious for a newbie. I have played this game since 2015 and never knew numbers you gave.
  10. It will be easier to define how often the goalkeeper will play. It will be more realistic. You don't sign GK as rotation player. You sign him as 1st or 2nd keeper. I think it is more realistic and easier to explain for unhappy GK why he is not playing.
  11. I have wondered if it wouldn't be better if we modify GK contract so we will be signing him for different status. For outfield players we have key player, first team, rotation .... and now it is the same for GK but I think it would be better if they had 1st GK, 2nd GK, 3rd GK or young GK. In my opinion it fits better for GK. What's your opinion?
  12. Hello, Am I able to change the value of "size of text and images" to custom percentage? 85% is still too big but 50% is too small.
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