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  1. When I statr a game from Steam it freezes. Nothing happens. I tried reset FM, Steam and PC, nothing hepled.
  2. Hi, What should I pay attention to during searching for young players for my team? Is there any specific pattern? Should I relay on my scouts and 'stars'? How do you recruit for your teams?
  3. What are the odds? It kinda annoyed me. Same match, about 20 minutes one after the other, same injury, same recovery time :/ Looks weird to me. Some kind of a bug?
  4. I posted because in my opinion it would be better. I don't say that current solution is bad but it's not obvious for a newbie. I have played this game since 2015 and never knew numbers you gave.
  5. It will be easier to define how often the goalkeeper will play. It will be more realistic. You don't sign GK as rotation player. You sign him as 1st or 2nd keeper. I think it is more realistic and easier to explain for unhappy GK why he is not playing.
  6. I have wondered if it wouldn't be better if we modify GK contract so we will be signing him for different status. For outfield players we have key player, first team, rotation .... and now it is the same for GK but I think it would be better if they had 1st GK, 2nd GK, 3rd GK or young GK. In my opinion it fits better for GK. What's your opinion?
  7. Hello, Am I able to change the value of "size of text and images" to custom percentage? 85% is still too big but 50% is too small.
  8. Don't know if ti fits here becouse of more logical than translation problem but: I play in premier league so i cannot be promoted (in polish awansować).
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