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  1. Here is details of josh tibbetts he has joined Southport. I think the the biggest issue that I have with the posh team is Joe Ward being unable to play right back and being incredibly underrated in the game when he’s been a stand out since we signed him. And Marcus Maddison being unable to play as a normal LM and RM. also the Chapman situation being the best keeper at the club not O’Malley really frustrating when your after an authentic team. I also played a full season and the board never gave me an option to request a bigger transfer budget in the Board Requests. Thanks
  2. Players are in incorrect positions. Joe Ward Is a RB and a RM player and is a hell of a lot better then he is being presented. Ivan Toney is a Target Man Striker this is something that is not reflecting. Matt Stevens is out on loan for the season at slough I think it is. Aaron Chapmans stats are showing his to be a lot poorer then he is and is showing Connor O'Malley as the best keeper at the club? (very odd) Darren Lyon has come in on a short term basis but is showing 2k a week :O Marcus Maddison is showing as being unable to play LM AND RM Considering thats been his position for years more so then a winger (we play a 442) Josh Tibbets is no longer with the Club. George Cooper is most definitely not on 4K a week... Thanks for listening to feedback. Thanks Luke
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