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  1. I viewed it in the save, going to my team's schedule, then going back the years, clicking on the result and then the "Watch Goals" button.
  2. This is the PKM file of the game, the Save file is uploading to the Cloud as "ESTAC - jimmythebusdriver" at the moment. What I did was going through the highlights of old games - I'm in June 2023, and this game is from the first season - and clicked "Watch goals" when this came up. But as I said, when I clicked OK it disappeared and the highlights played as usual. Just wanted Kev and Dave to have a chuckle to be honest Sainte-Geneviève Sports v Troyes.pkm
  3. Just got this error message when going through highlights of old games. Went away when I pressed OK and game continued completely normal. Just wanted to pass it on to Kev and Dave, I hope the read it. Cheers.
  4. He takes all the penalties with his right, so I'd assume he is right footed.
  5. They posted in other threads that they had to deactivate this feature for the Beta, but want to add it soon.
  6. Also, Austria Vienna's Venuto is listed as left footed when he is right footed.
  7. Hey, on the Season Preview of the Austrian Bundesliga, there are 5 teams marked as Promoted (LASK, St. Pölten, Altach, Innsbruck & Hartberg) even though only Hartberg and Innsbruck were promoted last season - the others all got promoted quite some time ago!
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