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  1. Thanks, @Ed Hewison. Looking forward to hear something good from you guys, and restart my Hong Kong journeys soon:)
  2. https://www.hkfa.com/upload/rules/HKFA_Regulations_on_the_Status_and_Transfer_of_Players.pdf I just quoted the old one. Here's come the latest version (published in 2017). The related regulation should be item IV of Article 3a of Annex II. Hong Kong and Macau are considered as Chinese(nationality) but under different football associations.
  3. Some Chinese translation of Hong Kong players and clubs name are wrong in Traditional Chinese's database. So far that I noticed: Christian Kwesi Annan 克里斯蒂安·安娜 should be 安基斯 Lam Ka Wai 林嘉慧 should be 林嘉緯 Tsui Wang Kit 崔黃旗 should be 徐宏傑 Tsun Dai 戴偉群 should be 戴偉浚 Wisdom Fofo Agbo (aka Fofo) 弗弗 should be 科夫 and club Hong Kong Pegasus FC 香港天馬足球俱樂部 should be 香港飛馬足球會. Foreign players in Hong Kong will have a official translated name. Using some not local used name is still okay though. However, wrong Chinese/Hong Kong players' name in Chinese database is just something like spelling Lionel Messi into Leonail Messy. That's just way too over imo.
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