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  1. I feel sorry for starting an old, annoying discussion about individual training. It's because Moderator told me to do so from a feedback post and that's about individual training (additional focus). Seb's brief guide stated clearly that individual training is talking about working one-on-one basis training. Almost half of what we have now are fitness training, that's make a lot of sense. Free Kicks/Penalty needs teammates/coaches to be Goalkeeper. Defensive Position, marking, tackling timing (decision) can be instructed, but tackling can't? Some players don't know how to do a good sliding tackle, maybe it can be include in this section? Heading too. (Tackling/Heading may not be the main focus point, but it do matters in a regular training about defend.) Dribbling training with cones doesn't help training decision timing, but it do help basic ball control, tricks or something like that. And it is not that rare for youth training, because youth training are mainly about basic skills. Passing include crossing? Maybe? Since, there are no short pass/ long pass attributes. And they are kind of related. Sometimes player got single out by coaches to do personal designated training, individual or group. Just for improving his weakness. Or, will a unit system that can be customize available in latter version of FM? I mean not for regular training, just for designated training schedules for some specific players. With this system ingame, that's solve the problem for everyone of us that asked about for dribbling/tackling/crossing additional focus and keep the game still "kind of" realistic. I know that's maybe annoying since many of us asked about dribbling/tackling/crossing additional focus. Thanks for your attentions.
  2. @CFuller That's debatable for the statement of "one-on-one basis" for additional focus. Dribbling, Ball Control can practice with cones. Free Kick, Penalty needs coaches/goalkeepers. Defensive Positioning can't trained solo with imaginary enemy. Some players practices their footwork individually after regular training, irl. So, why this really matters? As I said about what players do when crossing, that's a terrible design for the Match Engine. They don't do better decisions even for high "Decisions" players. Got marked before they attempted to cross, they can try dribble, knock ball past the opponent, pass backward, look for overlap, that's what "decisions" for, right? CB launching long passes, even they have traits "Plays short simple passes". And yes, traits, intructions means they tend/ mean to do something and it is not a must. If it happens frequently, it's probably ME's fault. Some of the complaints about ME are bad player/tactical decisions, but this ME ain't perfect. That's something needs to improve. Edited: If you actually played/even watched football in real life, you will find some actions in the ME of FM2019 is not human-like. I am not talking about players' error. My De Gea caught a ball outside the box once, but I won't complain about something like this because player will have error, that's ok. I am talking something like:- Poor decisions of crosser like I mentioned before Players got "pressured" from his back and he determined to protect the ball and walked back and don't pass the ball to his teammate which in open position "backwardly". And he walked almost half football field:) Didn't see any chest first touch for high ball. Didn't see any players try to do tricks. Waiting a opponent's player run far far away to take the loose ball that right in front of him. etc. FM dev. team care back-end of the ME than the front-end. That's my observation as a programmer.That's why we have moonwalking players to receive passes in previous version of FM. Putting more effort in back-end is cool, but its not 2000/2001 anymore. Back to the days when we only have 2D Match, everybody is okay for that because our imagination did all the things. Since 3D matches engine introduced in game, that's required more and more technically and sure more requirement from fans.:) I am not asking for real player face scan/4k resolutions/fifa-like multi-angled goal replay, etc. I just hope it can be more fun to watch than a 22-people-pinball on the pitch. Many people said FM haven't changed many years, that's not true. Meta changed, things improved, all of them are TRIVIAL things. Tons of good trivial things make a thing/product perfect, that's important. And I hope it will become better and better.
  3. FM19 is doing pretty well imo but still need to improve in some aspects. Crossing: According to Soccerment.com, the crossing completion rates of five major European Leagues includes, EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 in 2017 is around 22% to 26% [average 23.5%, lowest: EPL(22%), highest: Bundesliga(26%)] Ref: https://soccerment.com/2017/11/26/crossing-effective-strategy/ In my FM19 experiences, crosses completion rates are mostly around 13%-18%, rarely 20%. That's a little bit low. I don't mind players have misplaced crosses, but their crossing choice are really bad. Just banged the ball, no matter what's happening. Lots of "crosses" are end up with hitting right into defense players. Don't really see something like one-twos overlapping/ simple passes overlapping in ME. And, Early crosses always cause unstoppable goals, fullback of side-center backs never have any ideas to defense far-post players. It's still something deadly, due to those early crosses for some tactics that have Wingers and attacking fullbacks. Tactics: It is very delicate for minor changes, you can consequently winning matches by more than 3:0 and losing fatally with one minor change. I don't know should I consider this is good or bad. Spending more than six months irl to realize inside forwards work better when you told them to Stay Wider, Hold Up Ball and Marking opp.'s fullbacks(lol). It is fun yet frustrating. Long Shots: It is another double-edged sword. I scored a lot long shots, but I know it drives people mad when players starting long shots for no reasons. List of players always get goals outside the box that in my teams: Real players: Youri Tielemans (LS:14 Tec:16 Dec:13 Det:14 Fla:14 with Shoots from distance) Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (LS:15 Tec:14 Dec:14 Det:17 Fla:18 with Shoots With Power & Tries First Time Shots) Joao Felix (LS:12 Tec:17 Dec:16 Det:16 Fla:17) Andreas Pereira (LS:14 Tec:16 Dec:11 Det:13 Fla: 19 with Shoots From Distance) Adrien Rabiot (LS:12 Tec:15 Dec:17 Det:14 Fla:13) Generated players: Dario Migliore (LS:14 Tec:15 Dec:14 Det:13 Fla:14) That's why I think tactics matter more than ME. Players' Loyalty: I don't know why almost every key players in my team trying to play in other teams. My Team (Man Utd) rated 1st in Reputation among European Clubs. Won previous several EPLs, ECCs. Pogba asked to leave. Andreas Pereira asked to leave. Martial asked to leave. De Gea asked to leave <--These four all wanted to join PSG, maybe due to high rep players like Neymar, Mbappe? Andy Carroll asked to leave. Vanja Milinkovic-Savic asked to leave. <-I brought them and they asked to leave next year. All of them don't have hard feeling in my teams though. This remain unsolved for me. Training: I like this training system but still want more individual training scheme for e.g.: crossing, heading, tackling, dribbling. I know those attributes are training in Team training, but it sound ridiculous for me that I can't even told my players to have dribbling drills. Wishes: I would like to have the statistics for how many agents get sacked by I told my players to do so. Better ME. Adjustment of TV revenue and Prize money according the reputation or something like that. Blind following tactical trends for some manager (Including players' custom tactics.)
  4. I think its related to player's reputation and high fee(?). In my Man Utd save, The board has high profile signing in club philosophies. They are happy when I signed Sergej Milinkovic-Savic in 77M and Joshua Kimmich in 65M and don't have same response when I signed Kieran Tierney in 58M and Adrien Rabiot (Free). However, I just ignored this philosophies by keep winning games and trophies.
  5. Hi, @Ed Hewison. Just wondering is there any further news about the rules of Hong Kong league that I mentioned before? (Chinese players not gaining nationality in Hong Kong League/ and nothing show in the "Nationalities" section.
  6. Thanks, @Ed Hewison. Looking forward to hear something good from you guys, and restart my Hong Kong journeys soon:)
  7. https://www.hkfa.com/upload/rules/HKFA_Regulations_on_the_Status_and_Transfer_of_Players.pdf I just quoted the old one. Here's come the latest version (published in 2017). The related regulation should be item IV of Article 3a of Annex II. Hong Kong and Macau are considered as Chinese(nationality) but under different football associations.
  8. As I know, any Chinese Player who played in Hong Kong for two consecutive years and haven't left more than 90 days should be able to consider as Hong Kong local players and can be represent for Hong Kong. P.S. Since Fuli(HK) is still considered as a Chinese football team, these rule don't apply in Fuli(HK)'s player However, it don't seems working in this way in game. I signed a Chinese player and don't see anything about days to gain nationality, so I decided to "fast-forward" and saw the result. Here's my man. He come from China. I brought him on 11Jan 2020, but he still count as foreign player. This player was signed 1 year after I signed Piao (23 July 2021) and you can see in the screenshot. There are nothing about gaining nationality.
  9. Some Chinese translation of Hong Kong players and clubs name are wrong in Traditional Chinese's database. So far that I noticed: Christian Kwesi Annan 克里斯蒂安·安娜 should be 安基斯 Lam Ka Wai 林嘉慧 should be 林嘉緯 Tsui Wang Kit 崔黃旗 should be 徐宏傑 Tsun Dai 戴偉群 should be 戴偉浚 Wisdom Fofo Agbo (aka Fofo) 弗弗 should be 科夫 and club Hong Kong Pegasus FC 香港天馬足球俱樂部 should be 香港飛馬足球會. Foreign players in Hong Kong will have a official translated name. Using some not local used name is still okay though. However, wrong Chinese/Hong Kong players' name in Chinese database is just something like spelling Lionel Messi into Leonail Messy. That's just way too over imo.
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