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  1. So, do we think it could be something to do with the additional graphics etc. Game has been running fine up until a week or so ago. Now I can't get by the next game - it just freezes then closes the game. I do have the face pack and badge pack installed - however, this has never been a problem before. Graphics card drivers are the most recent and the PC certainly isn't overheating. No other problems with any other games.
  2. Will give it a few more games but I'll be honest. I am being absolutely murdered every single game. Averaging 5 goals down by half time. The defence is just so open that almost any team can get in behind and score.
  3. Well, I have to say I am not seeing so many injuries or even cards. I am not even seeing my defence letting players just keep running without trying to defend. One thing I have noticed though is that there is still a big problem with the players moaning. Firstly about not getting enough first team football then about promises being broken. I've got players complaining about getting first team football despite playing a mass majority of the season. I've also got players who have players saying promises not being met with regards to first team football despite the players playing every game over the 2-3 months since complaining. Seems to be no way of keeping a player happy once they make the initial complaint. It's almost as though once they've registered that complaint it doesn't even seem to acknowledge they are even playing at all. I've pretty much got my entire first team complaining and wanting a transfer because they're not playing enough. Even though there is fair amount of rotation due to the tiredness. Strange.
  4. Another thing I have noticed is the resurgence of the opponents later on in the 2nd half. Even if it's been a very one sided game throughout I've noticed smaller teams who seem to get a massive boost, too often clawing back quite a few goals. I know this does happen from time to time but not in almost every occasion. The energy levels must be fantastic and I wish I could set mine up the same. Even playing against some lower league English teams I usually tend to be under a constant bombardment from about 70 mins on. I sent my tactics to tighten up and defend a bit more it doesn't seem to stop them. I can't get the ball long enough to prevent anything. The worry of course with constant shots fired is that the goalie more often than not will drop the ball to use a phrase too often.
  5. It does show the value for a key player as £8k and board will no discuss any changes to budget. I am currently only using 67% of my weekly budget and there appear to be nothing that explains why my budget is now £8k tops for a key player. Funny thing is - the board have no problem with me spending £50m on a player, I just can't offer more than £8k per week.
  6. "The club cannot currently afford this player". Anyone else see this popping up. I am nearly £1.8m per week under wage budget and have over £60m in transfer fees available. However, I cannot offer anymore than £8k per week. That makes no sense and I have no restrictions that are obvious. Anyone else experiencing this or has my game just gone a bit bonkers again?
  7. I am sure you will have. That might very well be the case. However, I have tried many tactics and suffer the same issues constantly. I don't think I am the only one experiencing these issues but happy to keep trying and reading what others have to say. One thing I have noticed is that in the 2nd season the assistant manager appears to stop doing some of the 1st team responsibilities set. Like arranging friendlies, setting pre-match instructions on opposition players (not even an option to ask for this). Hopefully this two points are something others on here have experienced rather than being dismissed as my inane ramblings. :-)
  8. Completely agree with the suggestion of pattern play. Each games seems to simply repeat the same moves over and over again with not hint of the players having any unique movement at all. The workrate and position of the AI makes it very difficult for anyone to get a shot off. I think for so many of the shots to be blocked is simply unreal - at the same time the amount of mistimed tackles is also very unreal. I would say it's unlikely a winger or striker would beat a defender 99 times out of 100 yet this is what happens when running down the wings. This only happens for the AI though - when your players attempt the same they very rarely get cross or shot off. The one thing that really gets to me is a players attributes appear to mean absolutely nothing. It really doesn't matter when it's Ronaldo, Messi or a lower league conference player. There appears to be no difference in the attributes at all. Someone with 10 pace is just as quick as someone with 20 pace. Someone with 18 shooting will hit no better shots than someone with 8 shooting. Strikers with high flare and excellent finish will often shot very, very wildly at goal much more than they should. It really does feel as though you have no control over the team and that the match engine is just stuck in a loop.
  9. Has anyone noticed the Assistant Manager not carrying out some of the tasks allocated. I have set the assistant manager to arrange friendlies and take control of them - however, he hasn't done this. I have also set him to apply pre-match tactics but that isn't happening either.
  10. Personally I'd hold off. The bugs are sucking quite a lot of the joy out of this game. The match engine is just weird (your defenders cannot defend, your strikers cannot shoot, no matter how good the stats - but the AI has amazing goalkeepers, amazing defenders and great strikers, again, really doesn't matter their stats). It's got quite bit of work to go. Shame, not really ideal paying for what is essentially a broken product that takes 1000s of people's input and months to fix after you've paid your cash.
  11. I wish I could find a way to keep it tight. The biggest problem is the wing backs/full backs will make little attempt to stop the play, when they do it goes for a corner which more often than not the opponent will score from. The amount of times I've see the central defenders jump passed the ball is also unreal - yes, it's possible a player will miscalculate the trajectory of the ball, this happens, but as a central defender missing 9 our 10 balls isn't really acceptable. As for the goalkeepers, I've lost so many goals from the goalie parrying the ball direct to an opponent it's also very unreal. In the last 10 games or so I've actually had the goal keeper parry ball directly into the net - this usually coming from a whipped cross from just after the halfway line. I've kept the same tone throughout my posts and unlikely to change, so far this game is pretty poor all in. I've been playing FM for years and this seems to have the strangest ME so far. It seems to allow for absolutely no control over your own players and the results are beginning to just look like random good luck when they go in your favour. I will continue with the game and keep checking in to see what problems are being raised and accepted. Seems quite a lot of the time the response to highlighting an issue is "your wrong, it's your fault". The fact 100s of people are highlighting the same issues over and over again would suggest not. Good luck with your tactics though. I am just not convinced the match engine will allow for any tactics to work really.
  12. Seems quite difficult to track discussions about certain issues. One thing I am find immensely frustrating is the goalkeepers. The amount of lying around and parrying the ball to an opponent is immensely unrealistic. Added to that the fact the AI keepers are exceptionally good it just doesn't make sense. One of a huge amount of bugs and issues on FM15 but this one lately has been annoying me more than most. The fact there appears to be no way to actually get your players to defend the goalie doing constant stupid moves to allow goals making it even worse. Keeping a clean sheet in this game is about as likely as scoring 100 goals a game.
  13. Not entirely sure it is. However, there are too many goals period. Mainly because it's impossible to defend. I am doing a save game in the English Championship just now and I am averaging 7 goals a game.
  14. The attributes appear to make little difference. A striker with 18 shooting will still hit the corner flag more often than not. Similarly a midfielder with 8 shooting will hit the back of the net with almost every shot - as long as he's on the other side.
  15. Despite all the claims on the boards the game is a mess. It isn't playing well at all. Since the Beta was launched it has gotten steadily worse with each update.
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