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  1. In the end FM is still a game. And where's the sense in a game if you are not having fun? Take all the time you need and enjoy the christmas season
  2. Hi Claasen, first of all. I can't say how thankful I am for your terrific work! This is why I love to play FM and if you ever consider setting up a donation option, please let us know! Just a quick question about your updates for already released leagues. Will you upload them in the workshop after a while as well? Like these ones?: ***** Improvements and additions: (not in the workshop)- Austria: fix maximum 3 "B" teams in 2nd division - Belgium: fix various rules - France: fix bug with League Cup - Gibraltar: fix date end of season - Iceland: fix minor rules and fix date start of season - Netherlands: fix play-off 1st/2nd division and VAR. - Portugal: fix rare bug for Promotion Play-Off in Division Elite de Porto, which was not always played - Serbia: Add reserves leagues for 1st and 2nd div
  3. Hi, I play with Hamburg in 2. Bundesliga. Whenever I try to assign individual role trainings for the players of the second team the game asks me whether I want to take control over the individual training for the next month or longer. However this option is not saved and a glitch appears.
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