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  1. I have a wishlist of new features for FM09: ----- zilch ------ All you should do for FM09 is remove the serious bugs that plague FM08. These are: 1. No fixes in the match engine. No artificially created excitements that produce 11-goal thrillers time and time again. 2. Look at the Board expectations. They need to be realistic. (how many times have I abandoned games as I'm getting nowhere? a lot!) 3. Give more control over finances. Yes, I know it's a football management game, but the Board judge you on your financial control as well as the playing of matches. This side of the game is half-cocked. Do this and you will have achieved perfection. There is so much that is good in this game - but it is ruined by bugs and unnecessary / unrealistic fixes (call them special effects if you like). By the way, I have considerable experience as a programmer / analyst and could help with testing.
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