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  1. Thanks Knap, but do you have a website where you can see the updates?
  2. For you what is the best 4231 tactic you have created, or do you have a table of your all tactics? Thank you
  3. Champions to 7 games of the end ... incredible third season, season made with the option, greater rotation in all games.
  4. Second season at FCPorto, another year in great shape !! Great Knap, in the third season I will try the version without the F9 and use the AF.
  5. Hello, can someone tell me where to find the option to protect a player?
  6. Olá Knap, qual é a tabela de suas táticas, você pode me dizer? O que é melhor...
  7. Hello, on FM 18 yet, I would like to leave here what my experience with Wolves has been! Thanks Knap for the excellent tactic (104).
  8. I'm doing the first season at FC Porto, check this out ...
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