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  1. Having the same problem for my Benelux project with as nation Luxembourg for the league. In game the coefficients generates perfectly, but its the history that i would like to change. Combining coefficients of Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg to challenge the likes of the big 5. Anyone have a solution for this?. Cant really start my Benelux save before i edited the nation coefficients
  2. He is free agent at start of game like mentioned before in this thread, But indeed he should be at AJAX
  3. After looking at some of the attributes of David Neres i saw that 10 abilites (non hidden) were lower in FM19 then in FM18 and only 4 are higher (Acceleration, Dribbling, Flair, OtB). Luckily those 4 are main attributes for his position, but still if i put in all the new numbers in FM18 editor it looks like his CA is 2 lower than in FM18. Am i missing something or did he just get a minor downgrade overall to get his main abilities up? (Made multiple careers to make sure which attributes were random in database)
  4. Terrence Douglas should be in AJAX U19, but not in game atm. https://www.ajax.nl/teams/jeugdteams/o19/de-selectie.htm Enric Llansana Beuse should be in AJAX U19, but free agent https://www.ajax.nl/teams/jeugdteams/o19/de-selectie.htm
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