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    Match prize money is not overriding

    After the updates, this issue is still on. Match prize money for turkish super league is hard coded and cannot be changed with nation rules
  2. I am creating a new nation rule to Turkish Leagues and adding prize money for match wins and draws. But no matter what I did (I selected "Override existing rules") I cannot change the prize money. Is that hard coded and cannot be overriden? I tried money prize for loss match, it works but for wins and draws, they always stay the same
  3. I added my game some changes like prize money for win. Saved that with "Override rules in code" but its not working right. I added 3000000 euros for win but when i create the game, it becomes 400.000 something euros. Is that a bug or am i doing something wrong?
  4. gurhalil

    [Turkey] (Official) League Specific Issues

    nerde yayınlanmış?
  5. gurhalil

    [Turkey] (Official) League Specific Issues

    I dont think its possible to fix saved games. but i hope at least there will be a hotfix today or tomorrow so that we can start playing