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  1. An attribute to gauge how good a spitter the player is? 1 = dribbles down their top. 20 = capable of hitting a moving car whilst in a car themselves. But, if the player has a cold, their spitting attribute goes up considerably if they play.
  2. Hiring a Catering Manager to control the quality of pies the subs are allowed to eat during a game.
  3. Maybe it could be also used to encourage a player already on the pitch to play better if he thinks he is about to be subbed.
  4. Just thought of another one. Ability to get the ref not to blow for full time until your team scores during stoppage time until you're winning.
  5. I know Miles and the team have the future versions of this game planned years in advance, so I am guessing what won't be in the future editions, please add to this list (tongue in cheek).... John Terry managing a woman's football team. During press conferences to have an Arrogant tone Also, during press conferences, different context replies depending on the tone taken. Eg, saying "Respect, respect, respect" as you storm out of the conference, or "I didn't see it" answer when talking about a controversial incident involving one of your own players. Tactical talks given to ballboys/girls to hold up play deliberately.
  6. Thanks. I didn't realise. I'm sure a kind-hearted mod would move it as I can't seem to work out how to do it myself.
  7. I was wondering as a future feature to include some way of getting feedback from set pieces. For example, your assistant manager giving a report on how well the team are doing with the set pieces, and if there are any weaknesses in them. Also, if there is more options for players to be positioned. Maybe a player lurking outside the penalty box at the far side of the corner / free kick to get any loose balls quicker. And get the taker to maybe aim for the penalty spot instead of edge of the area. And a way of telling players to square the ball instead of trying take on the keeper at a tight angle.
  8. Oh, that's where it is. I was looking in the training calendar and then trying to find it there.
  9. Hi there, I was watching the live stream of Tom and Curtis playing Bayer 04 on the alpha, and I saw in the training section a list of scenarios, eg match congestion, and no matches. Those scenarios are missing in the Beta.
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