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  1. Thanks for the quick reply ! I've just made a change to the system as the DLP-support was too conservative (Hold Position enforced) so I'm going to try a Roaming Playmaker to get him more involved with and perhaps a bit closer to the 2 AMs. Regarding the problem mentioned, the deep 4-2-3-1 has certainly been my nemesis. Dropping down to control hasn't helped that much when tried. Standard and Counter with this system would be dysfunctional in my opinion but the idea of enticing out the DMs is definately a solution. Bringing them forward and perhaps slightly out of their comfort zone throu
  2. Hi RTH ! I was wondering if I could pick your brain a bit. Taking inspiration from your new 4-2-3-1 attacking tactic here and Cleon's new attacking thread, I have tried to get a tactic going on my Villa save. The tactic has been set up to try and get the best out of my current crop of players and to play a style of football which I cherish. Here is the tactic: Now to pick your brain ! Quite unsurprisingly, the toughest tests I encounter are more often than not against deep, defence minded tactics. However, the most difficult challenge is against those type of tactics but ones which play
  3. The trouble is that living in France I guess it would be easier to buy from a French site perhaps. However, if you have any ideas for "cheaper places" then I am all ears ! Thank you for the reply by the way.
  4. Don't mean to be a bore, but can anyone help or advise with this ? Thanks
  5. Hi guys, I was wondering if you could advise me in the choice of my new laptop. I have put three links below to computers which are at the max or around my budget. Which one would you recommend whether it be for playing FM 2016 or in general ? By the way, I live in France, so for the first computer I was able to dig out a page in English but the second and third ones are in French. However, the basic information should be easy to pick out for those in the know ! The price of the second one is about £40 more than the first whereas the third one is £40 cheaper than the first. Thank you for hel
  6. Using my current 4-4-2 with Aston Villa, the best way to manage this problem has been applying Very Fluid. Of course, as is mentioned in the OP, that leaves you less room for scope if you want to increase creativity later in the game. To tackle this problem, I start with "More Disciplined" and then remove it later in the game if necessary.
  7. Hi Jean-Luc ! I've actually got a Nantes save going at the minute. I started off with the idea of trying to implement "un jeu à la nantaise" but I just didn't have the personnel. However, it is a very interesting save, just don't expect much money transfer wise. One way of boosting the coffers is to sell decent youngsters who come through the ranks evn though it is always with regret. Big clubs always coming sniffing and the Nantes academy is very productive.
  8. Update: Version 12 -Random changes -Following players created: Gilberto Silva Bebeto Carlos Alberto Djalma Santos Nilton Santos Just Fontaine Raymond Kopa Gyula Grosics Sandor Kocsis Laszlo Kubala Jozsel Bozsik Link 1 Link 2 Facepack
  9. I won't be updating the database in the near future but a fellow poster, bautie, has decided to continue to improve by moving some players around (making some younger, putting players back to other clubs) to even the playing field. I'll put up his updates as time goes by. Here is his first installment: Link 1 Link 2
  10. Update: Version 11 -Minor fixes/improvements -Fixed Nicolae Dobrin/Jean-Marie Pfaff who were with extinct clubs -Improved reputation of Paul Okon, Roberto Perfumo who weren't showing up with their clubs on small databases -Modified Willington Ortiz Link 1 Link 2
  11. Update: Version 10 -Phil Jagielka rejuvenated (Sheffield United) -Javier Mascherano rejuvenated (River Plate) -Brad Guzan rejuvenated (Chivas USA) -Niko Kranjcar rejuvenated (Portsmouth) Link 1 Link 2
  12. Update: Version 9 -Modified Robero Carlos' off the ball stat -Created Cristian Chivu (Ajax) -Adrian Mutu rejuvenated (Hellas Verona) -Claudio Pizarro rejuvenated (Werder Bremen) -Gica Popescu created (PSV) -Dirk Kuyt rejuvenated (Feyenoord) -Klaas Huntelaar rejuvenated (Heereneven) -Martin Laursen created (Aston Villa) -Paul McGrath created (Manchester United) -Darren Bent rejuvenated (Ipswich) -Luke Young rejuvenated (Charlton) -Charles N'Zogbia rejuvenated (Wigan) -Kevin Davies rejuvenated (Bolton) -Scott Sinclair rejuvenated (Swansea) -Chris Smalling rejuvenated (Fulham) -Fe
  13. AC Milan, Juve and Inter are very complete. Roma is pretty complete. Napoli, Lazio, Sampdoria and Parma have about 5-6 past legends, whilst the others have a few or none (only about 2 or 3 teams off the top of my head).
  14. Sorry for the late reply but Pavel Nedved is in the database, he is with Sparta Prague but luckily you brought him to my attention because he had the annoying "retiring after spell at current club" ticked !. I've only come back from holiday but I'll try and add a few more players as some others have also asked me on another site. However, it is time consuming and I wouldn't mind getting stuck into a save myself You are right about Roberto Carlos though.
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