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  1. Goalies should have ratings that accurately portray how well they played in a game. I've seen many times where a goalie was clearly the Player of the Match, but since his rating was too low, a player that put in a penalty and did nothing else all game won the Player of the Match.
  2. @Andrew James I have not had the same issue this new year. I think no game was scheduled last year because there weren't enough players in my U18 team that were contracted, therefore there weren't enough players to field a team to play the youth intakes to have the HOYD to evaluate them.
  3. I have since surpassed this point, so if it happens again I will get that save for you.
  4. Yeah I am already into the next season because I posted this a little late, if it happens again this new season, I will upload the save for si
  5. My Annual Youth Intakes usually have a game scheduled automatically when I get the intake, but now there is no game scheduled, and I cant schedule one, so my Head of Youth Development cant evaluate the intakes. What can I do to make it automatically schedule a game again?
  6. I sold a player in January transfer window on 1/1/2019. One player was unhappy that I sold him, which is natural. Fast forward, and its not April 3rd, and I got the message that he is no longer unhappy about the transfer, but now, 3 other player are unhappy about it. Right after I got the first message about the first player getting over it, I got 3 more messages saying that other players were unhappy that I sold him, but its now 3 months past the day I sold him. This obviously isn't normal, because they weren't unhappy until the first player got over it.
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