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  1. From the tool tip on marking "This ability reflects the player's ability to stick close to his direct opposition in defensive situations." Also, the pressing forward role doesn't have marking as a key attribute. So my inclination is still that marking would be more useful if you wanted to implement "prevent short gk distribution" or maybe you wanted to man mark the full backs and one of the cbs so that you force a week cb to dribble more. If you want to implement a high block, you probably don't expect your forward players to be man marking. You you wanted to implement a low block,
  2. Does marking really correspond (correlate?) to being a good presser? My interpretation of marking has always been "how well you stick to your man while he doesn't have the ball." So basically, if you are marking your man well, he shouldn't be able to get the ball, at least not easily and/or in a good position. On the other hand, pressing, to me, implies quickly swarming the player with the ball that you aren't already marking. As an example, let's say my FW is closer to the RCB and the keeper rolls the ball out to the LCB. If I was, for example, implementing a high pressing system, I wo
  3. Love the thread! However, I can't find the analyst report to show where assists come from? Can you point me to that? Do I need a specific skin?
  4. End of the 2021-2022 Season Review (Note Leicester got relegated but won the Euro II league. So they'll be playing in the Championship and Euro. They'll be playing a lot of games next season). Finished 3rd this season. Actually started the season off really well (9 wins in a row). Didn't help that Digne missed the second half of the season and Mendes was in and out due to injury for that time as well. Interestingly enough, Branthwaite stepped in (it was either him of Small as Nkounkou was on loan) and played really well, making the Team of the Season at Left Back Yo
  5. Thanks guys! Summer Transfers: In: Weston McKennie, Tonali, Meslier Out: Kenny, Tosun, Sigurdsson, Edouard (Tottenham bid 60M for a guy who never really got it going and I have Kean coming back), Gibson My UCL group include: Juve, Porto, and Dynamo Kyiv. Not easy but better than Group F which would have been Barca, PSG, and Milan. Might have a shot at advancing. Worst case, I think we can manage a 3rd place finish.
  6. I've actually been inspired by this thread. As an Everton supporter, I always try to play as them... and have had no success with them. This time, however, I tried on FMT and have been really enjoying it. So I started my own save. Transfers In: Buendia, Edouard, Nuno Mendes. Buendia was a stud! Mendes will be solid if we lose Digne. Transfers Out: Bernard, King, Gomes, Besic. Wasn't going to play any of them. Season Results: After City collapsed down the stretch, we somehow finished... Second??!?!? May went really well for us - we even beat Liverpool!
  7. I feel this very, very deep in my soul
  8. Interesting. I've been running an Everton save an am told that he's "not interested under any circumstances." Nice for you though!
  9. Ahh, so £72.5m? That seems **more** realistic
  10. James Rodriguez's transfer to Everton has been confirmed to be a free transfer. Glyfi Sigurdsson is Everton's vice captain, not Lucas Digne. Digne is the 3rd captain. (Michael Keane seems to be the 4th captain fwiw). I'm also of the opinion that Phil Jagielka should be an Everton Favored Personnel (if not club icon)
  11. Had a player chat with a player who wanted to be sold. Promised we'd reach the latter stages of the UCL. In the summary screen, we have two places of weird text: 1) "...with Camavinga accepting your promise of making the comp#5 later rounds" 2) "Get to the latter stages of comp#1"
  12. Also related (I think). I went to change my registered players (since some are on international duty during the Club World Championship) and the button seems to be a testing dialog. I'm not sure if I should be able to change registration at this point, but the button at least seems wrong.
  13. I believe that teams from UEFA aren't supposed to be in the same group at the Club World Championship? Group C contains no teams from UEFA, Group G contains two (unfortunately for me).
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