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  1. Another long month ahead, after a great one last time I can only really expect for the lads to keep the run going - a good mix of fixtures including a first leg of the CFA Cup Semi final against my best mates Guangzhou (Spoiler: They're not my best mates and I hate them) a lot to get through so, let's just dive into it I suppose. Well. Thanks Shenzhen for pissing on my parade - we should have absolutely ran away with that game, but other than that, what a month. We absolutely battered teams, and a 2 away goal victory against Guangzhou is very, very pleasing. A lot of wins, admittedl
  2. Well, after last update I think it's important that we all remember that I am, in fact, a liar - we play Henan in the quarter final of the cup, not the semi. Both of those games, conveniently feature in this update, so I can give you the results to those games and we can all agree to never talk about how I'm an idiot ever again, cool? Cool. A much busier month this time out, but a huge one so it was important to stay on it here. I also forgot to mention that in June I got approved for my Continental B licence course, so they're absolutely flying in and my rep is skyrocketing. So on
  3. So, a much shorter month this time around after the calamity that was April - after May we get a month off seemingly just to play friendlies against European clubs (if there is a legitimate reason for this I'd love to know it) and then into July when the transfer window opens. Why it would not open in the June allowing you to make signings ready for the next run of games, I do not know, but if I've learned one thing in 2019 it's that we don't **** off China - ONWARDS. So, as the month was ticking along, all I could think was "This is great, wins and clean sheets, what more could we
  4. So, it's been a while! I've beem a busy bee recently, so not had as much time to play as I'd like and April was a long old slog to get through, so it's taken longer than I would like to get this out, but never mind. 5 league games and 2 cup games in the month was a lot to contend with, and my squad isn't super deep, so I wasn't sure how this would go, but certainly a lot of winnable fixtures. What an absolutely shambolic month in the league. Considering the first 3 games were against teams stranded in the lower reaches of the table after the last update, it was unacceptable. The one
  5. So after a busy summer where we played 12 friendlies and made a fair few changes, it's nice to be able to just relax and focus on some football - don't know if it's just me but as much as I enjoy the off season and signing players, I almost forget there are games to come. Well, a good start to the season is an understatement the only blot on our record is a 3-3 draw with a good Shanghai team, we were 3-1 up but they turned it round, their equaliser saw Marko Arnautovic channel his inner Messi. If you remember that Hatem Ben Arfa goal for Newcastle against Bolton, it was basically th
  6. It has been a long off season, more arguments as I let go of some more foreign players who I can't register, the 2 key sales were guys that arrived on frees pretty much they day I arrived at the club, Mario Pasalic went to Chongqing for £12.5mil, and Davide Zappacosta went to Shanghai Shenhua for £22mil - as well as some other youngsters and foreigners who were on high wage. We are now spending £580k p/w of our £1.1mil p/w wage budget, which I'm hoping the board will enjoy. Even after spending £30mil in the summer, we have a £42mil budget remaining, so I hope we can keep saving and pile money
  7. In spite of all the registration headaches, the anger in the dressing room (which will probably be tested again in the summer as I try and move on one or two more foreigners), this has been a really enjoyable return to China - a league I've not managed in, in about 5 years on FM. Last time included taking a smaller club with whom I got a tycoon takeover, this year it's an already established, bonafide top half club in China who are already rich - I certainly can't complain. A run in to be proud of by my reckoning, HB was one of those games where it just gets away from you, I was tem
  8. Very confused as to how Efe can have a work permit rejected, half the reason he stayed with Hibs so long was to get UK citizenship - cracking signing either way. This has been a very good follow, I never quite kept pace with your Derby save, but have managed to with this one so far, keep up the good work.
  9. It still feels a bit weird not having my oversized yellow Perlis logo at the top, or the Malaysian flag and coat of arms at the bottom (I definitely prefer the flag and coat of arms for Malaysia, don't tell my new Chinese overlords), but what a club we have on our hands here. It's been a bit of an ordeal, as I mentioned the morale has been plummeting after I offload the high earning foreigners who I can't even register. One of my promises when I came in was to sort the morale, so I'm getting a little bit anxious, but it's a long term promise, the board seem to give you about a year, so I'm hop
  10. I'm sure I'll find one - thanks man. I'd definitely say it needs to be, I've sat and watched my rivals sign more than 4 foreigners just this window, it doesn't make any sense. They deem to get the spirit of Chinese players being very important, like it's hard to poach them without paying over the odds, but they've not quite got the other side of the coin yet. Thanks man.
  11. So we're getting into the business end of this now, particularly the cup, and I'm still really enjoying my time in Malaysia, the finances, however, have meant that I've started to cast the nest out on jobs where the finances aren't listed as insecure, as I feel with my coaching badges stagnating at a National B we're going to really struggle toget our rep above the 1 star that it currently is. I'm mainly looking at the lower leagues in Turkey, as well as optimistically chucking my name at some of the struggling teams in China. So, a solid month that doesn't tell the whole story. Abs
  12. So, another few days off due to real life commitments. On the upside (read downside) someone drove into the back of my car on the way to work this morning, so I have a bit of time off to play the game and get a few updates out, which is nice. I've played a few games this afternoon, and I have to say I'm loving FM this year - I loved it last year so it's no real surprise, but I'm seriously enjoying getting to grips with this save. That is surprising when you look at the recent run of form we've been on, we've reached the beginning of our fixture list again which means playing all of
  13. So, I took a little time off FM after my last post, because honestly I was finding it frustrating, but I've grinded it today so it's time for another update! I've managed in Malaysia on FM once before, I want to say with Terengganu - however it was a short lived stint, as I believe at the end of the first season after I won the league I got a job offer in the second tier in China, so I'm really enjoying the ease with which you can get through the seasons. Definitely recommend it as a starting point for a journeyman save. As you could probably tell by the tone of that opening section
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