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  1. Jesus Christ, this absolutely ruined me as a person. My absolute favourite live-com of this thread so far.
  2. A third year!? What is this blamsphemy!? You've done well to close the gap, still a ways off but I've seen bigger gaps closed in terms of differences from one year to the other, hopefully the new boys make a difference.
  3. King Cactus

    [FM19] A Jewel From Edina

    Entry 29: What a year I've had up in the Highlands, I've extended my flat, and my contract for that matter for another 12 months as the board has entrusted me to be the man to look after Inverness upon return to the top flight. It's been an absolute whirlwind few years, and as much as I love football and always fancied the idea of being a football manager, I never even dreamed about moments like this. To get my hands on some silverware is a feeling I can't describe, and now I've got a taste for it. If I could pick a negative for this season, it would be that financially we're still in a bit of bother, after the prize money for winning the league came in we're still £800,000 in the red, hopefully promotion, bigger attendances, a slightly larger TV revenue, and the potential for much higher prize money, we should be out of this hole in 12 months time. It has led to my coaching licenses to stall at the Continental B level, and while at first the pressures of full time management kept me preoccuied, with the summer now here I'm painfully aware that I don't really have anything to do. It was a sparkling run in, the 13 goals in 3 games, the 4 wins on the bounce, and in the end it was enough for us to canter in, making a tight season look far more comfortable than it ever was. There were blemishes, there always are - the loss to OF COURSE Falkirk, and a last day loss away at Ross County were frustrating, but honestly with the title done and dusted I can somewhat forgive the players for being distracted with dreams of Celtic Park and Ibrox next year. *** NOTE: Soooo, confession time. I've always been fluctuating between 3 - 18 months ahead of the actual updates in what I'm playing, the eagle eyed among you may have noticed that Inverness are no longer highlighted blue on the final table, this is because I forgot to take this screenshot until about 15 minutes ago. I also don't have my fixtures from the period - now this is something that wasn't an issue when I moved on previously as Inverness never encountered Forfar or Stirling, so I could just screenshot when it came to the updates... I'm going to have to ask you to just follow the story and pretend you don't notice the obvious in some of the screenshots for the next while I'm afraid. Sorry chaps! Hope you enjoy this update anyway.
  4. I see you're going full Kevin Keegan in American Samoa. Looking good to tick off the title, wonder if we'll get more than 2 seasons on your next stop. Keep up the impressive work as always.
  5. King Cactus

    [FM19] A Jewel From Edina

    Hamilton See Off Inverness In Replay Inverness look likely to return to the top flight at the end of the season, but their Cup exploits have been ended in the last 16 at the hands of top flight basemente dwellers Hamilton. After a spirited performance and 0-0 draw at SuperSeal Stadium, home fans were confident as the Accies made the trip north to face Championship table toppers. It was once again a good performance from Caley who looked the more likely team to secure the result, but a 23rd minute striker from on loan Hearts striker Jordan Ross was enough to secure passage to the quarter finals where Hamilton will face Airdrie, Caltic loanee Declan Malcolm was sent off for the hosts in stoppage time. Entry 28: The Hamilton defeat was a black mark on what was otherwise a succesful month where we really pushed home our promotion credentials. The fact that they've drawn Airdrie is hard to take, it would have been a chance to get to Hampden for my first time as a manager, outwith games against Queen's Park at the national stadium, and from a practical standpoint the tickets and prize money could really have eaten into our debt which seems to have steadied itself at the £1million mark. An away draw at Raith coupled with 8 goals in two games to thump rivals Ross County and put severe doubts over any playoff aspirations that preseason title favourites Livi may hold, and it's certainly been a successful month. With 8 games to go, our gap at the top looks fairly comfortable, and I have to say my belief in the players and what we are doing is growing more and more. At Forfar I had built a team, and when we wobbled early I panicked. With Inverness, I didn't want to make that same mistake after how that fateful season panned out, and stuck to my principals of positive wing play, attacking with 2 pushed on wingers and 2 strikers - it's old school but I've always seen it as simple, yet effective. I'm very glad we stuck with the principals, because it's what this side was built for. I'm excited for the run in, as I feel we've got a real shot at this. I also received another monthly accolade for our February form, but I once again will not be collecting the trophy. After what happened in August, and the fact that we seemed to maintain in January after I didn't touch the trophy, I'd just rather not risk it. I'll collect them from the Chairman to take home once we're back in the top flight.
  6. King Cactus

    The wandering Irish man (FM2019)

    Got a soft spot for the Irish leagues after they saved my faltering FM17 journeyman, good old Sligo. Best of luck with this, will be following.
  7. King Cactus

    [FM19] A Jewel From Edina

    There was logic to it! I had been in Greenock, it was on my way back. Trust me, I've sampled Loch Ness in my 6 months at the club haha. Will be doing everything in my powers!
  8. King Cactus

    [FM19] A Jewel From Edina

    Entry 27: Falkirk. I hate bloody Falkirk. I hated them when Hibs were in the Championship, I lived with a Dunfermline fan so hated them for him, and now I hate them more than I ever have in the past. We lived on the edge a fair bit this month in terms of goals conceded if I'm totally honest, but losing 4-1 and allowing them to climb off the bottom is completely and utterly inexcusable. We could be so much more comfortable at the top of the table if we had beaten them even once, and claimed a draw or two, but no we've handed them 9 points and with 11 games to go there's only a two point gap at the top. Thankfully the aim was playoffs and that looks more comfortable game by game. There was some activity in January, 17 year old Scotland under21 international Brad MacDonald was a product of our youth system, and had made 50 appearances for the club. He wasn't ready to wait for us to get to the top flight, and would move to Hearts in Edinburgh for £200k + 40% of profit on any sale. I'd have loved to keep him, but I simply couldn't justify it with our financial position, and with the squad on the cusp of achieving something this season I don't want to risk our positive atmosphere. To replace him we added Scotland under 19 centre Declan Malcolm joins on loan for the next 6 months to fill the gap in the squad. There's 11 games to go, and we're still alive in the cup so hopefully some more revenue will help the club out and I'll be able to aim for my Continental A licence, but that's still a ways away. Getting to the top flight might close that ground, though.
  9. King Cactus

    [FM19] A Jewel From Edina

    Thank you very much! I dunno about best newcomer, but hopefully I get some longevity out of this story, already enjoying this save a lot more than I did my 2018 Journeyman attempt, so who knows? Thanks again.
  10. King Cactus

    [FM19] A Jewel From Edina

    Lawrence Claims Manager Of The Month It was a blazing start to the season for rising young manager Jack Lawrence, the 6-3 win at home to Livingston had Inverness fans dreaming of returning to the top flight under the guidance of their stoic young manager Jack Lawrence. It threatened to get away from them, however, as they looked after 12 rounds of fixtures like a team destined to land in the mid-table mediocrity of the Ladbrokes Championship for the third successive season, and with mumblings of financial issues it seemed to many like time may be running out for Caley Thistle to return to the top flight before a major restructuring of the whole club would be needed to save them from extinction. Lawrence, now in his third manaderial role of his young career refused to bow to the pressure, however. Since then, in 9 league fixtures for the Highland side they have won a remarkable 6, losing just 1 in a span that has seen them charge up the table, and has some fans leaving behind those midtable fears and dreaming of returns to Celtic Park and Ibrox. It's hard to pin down an individual saviour for the team in this time, with goals flying in from all areas and all options of the pitch, in this 9 game run 4 different senior strikers have scored for Lawrence's charges. They also comfortably saw of League 2 side Brora in the 4th round of the Scottish Cup in this stretch, and have received a home draw to Stenhousemuir of League 1 in the 4th round, so a trip to the last 16 is certainly not beyond this side. There have been some concerns over the defence in recent games, as old habits of leaking goals seem to have crept back in, but their firepower has not faltered and certainly will have teams across Scotland taking notice of what they're capable of headed into the new year. *** Entry 26: So another new year is upon us, 2021 is the last year I will spend the whole 12 months in my 20's, and when I take stock I've certainly seen an upward trajectory in my life in the last 12 months. It's obscenely tight at the top of the table, but our push for at least for the play offs is starting together some serious momentume. I haven't yet plucked up the courage to ask the board to push my contract beyond the initial 12 months I was given, as frankly at the end of October I was beginning to worry they'd be more inclined to sack me early than to keep faith in me for another year. One thing I really can't get my head round this year, is Falkirk. They beat me time and again at Forfar, which I could understand, but if we had picked up the results we should have against them, they'd be dead and buried by now and we'd have a 7 point cushion. It's honestly playing on my mind more than the title push. I actually had no idea I would be collecting manager of the month in December, and part of me doesn't want to touch the trophy after we fell off a cliff in August upon receiving the award. I'm not exactly superstitious but I'm tempted to send my assistant to collect the trophy on my behalf. With January staring us in the face, hopefully any mallaise created by any manager of the month 'curse' can be lifted by reshaping the squad if we need to.
  11. King Cactus

    [FM19] A Jewel From Edina

    It's tough when you're unsure on where the next win is coming from! Seems to happen at least once a season regardless of what club I am, unfortunately! Thank you very much, I shall do my best.
  12. King Cactus

    [FM19] A Jewel From Edina

    After a torrid run I needed a break Entry 25: What have I done wrong? How? How has this slipped so far, so quickly? After we capitulated away to Morton, I needed a break so I've headed the short drive to Loch Lomond as I take the Sunday off and tell the players to do the same. I know we have the talent, I know I have the staff behind me. What if I'm not cut out for football management at this level? What if I've fluked every result up until now. Just as I was beginning to get some belief in myself, I'm dragged back down to Earth. I don't think I ever want to mention this stretch of fixtures again. Hammered at Raith, a home loss in the derby, we may have beaten Partick, but brought abruptly back down to earth with a bump in a 2-1 loss away to Morton, and I honestly have no idea what I need to do to get this to click. We can't keep goals out, we've conceded a hideous amount on this stretch, but we just don't have the talent to defend a lead, so for now we need to keep going for it. It does leave us with the most midtable of midtable starts, as we go 4, 4, and 4 - there's quite an odd symetry to it that we also have a goal difference of 4. I'm beginning to worry that this Inverness team is doomed to finish 5th, in my time as a football manager they've managed to finish in the same place 3 times in a row. Surely, surely something has to give?
  13. King Cactus

    [FM19] A Jewel From Edina

    Jags Mixed Start It's been a few months now since Inverness moved to approach young manager Jack Lawrence from Forfar, and it's fair to say that whil their league start has been solid, that Inverness are somewhat failing to make an impact across all competitions. It was a clash with newly relegated Livingston to open the season at the Tulloch Caledonian Stadium, and it resulted in an absolute breathless encounter, with new signing Beto bagging 4 on the way to a 6-3 rout of the preseason promotion favourites. Their was cause for concern as Caley crashed out of the Irn Bru Cup to local rivals Ross County, as well as throwing away a 1 goal advantage with 20 minutes to go at home to Hearts, Shaun Rooney the right back aving been given his marching orders with 55 minutes gone. In the league, out with their blip against Falkirk, they have continue to be strong going forward with plenty of goals scored, however troubles at the back may be early cause for concern for Lawrence. It's a tight table, but having missed out on the playoffs by one position for the last 3 years Inverness fans will certainly be enjoying being top of the table, even if they only lead local rivals and even next closest challengers Raith by virtue of goal difference. *** Entry 24: I'm very pleased with our start in the league. When I saw Livingston come up as our first game their was certainly cause for concern, as they're a good side at this level, but the new signings clicked really well and allowed us a great victory at home to start the campaign. A rotated side cost us a run at the Irn Bru Cup, and a silly red card cost us a go at the League Cup, which is a real shame as we could have done with some prize money to help slow the decline of the club's financial situation, and Shaun Rooney was dealt with approriately after the game. ther than that one minor incident, however, the players have all been fantastic, Beto has 7 league goals all of which have come against Livingston and Dunfermline, while last season's top goalscorer Nathan Austin has weighed in with goals against Partick and Morton to end the month on 3 league goals. All of this meant I landed manager of the month in the Championship, the third time in my career I've landed the award, and the second time I've managed it in the opening month of the season. It's been nice to set a marker, as now more than ever my lack of experience and badges is being more openly scrutinised, there are some experienced names from the top end of Scottish football at this level, and some evidently feel like I don't belong. We've risen above this before, though, and I'm slowly starting to find the self belief that we'll do this every time we encounter this kind of adversity. It's been a crazy couple of years, and the way it has improved my mood, well, long may it continue.
  14. King Cactus

    [FM19] A Jewel From Edina

    Entry 23: I've found a home. I never had that feeling at Forfar, my living situation was stressful, my board never felt behind me, and I didn't see a long term. I cannot for a second say that with Inverness. They're a controversial club, the result of a merger of Caledonian and Inverness Thistle in August 1994, and all these years later some locals still refuse to follow the club, and I can't say I blame them in a sense. I mean, if Hibs and Hearts merged I'd be far from impressed and don't think I could follow that team. So those supporters are a lost cause, but what we can do is try and snare the next generation before they gravitate to your Celtic and Rangers, a great way to start would be to get the team back to the top flight. I've been here a short while and I already feel I owe the club, and the city that debt. When I arrived it was a very similar position as I had encountered at Forfar, a squad very short on bodies with a few more slated to leave, but what we did lack at Forfar was a level of quality - we may not have much money behind us, in fact the chairman has refused to fund a coaching course for me as we find ourselves £1,000,000 in the red, but our professional status and recent history can still attract some talent. The first thing I wanted to do was add some staff, as we looked to overhaul a regime that had missed out on the playoffs by one place for the last 3 years, I needed to get that culture of falling short out of the club, and so we did - I honestly now feel our staff is the best in the league across the board, bar none. After the staff overhaul, I was determined to add some real quality to the team that would allow us to push for the playoffs this year and hopefully push Inverness back to the top. Building from the back, I added Jamie Brandon a right back and Daniel Baur a centre back from Hearts - two players who are still young and could quite comfortably be Championship standard from the off. I also added the experienced Tam Scobbie as a depth option at centre back, this will be one of his final seasons in football but I still feel he can offer us something. Our final defensive addition was to bring Josh Meekings back to the club upon his release from Dundee, he was a player I always admired from afar in his first spell at the club, he doesn't seem to be the player he was before he left, so hopefully I can get some confidence back in him. Moving into the midfield, I added a few more released players from Hearts and Dundee respectively, with Ross Callachan and Lewis Spence joining to reinforce our central midfield options as back up, on top of this we were able to land Fraser Murray on loan from Hibernian, he's a player I could see making it at the team I support so I'm thrilled to not only be getting a talented footballer at this level, but also hopefully aid in his development. On loan from Hearts we add a back up left winger in Sean Ward, who seems to have all the tools to potentially be a problem at this level, confident on the ball and a great crosser who should cause problems. The final midfield addition was all down to our staff recruitment, as one of our new scouts alerted me that Estoril of Portugal had a midfielder named Fabio Martins running down his contract, I offered to take him on trial and by the start of July he had signed terms with us - he is going to be an absolute gem at this level. Lastly we needed to overhaul up top, we had Nathan Austin on the books already, a very capable striker at this level, but I was hoping to simply things to 4-4-2 or some kind of variant here at Inverness, so I'd certainly need another few options. Scottish Cup hero James Keatings, who was on the pitch the day Hibs lifted the Cup for the first time in 114 years in 2016 came in after his release from Hamilton, he is certainly proven at this level and I'm delighted to have been given the opportunity to work with a football player I respect so greatly. On top of him we were able to welcome Chris Kane on his release from St. Johnstone, and our scouts once again worked their magic to unearth Beto from Setubal in Portugal, we've now got an embarrassment of riches up top. Amazingly, we were able to get this business all concluded to start July, and our preseason allowed us a fantastic run at the league cup. A competition I'd say I've never performed exceptionally in, although we did slightly overachieve at Stirling... We topped our group. Something I've never achieved as a manager, and now get to hose Hearts in the last 16 at home - I'm very excited by the prospect. It was a great run, all 4 of our striking options found the back of the net at least once, and we were able to take a well established top flight side in St. Mirren to penalties and win, which can only bode well for what lies ahead. Away from football, I've even been able to find somewhere to live in comfort, surprisingly when I trebled my wages it has allowed me to rent a 2 bedroom flat to myself, hell I can even afford a cleaner on top of the rent and bills, and still have enough money to put away a couple of hundred pound a month. If you'd told me this is how I'd be living in a year's time when I signed the lease on a room in a shared house in Dundee, I'd have laughed, then cried at just how unlikely that prospect was.
  15. King Cactus

    [FM19] A Jewel From Edina

    I'm really excited to manage them! Got some Premiership potential, that's for sure. I've not actually done it as an away day, hopefully when they're back up some day. That's really kind of you, man. Thanks.