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  1. Does anyone think the available responses sometimes don't cover what you want to say? For example when a player asks for a position to be strengthened as part of his contract, you think you've strengthened but he doesn't. I want to be able to say "I have strengthened, we signed Tom Smith" (for example). But all I can reply is either Sorry or Tough I'm not selling you. Then he gets the face on and is unhappy for a year
  2. I'd have no problem with it if the player I'm signing had more than 6 leadership!!!
  3. I thought the captain thing was happening... Turns out when signing players they were asking to be made captain or vice captain as part of their contract promises. Happened loads of times before I realised !!
  4. Surely can't be any happier after 10 games though. Not saying I'd expect to stay there, just goes from brilliant to shocking. In real life it's just shocking
  5. I'm yet to find a tactic that wasn't amazing for 10 games and awful after that. Was 2nd after 10 games with a 6 point deduction then went on a losing run including 6-1 v Barnsley. It's the same whether I create my own or use a knap or Beowulf tactic etc. To sum up, I don't find the game easy at all
  6. I've been playing since Championship Manager days and I don't find it easy at all. Who are you to tell people to play FIFA instead of Football Manager?
  7. Great signing for next to nothing for my Wednesday team. I'd also add Eamon Brophy from Kilmarnock ( available for £120k!!!), Stevie Mallan from Hibs and Ryan Porteous from Hibs, 3 great players for less than 1.5m
  8. I found FM20 very difficult, any tactic only worked for 1 season max before being found out and it doesn't look like it's changed to me. Granted 90% of the time I play as Sheffield Wednesday, no money and a points deduction
  9. I find I'm losing track of the ball, seems to around the penalty area. I think it's to do with the advertising behind the goal, makes it difficult to see the ball
  10. Controversial but can we hold fire with Beta unless you can remove Monk as Wednesday manager at this late stage.... (just sacked)
  11. Also I need the realism, its almost worth buying it just for the data update and correct years etc
  12. "No way am I getting a season ticket next year, we were rubbish last year, we've been relegated, we can't score for toffee, we're awful to watch" Come August, you're walking towards the ground, ticket in pocket
  13. Having sales blocked because they board think he's worth £500k more, yet no one else is willing to pay it. Ok then we'll keep Steven Fletcher on 35k a week when we're skint just so he can sit in the reserves and leave on a free
  14. I'll start as a Wednesday fan with Sheffield Wednesday, no budget to play with and now with a 12 point deduction.
  15. Been using the original one with Sheffield Wednesday. Early days (5 league games in) but unbeaten so far, not conceding many and a couple of 3-0 wins. Looking good..
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