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  1. Match engine fixed as far as I'm concerned. I'm seeing loads of crosses from byline from my wingers and full backs, some nice goals too. Don't see as many one on ones and if those probably half are scored
  2. During a match I'm seeing something flash up really quickly, don't know how to explain it. Seems like a red background, not enough to stop me enjoying the game, its just weird. Anyone else seen this ?
  3. Seeing a nice variation of goals. The shooting from tight angles still drives me mad but I like the match engine in general By the way my team Wednesday sold Michail Antonio to fund a deal for Stevie May in real life a few years back... The mind boggles !!
  4. Not sure your average FM player will notice the determination bug. Personally find it difficult to develop youth anyway but maybe that's down to my club's poor youth set up
  5. What is the version number of the latest ME and how do I check what I have ?
  6. VAR seems to be consistent with real life at the moment, very annoying (and thus realistic). Not noticed the woodwork issue The sitters are my main problem, along with the crossfield pinpoint passes
  7. Not sure if the hotfix improved performance or not, it's not as smooth as it should be as I can run GTA V at high/ultra settings If they can iron that out, plus long side to side passes, the one on ones, players not passing even when it's a tight angle, and of course not passing when they've got a team mate on for a tap in, then I reckon they've done a pretty good job Still not sure why the long passes weren't seen before beta was released
  8. Anyone familiar knows 3 sides of the ground are 1 tier (i include the south stand which has a tiny upper tier not visible on TV), the only 2 tier stand is the away end, leppings lane. It was kind of ok in FM 2019 but the ground seems to have changed to 2 tiered stands in FM 2020
  9. They want to sort it out in real life first, complete shambles !!!
  10. Thats not what I see. Once the sequence has ended but the video/animation highlight is still playing, I see a cross that goes out for a goal kick by miles, or a misplaced pass for example. Every game You also see the kick off, and if it's not an early goal, you see a misplaced pass... just so you can see the kick off
  11. I like taking us to glory as its complete contrast to how bad we've been in real life !!
  12. I reckon alot of this is down to phases of play... I get a great chance. One one one with keeper. It's saved/blocked, and that was the only chance I get from this particular bit of action/animation. So even though my team still has the ball and may be in a great position to throw it back in the box, the AI makes the crosser overhit it by miles or its blocked for a throw in... And that particular bit of action is over..
  13. Sheffield Wednesday every time. Can't seem to get into a game or celebrate a goal when it's not my club. Did have a great save with Coventry in FM19 though. Anyone know if the non league pyramids are available? Be interested in starting with Sheffield FC
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