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  1. No, these are fine just the way they are. I know, portuguese can be a little complex sometimes...
  2. HJMF is right. You can apply the fix to all of them.
  3. Yes, it is safe for both. There are only a few cases where controle is used in European portuguese. Most of the time, it's controlo.
  4. Primeira Liga Portuguesa, Taça de Portugal and Taça da Liga Portuguesa are all female nouns in portuguese and they should be adressed as "da" instead of "do" (1st paragraph, 2nd line). 2nd paragraph, 1st line - some weird phrasing going on. Should be "(...) e detém um centro de treinos e instalações para as camadas jovens de última geração". 3rd paragraph, 1st line - "Com um orgulhoso total de noventa e duas vitórias (...)". Vitórias is another female noun. Speech formality inconsistency on how the Director is addressing the Trainer. Should be "Eles vão dar-te um relatório (...)". In the loan segment, all of the sentences "Em empréstimo até (...)" should be changed to "Por empréstimo até (...)". The text of the informative pop-up displayed in the image above should be "(...) tenha um número elevado de golos (...)". (I don't think a second image is needed here) The text of the informative pop-up displayed when hovering with mouse above the "i" in the budget plans should say "controlo" instead of "controle". Controle is brazilian portuguese. As already mentioned before, addressing the trainer as "o" or "do" [name] [surname] is weird and unpolite. The correction should be the use of "de" - at least for this case. The corrected sentence should read "O SLB confirmou hoje a apresentação de Gonçalo Azevedo como novo treinador do clube." 1st option - The sentence is long but it has no full stops. Only commas. The comma before "Como tal" should be changed to a full stop (the phrasing of 4th option is correct - although it should be "de acordo" - and shows how the 1st option should be). 3rd option - "Apenas muito brevemente" should have a full stop next to it, and not a comma. The sentence should be "Apenas muito brevemente. Eu ainda (...)". One more thing - some options in the press conferences have a full stop at the end and some don't. These inconsistencies should not happen and you should choose if you want ALL those sentences with full stop at the end or not.
  5. Thank you for bringing these up. I wanted to address something in the manager performance grading system (the text with yellow background). I see that in english you guys grade the manager based on a A to F scale. However, in portuguese, apparently, you use a numeric scale. Which isn't bad, but you guys use intervals of numbers, like the one shown in the image - "77...", which means "77% a 79%" (I think). Because of that, the text does not fit inside the circle, which looks very odd and distunes with the well polished and aesthetic looks of the game. A good alternative would be the original grading system (A to F). I think everyone that speaks portuguese understands how that grading system works.
  6. It says: "0 Ganhou, 0 Empatou, 0 Perdeu." Also, I think there is no need fo the full stop in that sentence.
  7. One more thing... Not sure if this thread is the right place, but the fact that the text referring to the quality of a player in certain position (Médio (Centro)) is on top of the coloured circle is extremely unpleasant for the user. There's still extra space in the line to avoid this from happening (althought I'm not sure if it's possible to correct this issue this way). Another thing is that the tick on the selected position appears under the text, which is, yet again, unpleasant.
  8. Marcaação is wrong. It has one more letter than it should. The correction is "Marcação". The issues with the inexistence of capital letters in the beginning of a sentence have been mentioned before, in other posts. Random full stop that shouldn't be in the sentence "Disponível por transferência livre.". Also, the second "O", when addressing the second club (Pinhalnovense) interested in this staff member, shouldn't be in capital letter, given it is not in the beginning of a sentence. Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but the sentence "Respeito dos jogadores pela reputação" seems a little bit off and weird. A better alternative would be "Respeito dos jogadores devido à tua reputação".
  9. Indeed, but it also should be "(...) convocatória da Austrália Sub-20".
  10. Some more stuff that should be corrected: The club records/stats info presents the same translation mistakes for as long as I can remember. I believe the problem here is that the translation is taken quite literally from english. Anyway, the wrong translations are: "A Maioria das Vitórias da Liga numa Época", "A Poucas Vitórias da Liga numa Época", "A Maioria das Derrotas da Liga numa Época", "As Poucas Derrotas da Liga numa Época", "A Maioria dos Empates da Lida numa Época", "Os Poucos Empates da Liga numa Época". The correction should be (respectively): "O Maior número de Vitórias na Liga numa Época", "O Menor número de Vitórias na Liga numa Época", "O Maior número de Derrotas na Liga numa Época", "O Menor número de Derrotas na Liga numa Época", "O Maior número de Empates na Liga numa Época", "O Menor número de Empates na Liga numa Época". On the side tabs, the one that displays "Informação de Clube" should be "Informação do Clube". Or even just "Clube". Whichever you guys prefer. Also, there is a lot of space available to be used for the discriptions mencioned above. If the records text is pushed a little bit forward down the line, I believe there is no need to use suspension points. That is just a suggestion 😉 (not sure if possible). In the performance area, the text that displays the number of wins, draws and losses of youth teams should be "Vitórias: {numeric value}, Empates: {numeric value}, Derrotas: {numeric value}". Or "{numeric value} Vitória(s), {numeric value} Empate(s), {numeric value} Derrota(s)". Minor mistake in the assistant coach speech. "Todos os anos a Março..." should be "Todos os anos em março...". The same goes for any other month of the year. Also, in portuguese, months of the year and seasons have no capital letter (post 2009). However, this is not a big deal, since many people refuse to adopt this set of spelling rules and keep writting them with capital letter. In the top left corner, the board discritpion of the actual backroom staff personnel shows a grammar mistake at the end. I believe that this is a value that comes from elsewhere, so it could be more difficult to correct. But anyway, "...capacidade mínima expectável até às um pessoas." should be "...capacidade mínima expectável até {numeric value} pessoa(s).". Changing the variable form from written values to numeric ones should fix the gender disparity in this translation. That's all for now 👍
  11. I restarted my computer and everything came back to normal. The issue is gone. Thanks for your help!
  12. PC, Windows 10. Thanks for the reply. I deleted both Preferences and Cache files, but it didn't work. I did not add anything to the game. The only thing I did was changing the colour of the atributes from yellow to green in the in-game preferences.
  13. Hello, My mouse cursor, as soon as I try to click on anything, starts to move upwards and gets stuck there. I can still move it sideways, but I have no Y-axis movement control. I find this issue really weird, since the first two times that I launched the beta, the game ran perfectly fine, with no glitches whatsoever. But after the third time and onwards, this keeps happening. Unfortunately, this issue results in making the game unplayable. I already tried to play without a mouse, resorting only to my laptop mousepad, but with no success. The same keeps happening.
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