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    Work in software support. Fit in the odd FM game (and by that I mean a generous odd)in my spare time


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    Playing FM obviously... Watching Peterborough United and a bit of writing too

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  1. The checkatrade trophy 1st round is supposed to be drawn geographically. I believe the official line is to give teams "less travel time", I (Peterborough United) have been drawn with Newport in my group A bug? or just not a feasible thing to include The below is taken from the EFL website:
  2. Peterborough United seem be missing some finance information, under sponsorship there is only two sponsors: stadium and shorts. Granted I am aware I am not privy to the inner workings of the club. I at least know we have shirt sponsor. Thanks
  3. I think this post may have been missed as my one below it was acknowledged. I think this is a bug but I suppose it could be a license issue?
  4. Also: We have bought our stadium tonight. Can this be updated for proper release! See: https://www.theposh.com/news/2018/october/official-joint-statement/
  5. The kits are wrong, and do not show the sponsor, this has never been an issue in previous versions.
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