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  1. Hi all, Am currently in the process of updating changed competitions (National League, EFL Trophy) for FM14. Playing the newer ones is too time consuming for me now I have two young kids and I always liked 14 so I am updating the database. National League is all done and works fine. I am having a bit of an issue with EFL trophy. First I have made some adjustments to it... I have included national league teams to dilute the impact of the U23 sides (U21s in FM14) So now I have a 112 team competition, with 16 groups of 7 teams. All my seedings work fine and the top two move into the next stage (knockouts) However when I run 'Test competitions' it gives the error 'No teams found for Stage 1 of EFL trophy.' I have got teams in stage 1 coming from qualified from stage 0. I have attached numerous screenshots that show the following: Error - The error I receive when running 'Test Competitions' Stage0Name - Shows the name of the stage as 'Group Stage' Stage0LeagueSettings - Shows the Qualification rules set up for stage 0 Stage1Name - Shows the Name of the second stage and the sub stage on Round 1 Stage1 Teams - Shows the teams I have set up for stage 1, that apparently do not exist. Please can somebody have a look to see if there is something I am doing wrong? And if nothing in the pictures strikes you as incorrect any ideas where else to look? Thanks Brady
  2. Hi all, I am looking to do an update of the editor data for FM14 (My favourite instance of FM) with the stats from FM20. (I haven't bought FM20 before anyone suggests it) I would like to know if there was anywhere I could get stats from the FM20 database. Predominantly I want to update Peterborough United but might go further if I feel like it. I have looked into importing (from a csv etc.) but I don't think thats possible. Any Ideas anyone?
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