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  1. not sure what other people think after the update but transfers still out. icardi joins manu for 99 mill in 19 then 1 and half seasons later at age 27 so in prime is about to join madrid for 45 mill despite the value being at 67 mill?? not listed or unhappy
  2. i couldnt get dybala as he failed work permit which is stupid enough as hes played over 40 times for argentina then even more stupid he signs for city and permit given
  3. wouldnt go above 70 mill. as i said the ai is selling players 100 mill plus. they came in for firmino worth 78 mill only went to 75 mill dembele though 101 mill worth 68
  4. ill log this one in the bugs forum as well but bids for my players are really low compared to bids outside my club. 3 defenders went for over 100 mill in the fm world and strikers went for over 100 mill and when they come to bid for mine van dijk worth 70 mill they bid 50 and gomez worth 78 they bid 60 the values of the players that went for 100 mill + were lower than mine
  5. and on the bugs forum i have posted since fm17 about the analyst view and about how there are no ball shadows so you dont know if the ball is in the air or on the ground and no replies and no fixes
  6. i wouldnt say whats whats wrong with the me bugs though its just the games perception of how its played at the mo. too many shots and crazy saves. too much play going out wide then in then wide then in then wide. closing down like headless chickens. these i woult call bugs but they need to be ironed out to make the experience better
  7. must admit that comments like the me is fine and playable is what makes these forums pointless. yeah you can play the game but not how its supposed to be played. a few engines back and it seemed ok in fact even the beta was better. we need players to moan about the game and push the game as far as it will go otherwise we never see any progress. at the moment its not at its best but it will be just maybe not until sept 2019 and then we all go round again
  8. work permits ave gone crazy. ive gone brexit and you now need work permits for players once you go over the 17 foreign player rule. but world class international players fail the permits. assensio fail. dybala fail, rodriguez fail i scouted messi and comes up he would fail the permit even if i appealed? yet i can buy a 16 year old spanish kid with no problem at all ??
  9. what i dont get is that i was playing some lovely footy a few weeks ago and now we are down to this with the me ?
  10. looking forward to the new update as at the moment its just do able. players dont respond to how your playing. if you have high wing backs they play in a flat back 4 which is wierd. cross early and deep and they get to the byline and rarely cross. top of the scoring charts scored 19 in the premiership and next one 16 shows maybe a problem with finishing. gk are back to the super keeper as you have about 20 shots on target all saved by crazy reactions then the keeper gets a rating of 6.5 ???? note i dont want to score all the chances so suggests that there are too many shot on target or too many chances in general. everything goes out wide then inside then wide then inside then wide very boring we are back to the closing down like headless chickens with 4 or 5 players hunting the ball down in packs. so lets hope the update isnt too far away
  11. crazy how bad the me is. its was fine a week ago. well fine ish. now its just plain stupid. commentary cont saying good tackle when the player has just been taken out that happens so much. players standing around in the penalty box letting players score? we are back to the old chasing the ball like a headless chicken closing down again where 4 or 5 hunt the ball in packs leaving wide open spaces. we are back to teams pinging the ball around like barca when they have poor passing stats. and why oh why have they still not fixed the analyst ball shadow? ever since the analyst view came in this has been an issue and its still there
  12. not sure im liking wat the me has become. constantly players putting the ball out wide.player through on goal puts it out wide. or player through on goal back heel it to player behind. player runs into box in space stops plays it out wide. and even out wide when the player has loads of time and space they dont even cross ? has gone a bit wierd. and its got teams like huddersfield playing like barca with defence splitting passes from deep in there half ??
  13. anyone else noticed the the rich club ranking is comp out. man city not even in the top 100. top is salsburg. cardiff are tied with liverpool in 50th
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