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  1. Great posts! I saw that you used the 4411 2DM formation sometimes througout the season. You did mention that you wont go into details for that formation. However, maybe that you can share some basics? About roles and duties / perhaps different team instructions that you used for the 4411 2DM formation compared to the 4141 formation.
  2. Okay! Thank you for your advice. I will go back to the drawing table then and will return here if I have other questions or if I did not succeed
  3. Alright, thank you! So you would suggest using a formation that will have more number further up the field instead of the bottom-heavy 5122? Maybe a 343 WB will be more suited for the style of play? Do you maybe have any suggestions when it comes to the formation and probably the well balanced roles and duties for it? (some tips and tricks would already be great!) Second, what do you think of the TI's that I've used? I thought these would, at least to some extent, will do what I'm want to achieve.
  4. Most of all, I wanted to create a more defensive stable tactic by changing my wingers (first post) to wingbacks. In my preseason, I also played with a 5-2-1-2 formation. Does that makes more sense?
  5. In the preseason of the new season I started to review my team and my possible strength's of my team. After comparing my player attribute scores with the ratings of other teams in the competition, I think me team is best suited to play short passing and they can press really well in comparison to the other teams in my competition. So I created the following tactic to be, like I said in my opening post, more defensive stable. This worked in preseason and in the domestic cup. However, to create chances in the game is another thing. I added the tactic I used the last match I played in the semi-final of the Swedish cup. My questions to you guys: Am I right that my players are suitable to play the shorter passing game and put pressure on the opponent? And did I translate this well enough in my used tactic? Which changes do I have to make to make the tactic work better or do I need another formation at all? I added the player profiles of my players too. I hope you guys can give me some advice how to improve my tactic and help me understand the game better.
  6. Hi everybody, I'm currently playing with IFK Göteborg from Sweden and I managed them to the 2021 season title, securing Champions League football in the next season. I will probably face better teams in the Champions League and therefore might tweak my tactic for these 'bigger' games. Last season I played with the following 352 formation: I was thinking to get my wingers back to the wingback positions and might be more defensive mentality wise to be better prepared to face the better teams from the Champions League, but I'm also curious about which changes you guys might make for the Champions League games? Furthermore, suggestions how to improve the current 352 are also appreciated because in the title winning season I did not create as many chances as I wanted to. Resulting in 1-0 wins or 0-0 draws. Maybe I can get some more attacking and exciting play. The focus is on possession. Last season I added a DLP because sometimes my AP was marked and therefore a real playmaker was missed in the team. I added also a summary of the players I have: I have some great midfielders (for Swedish competition), however, all not holding midfielders. Ass. manager best role for Erlingmark should be CM on defend but he has the PPM 'gets forward when possible'. So, might not his ideal position. Yaghoubi should be a fine mezzela/ap. I also got one creator forward and one more scorer forward. Central defenders are quickest of the competition. Last season I used wingers on the RM/LM positions in easy games or to start with and I used wingbacks at the RM/LM positions in though games or to secure a lead. Since I'm having a large budget (for Swedish competition - 10M€), I can buy some players to make my new tactic work. I hope you guys can inspire me to improve my tactics for the coming season!
  7. Take a look at this link: https://medium.com/@v_maedhros/understanding-roles-in-football-manager-and-real-life-part-2-a889e488a0f0 It helped me to better understand the roles.
  8. Just started a new save without a club. Took over Dinamo Moscow in november 2019. However, we are fighting against relegation. So, until the next season, every point that we can get is helpful. My idea is to create a 4141 dm wide (with wide midfielders) to be solid at the back and also score the few chances we get. 1-0 wins are okay. Unfortunaly I did not create many tactics like that so far, so I wanted to ask some advice here. Three of my best players are 1) a technical central attacker (Phillip) 2) an IW at rm and 3) a BWM in dm/cm. So, any advice guys on the potential set up of this formation?
  9. Did some small changes to the tactic because my team did have players which were not as good as yours and it worked really great!
  10. Now with the new features of FM20 being released every now and then, I am already thinking about which teams or tactics I will use or give a go in FM20. I use guidetofm.com as a guideline when creating tactics in my saves and I ones read a piece that in normal circumstances a AP-S can only be combined with a CM-D when playing a midfield 2. Now suppose that this is true, I was thinking how such midfield 2 could line up within a 4-4-2 system. I would assume that the 4-4-2 would be possesion orientated and with this in mind I think I would line up in the following way (or like this): The AP-S being the focal point of the team. When in possesion and rushing up the field the IWB-D provides cover and also an option to pass to. The CM-D will provide cover and would stay at position. WM-A providing width, but will not be to adventerous. F9 to link up play and maybe takes a defender with him. The Poacher to wait for any killerball from the AP or IF-S. So, anyone with some feedback or just some thinking about an AP-S as 1 of the midfield 2 situated in a possesion bades playing style?
  11. Cleon ones wrote a piece where he mentioned how many attacking roles the AI tend to use for every mentality. Maybe you can use it.
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