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  1. Now with the new features of FM20 being released every now and then, I am already thinking about which teams or tactics I will use or give a go in FM20. I use guidetofm.com as a guideline when creating tactics in my saves and I ones read a piece that in normal circumstances a AP-S can only be combined with a CM-D when playing a midfield 2. Now suppose that this is true, I was thinking how such midfield 2 could line up within a 4-4-2 system. I would assume that the 4-4-2 would be possesion orientated and with this in mind I think I would line up in the following way (or like this): The AP-S being the focal point of the team. When in possesion and rushing up the field the IWB-D provides cover and also an option to pass to. The CM-D will provide cover and would stay at position. WM-A providing width, but will not be to adventerous. F9 to link up play and maybe takes a defender with him. The Poacher to wait for any killerball from the AP or IF-S. So, anyone with some feedback or just some thinking about an AP-S as 1 of the midfield 2 situated in a possesion bades playing style?
  2. Cleon ones wrote a piece where he mentioned how many attacking roles the AI tend to use for every mentality. Maybe you can use it.
  3. @Experienced Defender Thank you for sharing your thought about my tactic. I will overthink my tactics again and will take your suggestions into account!
  4. My full formation: SK - d; fb -s cd-d cd-d fb-s; dm-d cm-s mez-s; w-a TQ IF-a About the instructions: shorter passing, play out of defense, low crossses, counter-press, distribute tot fullbacks and centre backs, more urgent pressing and slightly higher LOE (maybe missing 1 or 2 others). My general philosophy is to build up with short passes from the back to get the ball to the front three, which will make the play and will hit the goal with shots. To create space for the TQ, I thought higher LOE would help. @Piperita atm im not playing FM, but my TQ likes to link up play, play beautiful passes to other players (if/winger/mezzela/left fullbacks) and also hit the goal with his long shots when he got the opportunity.
  5. Right now my best player by far is a trequartista (sticker role). I am currently playing with the following roles as my offensive players in my 41221 formation: If-a treq-a w-a Mez-s cm-s What are your thoughts on this and do you have any tips?
  6. I always found it much easier for myself to get an idea of how the attacking team instructions work and how they are interrelated to each other, but harder for the defensive team instructions. You describe these very clearly and give me a better idea of which to choose and when. Really looking forward to see (and learn from) part 3!
  7. Well this is quite funny. It turned out that my inspiration was one of your posts 😂. I tweaked the SS to a PF-s, FB to WB, one BPD and the mez-a to an AP-a. And added some player specific PI's. Last but not least, thank you for your explanation in the other topic.
  8. I will look for it tomorrow morning, but the concept of it I found in a topic couple of weeks ago, about how Man City was lining up under Pep.
  9. Because of the lone stricker, it could be very helpful to generate support for the striker. In my 4141 tactic this year I found the mez-s/ap-a combo in the cm position highly effective. Especially the mezzela! I don't know if the WP-s will provide the support that would be necessary. I used two WM-A's that I tweaked. Worked brilliant with a player I would normally used as an IW. The recommendation of @Experienced Defender to use an IWB is definitely worth a try.
  10. Thank you guys foto the very clear explanation. I will try your suggestions!
  11. In my first season (21/22) at Spartak Moskow I won the league, but for my second season I am analysing my squad and I have a lot of pacey attackers. I tend to set them up as follows: RM/RAM IF - A CAM AM-A LM/LAM W-S SP CF-O Set up would probably a 4231 or 4411. However, on team/player instructions. What are crucial instructions to make the most out of these pacey attackers? I was thinking to play deeper (more space in front of the attackers), pass ball into space, at a higher tempo and have a deep playmaker to distribute the ball to players in front of him and in the space. Any thought how to utilize these fast attackers even more?
  12. Just out of curiosity: is there a list of all the possible preferences a manager can('t) tend to in FM? Like in the attached screenshot. Thank you very much!
  13. NAC Breda from the Netherlands. Interesting to see how some City talents can perform.
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