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  1. Is the 4132 dm narrow formation best suitable for possession or counter-attacking?
  2. It happened: Sargent made his first league goal after two games where I tweaked the tactic! We currently play with this tactic. Like you guys expected, the striker is much more involved in play. I also notice better chances for the striker and the IF-S too (cross by the W-A or WB-S and IF-S finishes). The WB-A is also a very dangerous threat now. I will build from here to make Sargent continu scoring goals ;).
  3. Thanks @04texag and @dannyfc! I will take into account the feedback given, make some changes based upon it and will see how it goes this afternoon.
  4. So, to make the stiker more involved, would you in this case change the striker role to a supporting role or change other role around him to support the striker more? @Experienced Defender When I started with this tactic, I used a IF-A instead of IF-S and a CM-S instead of DLP-S. Maybe this will be sufficient enough when it comes to proper support?
  5. Started my long term save in FM21 as manager of Rapid Vienna. In the first season, we finished second, behind the almighty Red Bull Salzburg. Before the second season I bought Josh Sargent. He was transferlisted and I needed a new striker. So far, we are again competing with Red Bull Salzburg for the championship. However, after 13 games, Sargent did not score any goal (he played 11 games) at all in the league. One two goals in the Champions League, which were lucky one out of set pieces. Based on his xG, I would expect him to score some more goals. He is also getting in good positions, but th
  6. You used both, a targetman on support and a targetman on attack, but which of the two would you favor above the other and why? I'm thinking about using a targetman on attack and pairing him with a false nine, but I'm curious about the behaviour of the targetman on attack though.
  7. What are good roles for providing support to an enganche in FM20? (From all possible roles in attack, midfield and defence)
  8. Have you thought about using a more 10 like striker with an attacking duty? Like a DLF-A, TM-A or even a CF-A if you have the right player for it? I'm also very fascinated by the 4141DM formation. However, also struggling to score with this formation.
  9. Great posts! I saw that you used the 4411 2DM formation sometimes througout the season. You did mention that you wont go into details for that formation. However, maybe that you can share some basics? About roles and duties / perhaps different team instructions that you used for the 4411 2DM formation compared to the 4141 formation.
  10. Okay! Thank you for your advice. I will go back to the drawing table then and will return here if I have other questions or if I did not succeed
  11. Alright, thank you! So you would suggest using a formation that will have more number further up the field instead of the bottom-heavy 5122? Maybe a 343 WB will be more suited for the style of play? Do you maybe have any suggestions when it comes to the formation and probably the well balanced roles and duties for it? (some tips and tricks would already be great!) Second, what do you think of the TI's that I've used? I thought these would, at least to some extent, will do what I'm want to achieve.
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