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    Indie publisher that spends most of the day bluffing on FM instead of developing business forecasts.

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    Managing Director of House of Leaves Publishing


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    Football, Wrestling, Horror in that order.

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  1. Yeah, I've noticed this in some of my tactics. When I try to make sure I have short passing for everyone I tend to see huge long passes which ultimately are intercepted. I think this has more to do with PPM's than tactics though?
  2. I'll definitely give this a read through. Cheers!
  3. Interesting thread. I might give this a go and see how it works for me. (probably butcher it and get relegated first season)
  4. Trying to recreate (or something akin to) Sarriball myself in FM with inconsistent results. I'm using the same formation as above but I've been experimenting using 3 at the back as well. My main negative point is that I'm leaking a lot of goals, It's very early days so my team is nowhere near familiar with it yet. Interested in what everyone comes up with in this thread going forward.
  5. I am half playing it. Every chance I get something happens or someone wants to go out somewhere, so I've not really been putting my full effort in so far. Ridiculous.
  6. I think this year I'll have my go-to Chelsea save and try a game as Fiorentina from the get go.
  7. Ahhhh! As soon as the beta finished downloading the missus asked to go get some groceries!!! Still haven't fired it up yet.
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