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  1. Yes, if you look around you can buy the game for 30 pounds or 35 euros. Divided by the hours you'll be playing it won't even be one penny an hour.
  2. Other promises were just cancelled for no reason (just signed the player so they weren't completed yet). Anyone seen this before?
  3. I signed a player and one of the promises I made him was that he'd be the penalty taker. I put him on top of the list but he wasn't satisfied, removed all other takers, unchecked 'Allow player who has scored 2 goals' but still the promise wasn't completed. How should I fix this? The duration for the promise is also for the whole season, perhaps it this being evaluated at the end of the season?
  4. Not ideal but you could save, start contract negotiations with current squad player and check the maximum wage there? Then decline and reload without saving.
  5. Blind as the replacement of De Jong, never understood why Ajax didn't try that in real life... Then they can get a real center back instead. As said before, DM on defend duty and LCB as a normal Defender on defend. I wouldn't drop WBIB, but I would add Be More Expressive to offset the negative impact it may have (too complex and slow attacking play). And because Ajax fans like to be entertained It might help with getting more goals. I'd teach Mazraoui the player trait of 'gets forward whenever possible' if he doesn't have it already, and Van de Beek 'Gets into opposition area'. Maybe even for Mazraoui as well.
  6. Well, read the Dutch football news and you may change your mind
  7. Doing a Dynamo Dresden save now on FM19. Relegated them to 3rd in the editor but didn't really think it through. So they were on 2nd tier salaries in 3rd level, then the 20% clauses got activated when promoted to 2nd level I'm trying to get a full team + staff of East-German/Soviet/Yugoslavian descent.
  8. Standard width on positive mentality already is fairly wide. So going extremely wide will probably be overkill anyway. Start out with standard and change based on what you see during the match. I would recommend not using any 'extreme' options, unless maybe in an extreme situation, like desperately chasing a last minute equalizer. Can't really tell as I haven't used the winger AMR / wingback LB combination. Some other thought: I know I like a IFs or APs with a WBa behind him. The IF or AP holding up the ball, WB overlapping him so the IF/AP has passing options both centrally and on the flank. You can do this on your left flank and it may be a more logical approach if your players fit this idea. Then you can leave your midfield as it is. DLFs IFs/APs Wa DLPs CMa Ad WBa CBd BPD FBs So this changes the overload idea to the left. Indeed this may be an issue, but in above set-up it wouldn't be an issue.
  9. One thing that stands out to me is that you ask your players to position themselves extremely wide but you want them to pass short. So they are positioned very far away from each other, yet they have to find a short passing option. Seems contradictory to me. If you want to overload your right side it would also make more sense to assign your right back to the more adventurous Wingback role, and move your playmaker to the CMR position.
  10. Deportivo La Coruna will definitely be interesting. Spanish champions in 2000, Champions League semi finals in 2004 but now in Spain's third level.
  11. So what's your question? Seems like you're doing great.
  12. Well someone want to buy Muller for 1,2 million plus extras so he'll actually be replacing him
  13. Well that, and what you want him to do. For example a dribbler needs good dribbling, flair, pace, acceleration and balance. A central defender needs positioning, anticipation, bravery, tackling, jumping reach and strength. If you want a high defence line pace and acceleration will become important too. With a lower defence line jumping reach, heading and strength are more important. Think of what your tactic demands from each player.
  14. This is him. I'll probably get promoted to Bundesliga at the end of the season. He'll cost me 600.000 euros. He'll be competing with Muller for first team matches:
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