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  1. It's Ajax, they usually just move their money to their bank account
  2. Bought him at the start of the second season and he won the golden boy and golden shoe awards with my newly promoted side in La Liga.
  3. I'm having more or less the same issue, I'm not being able to find any scout from outside of Europe, moreover just sporadically I find one outside of Spain where I'm managing but 95% is Spanish with only knowledge of the Spanish market.
  4. If you have decent tactics and find good transfers, it shouldn't be an issue (even faster I think)
  5. Walks away at throw-in (just while the ball is thrown at him)
  6. I know this is more than just extra seating, but it makes your 38M look like a few cents http://www.espn.co.uk/football/club/real-madrid/86/blog/post/3644968/real-madrid-hope-525-million-bernabeu-renovation-gives-them-best-stadium-in-world
  7. Guess you should change your topic title :P
  8. Indeed, I just picked him up in my save after he was transfer listed for 1,6 million Just waiting for June to be over to have him join my team.
  9. I think somewhere at the club stats you can check your average ticket price, then just do the maths. It will probably be a cost for you unless you stay Rangers manager for the next 10 years
  10. After a lesser period of a draw and 2 losses, we played against Barcelona... First half 0-2 down, I got a bit mad at some players during half-time and gave an inspirational talk to others. A few minutes into the second half, 19 year old homegrown Rosas scores his first goal for the team and gave the assist to the 2-2. We ended up winning 4-3. Moreover this also meant we qualified for the Champions League in our first year after promotion, and took over the second place from Atletico with three matches still to go...
  11. Joveljic even became a wonderkid
  12. When playing against the big teams I would go for a balanced or careful mentality to not be overrun too quickly. Also a standard defensive line. Higher line of engagement in order not to give them too much time on the ball. At least one of your CMs on defend and perhaps the full backs as well, depending on who their direct opponents are. Better still to play with a DM instead of AMC, and then one CM on support and one on attack. Defend narrow - I wouldn't set that as standard, only do that when your opponent attacks through the centre which I find is very rarely the case. You'll probably get hit on the flanks easily. I usually pick standard width. Tight marking - I would not set that as a standard team instruction but only use that on one or a few of the opponent's key players. Especially when the opponent has many quick players you wouldn't stand a chance. I'm playing with Sporting Gijon as a newly promoted side and I won against both Barca and Real with a 4-1-4-1. It is essentially the same as the 4-2-3-1 you use (and me as well against weaker opponents), you just replace an AMC with a DM on defend. The DM can deal with the AMC and/or the IF many of the top teams use. Then my CMs are usually a DLP on support and an AP either on support or attack. Sevilla is one of the hardest opponents for me though, even knocked my out of the Copa del Rey.
  13. Sporting Gijon is great fun, with good youth set-up, some older players that need to be replaced (both of the team leaders), a clear tactical vision throughout the whole club.
  14. Surely if you sell a player for 40 million his market value approaching this number seems logical to me, since that is what is payed for him on the market.
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