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  1. Same here, when I was managing Gijon, I developed a rivalry with Madrid.
  2. 60% possession and at the same time being dangerous, with a more bottom-heavy formation is going to be difficult no matter what. In my experience, if you want meaningful possession you need a top-heavy side with your front four pressing. If the following would be fit for your players, I'd change the right side: AP to support and RB to WBa or IWBa - this will allow him to overlap and will get some nice combinations between the two. In my save, even though being an IWB he mostly stays wide due to the AP moving inside, and only in the very last phase he may decide to cut inside with the ball. Changing the IW on the left to attack will probably help you to score more.
  3. Most of us don't speak a Scandinavian language - it's easier to help if you'd post English language screenshots (change language under 'preferences'). Just the first one will do. However what your issue will be is a lack of space up front, so you can't create any decent chances. You're probably seeing lots of shots blocked, and many long range shots? You're pressing super hard so you'll have the opposition pinned deep in their own half. When you recover the ball, you tell your players to run even further forward. So they'll just run further into the very congested area where the opposition already is. The player with the ball won't be able to reach them. And if he does, almost all players are positioned centrally, the very same area where you pinned the opposition into so there will just be no space to create anything. Central play is just too easy to defend, by simply putting bodies in. On top of that you ask your players to play very fast, which will most likely lead to them making a wrong decision, either making the wrong pass or even losing the ball. Then you want them to pass into space - but there is no space because of what I said above. So you could do with a lot less - and less extreme - instructions. And you need more width. A mezzala doesn't drift wide enough to open up a defense. There are a ton of topics with people who have similar issues, so look around and try some changes.
  4. Players trying to score a header from the edge of the box
  5. Scroll down a bit and you'll find another thread:
  6. And there it is again... Has anyone ever had success with this?
  7. Not necessarily, I use it all the time and it works for me. I guess it comes down to the right combination of TIs.
  8. There are some great guides listed in this thread if you want to learn more: The last tactic you posted looks overly aggresive to me (a lot of 'extreme' options). I'd try to tone it down a bit, to be more successful on the long run. But as it is working, be careful not to change too much.
  9. And the fact that such course has never been successful with any of my players... yet I keep trying it
  10. The fact that you can't let a player follow a revalidation programme when he's doing a leadership course.
  11. Not having Alena anymore, but another guy who has 15 in corners and curls ball. So I tried doing the same with him, but he wasn't as successful as Alena was. Perhaps lacking in technique, only 13. A lot of corner kicks to far post just went too far. So I switched to near post a few matches ago. The averages are showing: 15 in 35 = 0.42 with the far post routine included 7 in 10 = 0.7 with near post routine Then of course I have my best aerial players on attack and lurk near post. Can't really get my head around the free kicks though. Seems like they just kick it to the far post while my routine is set to near post
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