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  1. Belgium, Turkey, Austria or Russia?
  2. Aight I was translating from my game in Dutch so I would have gone up from Okay to Secure then. Cheers.
  3. At the club's page you can see a description of the club's finances, say 'Safe' or 'Rich'. Does anyone have a listing of the different levels from rich to poor? I just went from OK to Safe and I'm wondering if that's an upgrade or a downgrade... I'd say an upgrade?
  4. At Sporting Gijon where I'm at the B team is set up as a completely different club being a satellite club and my club is the mother club. So it has its own staff, just very few.
  5. I'm currently quite satisfied with my coaching staff for my main team and my U19s, but my best youngsters play at my B team and here I'm having difficulties upgrading staff. I have one manager, one assman, one goalkeeper trainer, one general trainer and one for fitness. Most of them could use an upgrade and of course I could do with some more. I even have more and better staff for my U19s. I once asked my board if I could have more staff for my B-team, they said they approved after which I received an e-mail that I was allowed to have 0 trainers?? Can't seem to find the option anymore now. How do you manage your B-team staff?
  6. I would assume the following: Transfer and wage cost are, well, costs. These are reflected as negatives on your profit and loss statement which results in either profit or loss. In case of profit, it will be added to your bank balance. In case of losses, you can either pay for it with your own money already on your bank balance or via loans. So I guess it depends on how your board funds these budgets, if they can they pay for the full budgets via the club's bank balance and incomes or if they need loans to cover their costs. Either way, it should increase your club's financial position if you don't spend the full budget.
  7. I started my save with the Beta version and I'm now in Januari of season one... so I guess I'm quite slow Took me a couple of days already to hit the continue button for the first time
  8. Indeed with my u19's I don't have this tick box but you can set staff responsibilities - individual training for u19s to yourself if you'd like. Then of course it will be for all u19s.
  9. Thought about that but then went for Sporting Gijon instead as they have better facilities
  10. As for your second question, I tried it for 2 players and for the second player I get the same question so I guess it's for that specific player only Edit: At the individual training page you can select which players you want to have control over. There's a box you can tick in front of their name (see image).
  11. Look for good personalities, like ambitious, professional etc because this determines their mental strength and how much effort they will take to actually become better. And of course look at their abilities in relation to what position and role you have in mind for them.
  12. There's a great list of clubs with the best youth academies over here: https://www.google.be/amp/s/www.passion4fm.com/football-manager-2018-best-youth-academies/amp/ Also I'm now managing Sporting Gijon, not in that list but their youth isn't too bad either.
  13. So I also had a small issue here for known reasons... I started yesterday with Sporting Gijon, Spanish second devision. Since I've only been playing FM15 before, wow what a difference! Spent 4 hours yesterday just checking out my squad and deciding on tactics, still on day one lol.
  14. In this light I'm thinking of TSV 1860 Munchen. They already have good facilities and youth scouting so hoping to get some good regens to eventually beat Bayern Munchen. The past few years I've been playing FM15 (mostly Palermo and Blackburn) so I'm quite excited I'll be using the beta for experimenting, getting used to the game and exploring the team. If all goes well right from the start I'll continue with it, otherwise we can start over again in the full release with the lessons learned.
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