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  1. I feel from a mod this is a poor comment. The point is, if this was a game which had a season pass model where you pay for future updates/changes, I'm not sure many would pay the same price of the game again for the (imo) small changes that have been announced so far. The biggest change for such an update would be the database of which there are many community updates freely available. But releasing the updates as a brand new game gets people pre-ordering it without even seeing what's announced. I often see the cost per hour as a defence for the game. It doesn't wash with me. I'd mu
  2. My conclusion goes back to releases over the past few years. I've been buying this game long enough to know that the "features" announced before released are often overstated or are just slightly rehashed existing features changed to make it look new. This year it looks like team talks has "improved" but looking at the video, the sentences look the same but instead of assertive/calm/passionate there's now point finger/hands in pocket/outstretched arms. Is that really any different? The reason I'm picking that example is because it's the first feature of the New Headline Features video. As
  3. Over the past few years I've got less and less excited about the upcoming release but I usually end up buying the game on release day. This year however, before the headlines feature was released, I had almost no desire to buy the game. After watching it, I have fully no desire to buy the game. I would add my two pennies' worth about the match engine, the rehashed features, the awful match experience which has been demonstrated earlier in this thread etc. but I don't feel as a customer of 20 years feedback/criticism is addressed, as Impacto posted on page 2. Thanks CM/FM, we had a f
  4. I did have a good save going in FM Touch 18 I think it was and it's a nice alternative for some people. But I don't see why after purchasing a £30 game I should play with the trimmed down freebie version because parts of the main game are so poor. I'd like to worry about the media. I'd like to think my answers to questions would have an effect on the world I'm in or I could develop a personality but let's be honest, it's case of clicking on the same answers for the same questions every week as it stands.
  5. I've purchased every game since I first saw a box with a football on it on the shelves of Game way back in 2000 having no idea what it was. But unfortunately I won't be buying this year's breaking a 19 year streak. For me, the game has stagnated year after year with the quality of release dropping with it. I'm not really interested in redesigned panels, new obscure staff roles that don't really impact anything or a new tactic style isn't represented in the match engine. What I would like to see is are tactical instructions actually going follow through to the match engine as in FM2
  6. I've just come across this bug myself. 15 year-olds signing their first contract straight onto £2.6k a week isn't great for the budget! The whole Spanish league seems to be a buggy mess. In a weird reversal of the bug you've mentioned, I'm also unable to sign any B Team or youth coaches as I'm unable to offer anything more than £1.3k which no one (literally no one) wants. Even amateur staff currently getting paid nothing with attributes in single figures want a minimum of £3.1k a week.
  7. Morecambe: Have appointed ex-Plymouth and Ross County boss Derek Adams as the new manager on a two-and-a-half-year deal up to the end of the 2022 season [source].
  8. I thought that might be the case. Probably the same for this one too: Morecambe: Sam Lavelle signed a new contract on October 15th extending his deal until 2022 [source].
  9. Morecambe On 28th October 2019, Jim Bentley along with assistant Ken McKenna and goalkeeping coach Lee Jones left the club [source]. Later on the same day, all 3 joined AFC Fylde. All 3 signing contracts until the end of the 2021/22 season [source]. On 29th October, experienced players Kevin Ellison and Barry Roche took over first team affairs but it's not clear which is the caretaker manager/assistant [source] (I'll update this on Saturday if it becomes clear at the next game).
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