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  1. I haven't attempted reinstalling yet. And yes FM19 is still highlighted in my library. Let me try your recommendation and see what happens. Thanks
  2. I've been playing FM19 for several months now without any issues. After playing a match this morning, I saved the game, quit and shut down my PC. I switched on my PC after some minutes. I then tried to run FM19 only for the game to attempt reinstalling itself. I have no idea why this is happening. My FM19 is up to date (19.3.4), my Steam is up to date and I don't use any other antivirus aside Windows Defender (I use Windows 10), moreover, Steam and Sports Interactive are part of the Exclusions. I've already deleted the preferences and cache folders but still nothing. I can't verify the game files in Steam because it says the game is not installed. However, I can still see FM19 in the installed programs list in my control panel. I also haven't changed the game path. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Oh ok.. that's unfortunate but I get it. Thanks
  4. I'd like to suggest an option to start a career in October or the last gameweek before the release date so as to pick up right where the season has reached in real-life.
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