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  1. Friendship with Lok. Leipzig ended, now Rot-Weiss Essen is my new friend. That's it, my beta save with Lok Leipzig is over and lasted only one season. I managed to keep the job until the end of season but ended dead last. Not enough quality in the squad and on the touchline... So I restarded in Germany with RW Essen this time. This is the club where a certain Mezut Ozil came trough the youth academy, that is definitely a good news to now that we can produce this kind of player ! The club have a bit of history having won the championship in 1955, before the creation of Bundesli
  2. Often it's a city/region where I have been on holiday or a place where I would like to spend time. This is a good way to extend holidays and memories...
  3. Goodluck ! Keep in mind you can't field u17 players in Germany, so that is basically 2 seasons to go without using your newgens. I am also in Germany with Lokomotiv Leipzig, currently sitting at the bottom of the table after 13 games. Hope you'll do better
  4. Hi guys, I was fine doing my standard beta save with Toulouse until I saw you already starded the challenge. So after an unfinished business with Lok Lepizig on FM20 were we were in 2025, still a mid table team in 3. Liga with no hope to get better soon... here we go again ! Welcome Heinrich Labat, media predict you are the best candidate for relegation by quite a margin. Nice !
  5. Hi guys ! How do you deal with your youth intake contract wise, do you sign your best youth prospects on standard 2 years youth contract or try to sign them on pro contract to include that sweet optional contract extension ? That's the first time I try this challenge and fear that my best prospects doesn't want to sign a pro contract after. And do you sign players with 2 stars potential, if they have good personalities, to make numbers or don't bother try to developp them ? (assuming you have staff with good judging PA) Thanks !
  6. It's nice to see people starting in Germany. I started a week ago with Lokomotiv Leipzig but wait to complete a season before posting here. I'm looking forward to see how you manage transition between real players and regens as you can't play them until they are 17. I've also find that there is a rule to have 4 u-23 in the matchday squad. It can be tricky the first few years. Good luck ! Good luck, it seems a really difficult journey ! I've found in a past save with Olympia Ljubjlana that Slovenia tends to produce players with low determination. Don't know if it's pure bad lu
  7. Hi @Jambo98, can I join please ? Never managed in Spain in the past, seems like a good occasion to start !
  8. Top content, thank you for your dedication. Looking forward to this evening to test the mentality masterplan.
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