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  1. Hey everyone, the reason I didn't post at all in the last 3 hours was because of being busy and not having time to send off before I went to work. As it happens, I just want to congratulate both ManUtd1 (can't believe my vote decided the epic category) and Makoto for their wins in the remaining categories. To see Makoto winning 5 awards in one night is just awesomeBut I also want to congratulate everyone who participated in this marvellous (and fraudulent as they say) awards night. And, I finally want to congratulate deltablue (for hosting this very well and for also being very honest about how FM influenced his life for the better despite his autism) and his co-hosts as well. Good night everyone and well done to all the winners! Rafael
  2. Don't be afraid to talk Minuy600 because I for example have only made an account and started posting a few days ago, so if anyone should be shy, it doesn't need to be you
  3. Just for the record, this category was the first in which I actually voted for the winner, will see if I ended up voting for more winners
  4. Well done Makoto Nakamura! Absolutely crushed this category!
  5. I have to be honest, most of my votes were to more recent careers, with one or two actually being an exception. And once again, well done to withnail316
  6. And you actually got one, not bad at all And well done to withnail
  7. Hello everybody , sorry for only just coming here, but hopefully it will pay dividends. And congratulations to Fer Fuchs Ake
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