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  1. Karim Benzema or Bafetimbi Gomis (just two examples) aren't french, so what's the problem?
  2. If you untick that, there will be no transfers in the first window of a new game, i think.
  3. YOU are declaring 100 Mil as an acceptable value, not FM. Real was asking, you was answering.
  4. Bosman Transfers

    I remember having a message on the contract negotiation screen, where the player's agent told me, that before I am even able to negotiate a deal with the player, he needs to have my offer. Something like "My client may be interested, if you offer the right amount" So I think they are working on implementing agents into the game.
  5. Foreign players

    You got relegated with Liverpool??? Let me guess, you've sold Xabi Alonso, Torres, Mascherano and nearly every other foreign player, just to sign some decent english youth playing alongside gerrard and pennant ... But I find it hard too, to buy players from the same league, so most of the times you have to sign foreign talent to keep up the quality.
  6. Foreign players

    I'm not bothered about the number of foreign players in your team ... I'm not bothered about the number of foreign players in my team either, as long as they perform...