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  1. Lol in my save Klopp got sacked the day after winning the champions league, only finished 5th.
  2. I have a couple of ideas that I think would improve the immersion in fm. Firstly, I would rework reputation in game, displaying each player's reputation as a rank from 1-99 similar to rankings in pes and fifa (original I know). This rank would represent the footballing world's overall rating of the player in relation to all other players in the save, reputations should fluctuate during each season as they do irl, with different players being in the spotlight or dropping out of the team. I think it would be nice system to display the rough ability of a player without delving into profiles, not really useful for scouting but nice for opposition previews, season reviews, and just generally knowing your save. For example, in a game preview if reputation was listed by the players, you could quickly note which players are in form or generally skilled, and adjust your strategy. Being able to note players quickly gaining or losing stock Would be nice to see past representations of your former players with a rating and season stats. I also would like to give interactions a purpose, everyone agrees they need changing and I think the problem is that there's no upside to the mechanic. I suggest hiding a player's personality from their profile altogether, and use the interactions that happen as not just situations to deal with (although that aspect has to improve too), but also chances to note how they react to different statements, so you can piece together their personality. It wouldn't need to be particularly difficult, but currently it's too easy to just tutor any high PA youngster into a world class player unless they are injury prone. This would make developing youth a bit more difficult whilst making interactions rewarding as you gain a bit more information each time. This gives benefits to working with players for extended periods of time as you get to know if a player is going to be a good tutor, or what exactly a youth player needs to improve. You'll often see managers taking players with them that they've known or worked with before in real life, so why not give some real benefit in game.
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