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  1. Okay, fair enough. I appreciate your willingness to contribute with content.
  2. I don't think people understand concepts like "core style", "number eight water carrier", etc. Also, you can't choose fluidity anymore. The game sets it for you.
  3. Yeah, but there are also different types of two-striker systems, and it is always either a creator-scorer combo, or a tall-fast combo (which it most often the same, I guess). There are probably more possibilities, but I can't really think of any at the moment.
  4. This is really good info and really should be made more clear in the game. Also, it could be a mini-guide in this forum section. What about one striker systems? He could be a creator, and the inside forwards could be scorers. Or a winger could be a creator... Has anyone worked out how to categorize it all, like you did with 2 stiker combo? Great example! I fully agree with your thinking here. And I often feel this kind of balancing is overlooked, at least based on the questions on this forum. Hope more people have seen this.
  5. One more question; if you would prioritize attacking style, how low could you go with positioning, bravery, strength, tackling...? Would 12 be too low for Serie A / EPL / La Liga?
  6. Yes, I understand that, but I mean out of these, which ones do you see as more important than the others?
  7. Say you manage a mid-level team in a strong division, like for example U.S. Sassuolo Calcio. You have to sign a good Box to Box Midfielder, but you obviously cannot afford, nor attract the kind of player say Juventus could sign. What attributes would you look for, and why?
  8. I am doing a long term save, outside of the "big five" leagues, where I try to reshape a solid club into a great one. The general plan is to build my team around 4-2-3-1 formation, focusing heavily on our own talent. It is not really convenient for me to post screenshots right now, but roles go like this: GK: Goalkeeper (Defend) DR: Full Back (Support) DC: Central Defender (Defend) DC: Central Defender (Defend) DR: Full Back (Support) MC: Ball Winning Midfielder (Defend) MC: Deep Lying Playmaker (Support) AMR: Inside Forward (Support) AMC: Advanced Playmaker (Support) AML: Inside Forward (Attack) ST: Target Man (Support) Those roles are to some extent determined by the players that I currently have at my disposal, and some of the roles will be changed as I acquire/develop different and better players. So far everything works well, a lot better than I originally anticipated. However, three seasons in, I have to make some important decisions about squad building. Initially, I decided to invest a lot into MC positions, because we were lacking good players in any of the DM/MC roles, and our youth prospects didn't really look promising. So at the moment I have: an experienced DLP, that is a little slow and doesn't have the best stamina, but is a really capable playmaker. He is also a relatively good defender. Maybe not to the level where I would play him as a lone holding midfielder in European games, but I wouldn't consider him to be a defensive liability, aside from his speed. The lad has done well so far, he has solved some games with fantastic Pirloesque assists. Also, the fans love him, which is important for me because I am trying to keep this save relatively realistic, thinking more in real life terms when doing transfer business. a really good Argentinian DM, who is quick and agile, tireless with high work rate and stamina, and a really capable defender. He is not a great creator, and certainly not a good dribbler or a finisher, so playmaking roles, B2B or SV are out of the question for him. However, he could be a solid BWM, though not as good as the next guy. a fantastic BWM, who is currently on loan with us with an optional fee. The problem with him is that he doesn't really excel in other roles. Yes, he is quick and tireless, but can't shoot or dribble, he can't create, even his positioning is a tad lower than I would like. But as a BWM he is really dominant. young regen who is very talented (more talented than the first three guys - and bear in mind that those three guys are by far the best players in the club; as I said, I've invested pretty much all our transfer money on them). The game says he is good as CMd and Anchor Man, but his stat distribution is very, very strange. He is really quick and technical, but has poor Vision, Aggression 4, Flair 1... He is more than ready to play in the first team, and by the rate of his improvement, I can see that he will soon eclipse perhaps all of the aforementioned three when it comes to CA, however poor stat distribution makes it hard for me to find him a role. Also he is inconsistent, does not like big matches, and is a little whinny about wanting to play. a solid B2B midfielder who is happy to be a backup option for the team. I play him as BWM, because he is relatively suitable for that role, and his abysmal dribbling and finishing doesn't inspire me to play him as B2B. a solid DLP/BWM who is also happy to be a backup option. He mostly plays for the reserves, but he proved himself capable to step in when other players were injured. He is also highly influential in the locker room, homegrown at the club and a fan favorite, so for the realism purposes, I like to keep him around. The first problem, or better said a dilemma, is whether to sing the third guy (top BWM). I would have three best players competing for two starting spots, which seems like a waste. But on the other hand, the three of them compliment each other well, and each combination worked well on the field. Another thing is that the fourth guy (a young regen) wouldn't really play a lot, and he already demands to start games. From a realism perspective, top BWM would be a no-brainer for a club of our stature, given how low his future fee is. But then again, it wouldn't make sense to get rid of the most talented young guy in the team (young regen). An obvious solution would be to switch to 4-3-3, where the the first three guys could play all the time, and I would easily accommodate a young regen just by regular rotation. Then I would have to sacrifice my AM APs, which is a shame because that guy is homegrown, also very talented and so far is a pretty good performer. However, the bigger problem, is the performance of the team when we play without APs in AM position. During the times APs guy was injured or too tired, I was already experimenting with 4-3-3, and I found that we play much worse without him. He seems to contribute a lot more than I expected with his pressing, and we seem to keep possession better when he is on the team. I might be wrong here, because I have not really checked the statistics; I mostly speak from the experience of watching our matches. One reason why we don't look well with our top three players on the field at the same time might be that none of them can really attack well. DLP guy is just too slow to carry the ball, while DM and BWM guys can't dribble or finish, not even long shots. I feel the front three are left on their own. With the APs guy, there is a central presence, a threat to the goal, and he has scored some important goals to be fair. In my last save, I was managing an EPL team, and a few years in we were by far the strongest and most talented team in the world. The thing that made me unhappy in that save was that most of my purchases were impulse buys of the most talented youngsters, not really planned. So I found myself with midfielders who are good as Mezzalas, AP, CMa... No one who can defend. At one point some of the players got injured, so I brought a guy in on loan, by far our worst player, but a pretty good DM/BWM in general. He became our best performing player. Don't get me wrong, we were winning before all the time (when you got Mbappe and two or three players of similar quality...), but it felt satisfactory - to have a more balanced instead of a stronger squad. So for this save I planned my two midfielders to be really good at defending - be it holding players, playmakers, ball winners. However, now that i am planning to change to DM-DM-MC or DM-MC-MC, I don't see it working without having a "number eight" type guy, in other words, someone who is fast and can dribble and shoot. What are your thoughts on this? How would you set up roles in a two-man midfield and three-man midfield, thinking in real-life terms more than what can exploit the engine? Also, sorry for a really long post...
  9. Rashidi, please update this if you can. This could be one of the best threads of all time.
  10. What do you think about Deep Lying Playmakers with Vision, Passing, Technique, etc, but with very low Flair?
  11. If I understood correctly, higher technique means more moves you can pull off. So players with low technique won't be able perform something they envisioned.
  12. Back in the day I was a novice FM player, being overwhelmed with the game, I used external tools like FMRTE and FM Scout to determine player's current ability. While CA is naturally a good indication of how good a player is, I soon learnt that it is not be all and end all, that attribute distribution is very important, and that a player with significantly lower CA and a good attribute distribution for a certain role can perform much better than a player with high CA but a flawed distribution. The first time I noticed that was when I found a five star potential CD with 1 Balance. Yeah, that didn't work out. So overtime I found that if I want my inside forward to dribble, agility and balance is equally - if not more - important as dribbling, technique, acceleration, or flair. If I want my target man to score headers, I must not overlook Bravery or Anticipation. Etc, etc, you get the idea. Having in mind that most of the time I manage clubs with limited transfer funds, my goal is to determine which attributes could be sacrificed, and which attributes are essential for a certain role. One approach I often see here and on Twitter is building a "club DNA". For example, people look for players with high Determination, Work Rate, Teamwork, etc. While I quite admire that approach, I think it is more suited to clubs that can bring in good "universalist" type players - but I might be wrong there. However, my vision of team building in a smaller club is a bit more precise. While in this update Determination is so overreaching that it cannot be overlooked, I would be willing to sacrifice TW or WR in certain positions. Another interesting attribute combination idea I found is explained on guidetofm site. I am not sure who made that website, and if the info is correct, but that is basically what I am looking for -- breaking down attributes in certain "clusters", which can be combined logically to find/mould a player of a certain profile. I am looking forward to a discussion if anyone is interested.
  13. My inside forward has "arrives late into opposition area" PPM. I would like him to be a main attacking threat, so I tried to get him to unlearn that. However my coaches think it "adds to his game". I can't see how would IFa want that trait. Am I missing something?
  14. No, Suso is top class for Milan. He can get you 25 goals/season no problem. Since he is a left footed AMR, I would use him as an IF, and rotate Cutrone/Piatek as a DLFa. Castillejo is also left footed, so he could be used as a AML Winger, to provide width, and Paqueta could be a playmaker in AMC or MC...
  15. A little update: I played a lot since the last post. I couldn't get 4-2-3-1 to work. It wasn't all bad, we were winning quite a few games, but it was mostly due to having the best squad, rather than the best setup. I moved Almada (loan) and Everton (transfer), and went back to 4-1-2-2-1. In short, it works better. So my current plan is to refine the current setup and to learn more about the two formations in general. I will be posting some stuff in the next few days, so if anyone is interested to either look at Gremio, or to look at my tactical evolution, you are welcome to participate in any way.
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