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  1. When editing is there a way to make a rule in a league where you must have let’s say least 6 home grown players? And all teams must have a home grown goalkeeper?
  2. He sounds like a catch of a player have you had any teams interested In buying him
  3. Which players make your 1st team line up since you have been playing fm19?
  4. Thank you that is helpful information
  5. How do you take players off from there loans on editer?
  6. finally putting football manager 17 to a close and starting a new chapter on football manager 19 and having looked threw teams and the quality of youngsters that are being produced I leave myself spoilt for choice.. but most of the prices are crazy for players and I have no intention going for the big players as the prices are ridiculous but I know what ever team and players i buy it’s gonna be a fun career
  7. I had a Qatar GK called Mustafa come threw the Ajax youth system think was on fm15 he was actually pretty decent
  8. Have you tried having a team that are all the same nationality and getting them all into the national team? I managed to get bout 12 players from my Vélez squad into Argentinian team it took bout 3-4 seasons but it’s a very good challenge but this was on football manager 2016 but I am going to do this challenge on football manager 2019 I’m just deciding on which team I wanna be
  9. Maybe this might be helpful https://www.google.com/amp/s/realsport101.com/news/sports/esports/football-manager/football-managers-2019-best-midfielders-attacking-central-defensive/amp/ defo be spoilt for choice
  10. What’s your budget? And how much are you willing to pay for a box t box player
  11. What’s Paqueta like? I’m considering using him in my Lyon save?
  12. Hey guys which players make your first 11 since you have been playing fm19?
  13. I’ve not had the chance to play yet unfortunately and google ain’t to helpful with finding information out on certain players but I heard this site is great so I though I give it a go and see if anyone has seen or used nahitan nandez and how good he can become
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