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  1. Hey @offthepost, Have you edited Gibraltar at all, this crash will be fixed in the next patch, However we have noticed that Gibraltar has been altered and in particular there is no continent assigned to it. Could you also provide us with information on any other significant changes you could have made, Please provide us with the pre game editor file below: https://oc.sigames.com/owncloud/index.php/s/Kzvhd0MdU3v4Nv4 Cheers, Hugo
  2. Hey @ntbui, Unfortunately we will be unable to fix this issue, We don't officially support running on Linux so the only thing I can suggest is waiting for a future version of Proton and updating, You could even try to contact the Proton developers, Cheers, Hugo
  3. Hey @viriathus, I am glad to confirm this issue has been fixed and you should be able to change managers with the next update, Cheers, Hugo
  4. Hey @fuchan3, Maybe because your graphics drivers are updated also, Cheers, Hugo
  5. Hey @PALMER94, This issue is now under review, We will let you know as soon as it has been fixed, Cheers, Hugo
  6. Hey @fuchan3, It may be because Mojave is more demanding to run on your system, naturally with every update you will get new features which will in turn be more demanding of your computer. Cheers, Hugo
  7. Hey @Pedwar Pump, That's great news! Enjoy your FM experience, Cheers, Hugo
  8. Hey @Deanram, Could you please provide us with your the ticket number that Sega provided you with when you contacted them, Cheers, Hugo
  9. Hi @jcp1417, Retina drastically increases your resolution, Which means that you will need a better graphics card to run the game, We would recommend upgrading your graphics card if you would like to play with retina enabled, Cheers, Hugo
  10. Hey @SoyuzV, Sorry to hear that you are having this issue, Could you please follow the instructions below: - Right Click on your desktop and select 'Nvidia Control Panel' - Click 'Manage 3D settings' - Select 'Program Settings' and via the dropdown box for 'Select a program to customise' select 'Football Manager 2019' - Select 'Power Management Mode' - If the default setting is 'Optimal Power', now select 'Prefer Maximum Performance' - Select 'Apply' Cheers, Hugo
  11. Hey @shanisharfi223, Could you please provide us with a dxdiag of your system: Cheers, Hugo
  12. Hey @peter.1986, We need you to provide us with a dxdiag please, It gives us more detailed information about your system, Cheers, Hugo
  13. Hey @Mr Piffle, Could you please delete your cache/preferences folder: Cheers, Hugo
  14. Hey @Gsvero, Could you please provide us with a dxdiag: Could you also update your graphics card: Cheers, Hugo
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