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  1. So I am managing this 5th division team in Germany, which I finally gained promotion after 4 years. The chairman never said anything regarding club culture in the club vision meeting before. However, just after I won the league and brought unprecedented success to his club, he comes up with this. He demands no less than 4 different playing styles, which make no sense if combined. I can see a chairman having a broader vision of how the first team should play, but in this case it is just an obscure mixture of playing styles that even contradict themselves. Especially when he wants so
  2. As everyone is complaining about how many crosses get blocked, to me the sheer amount of attempted ones is staggering. Top teams whip in about 50 per game, with some wingers having 20-25 per 90 minutes. It is so frustrating to analyse your match at half or full time only to see those absurdly high numbers, but I don't think there's anything you can do about it, besides not using the roles that promote crosses even more.
  3. I really do wonder why this has not been put into focus earlier, I can only say that I noticed this at Beta Day 1, which seemed a game breaking bug to me. As no one cared, I thought I had to be the only one. It is really really sad to see and basically held me off from playing at all, because FM always was a number's game. As I've always been looking into various statistics, I've never found such a huge discrepancy before. It's such a huge thing as it affects every aspect of the game. How can I enjoy the new features like the 'hexagon' or those cartesian coordinate systems if they're completel
  4. The detail level is default, so it is set to 'mixed'. I get the feeling that as soon as the game processes the game in the most detailed setting, it is getting it all wrong. Does it have to do with a too defensive approach of both teams? I can upload plenty of games like that, but how can Darmstadt, a second division team go to Dortmund away in a cup game, manages a 90% pass completion rate, completes more passes in total than the home side but basically does not try to shoot on target? The whole defense managed to complete every single of their passes, with the exception of that one pass by H
  5. After 13 holidayed games, the amount of passes per game seem to be totally fine with the amount in real life, currently. That's good to see. Sadly, the crossing is absolutely out of hand when you see that teams easily attempting on average 40 crosses per game. The pass completion of CBs is still absurdly high, regardless of the quality of both player and team, at least paved failed one of his 183 passing attempts in the Bundesliga.
  6. As I completely deinstalled the game and started a new save and went on holiday until Christmas, it becomes clear that the issue has to lay in the Bundesliga. The strikers not only getting absolutely crazy pass completion rates which are way too high anyways, you can see that in other competitions the players' numbers seem to be what you would expect from a striker. (Lewandowski and Haaland both have a pass success rate of ~75% in the Bundesliga)
  7. I don't know with what can I help you with besides the screenshots, if you want .pkms from random games or anything else, please let me know!
  8. As soon as I resign and go on holiday, the stats start to normalise. Only resigning fixes the issue for me, though. This is the same save after 7 games.
  9. This completely weird game play leads to 4 clear cut chances created after 4 games. In the other leagues, the games have to be absolutely mind blowing compared to what's going on in Germany. It really saddens me that I have this kind of gameplay in the Bundesliga since Beta Day 1, does not matter how often I start a new save. I know it is a harsh phrase and used too often, but in this state, the league is absolutely unplayable, sadly.
  10. It is 4 games into the season and players have attempted 80! crosses but seem to avoid 1 on 1 dribblings at all cost.
  11. I raised this topic also during the beta phase, I don't think anyone has looked into it, but there has to be something wrong with the passing stats at least in Bundesliga. I know it is only 4 games in and a rather small sample size, but it is completely obvious, even more if you compare it with other leagues loaded in my save. From what I can conclude from the data, the ball seems to cycle from the CBs to the DM all game. Compared to other competitions and the very same players in other competitions, it is completely unrealistic in every single aspect. Bayern have a game less and over 500 more
  12. I'm totally familiar with the concept. I was only wondering that at least in that small sample size there was no game in which a team had a higher xG value than goals actually scored (except for zero goals.) I was expecting xG values like this https://understat.com/match/14490 or this https://understat.com/match/14110. I'm curious to see how the model works out in the lower league. Overall I'm very pleased, though.
  13. Fair enough, those few games probably not enough to draw an overall conclusion anyways.
  14. Although I love the addition of xG in the game, am I the only one thinking those values are too low? Every team seems to be absolutely clinical with their chances. I know that they created an own model so it is hard to compare with other ones, but they all represent the same idea. In the stream I haven't seen any team being wasteful with their chances, in the last game Milwall scored 3 with an xG of 0.55. Also, the value sometimes increased noticeably and there was no highlight to be seen.
  15. From my perspective, I think the in game positional changes should align with the ones the researchers do. I feel like, if a certain player in real life plays out of position for a season, in the next years' database he receives at least a half green circle, if not more. I can only recall examples at Schalke, where they played with five at the back under Tedesco. The next year, players that played as a wing back (e.g. Caligiuri, Schöpf) where somewhat familiar with playing there in the database. In my opinion, if I would have done that in game, I'd either would have taken a lot longer or they
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