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  1. From my perspective, I think the in game positional changes should align with the ones the researchers do. I feel like, if a certain player in real life plays out of position for a season, in the next years' database he receives at least a half green circle, if not more. I can only recall examples at Schalke, where they played with five at the back under Tedesco. The next year, players that played as a wing back (e.g. Caligiuri, Schöpf) where somewhat familiar with playing there in the database. In my opinion, if I would have done that in game, I'd either would have taken a lot longer or they would have never even become that familiar in that position at first place. I think there's an imbalance, though.
  2. I also struggled with my Number 10 as I wanted to achieve him being the primary assist provider. He never worked in a 4-2-3-1 CM, though. As In real life I think, a great Number 10 has to be an extraordinary player at first. I guess the biggest problem could be that if you funnel down the play to your #10 and he fails to shine, you might get into problems. However, this season, I gave my Number 10 more room in the central bei dropping the CMs to DMs and then he did was I was expecting him to do, although he is not thaaat great in terms of vision and passing. My goal was to get the ball with no risk from Defense the DMs to the Number 10, however my Segundo Volante has the PPM 'tries to play way out trouble', so that interfered with his 'lower risk' PI. But I'm really happy with his stats and average rating and also that this year my tactic really worked as intended. He has a really high individual mentality, resulting in taking riskier passes. (increasing that with individual instructions). Not quite sure if it was a single season exception, but I never thought it was possible, as my #10s always had ratings like 6,5. This year, as he was on very offensive mentality, he made slightly over 2 KeyPasses/90.
  3. same for me, as in my opinion the central play is not really working this year as the playmakers are not really tempted to play dangerous central balls, I feel the only way to have success with a diamond/narrow formation is with attacking fullbacks who are responsible for almost all attacking thread. I can live with being exposed on the flanks (to some extend), but the limitation offensively is really frustrating as there is no way for me to have success with what I'm trying to replicate, with full backs just providing width and making the AM feed my two strikers
  4. Ich habe schon einen umfangreichen Thread zu meiner Problematik im englischsprachigen 'general discussion' forum geschrieben, aber ich befürchte, dass mein Anliegen vielleicht zu sehr speziell auf deutsche Mannschaften bezogen ist. Die wichtigste Frage, die ich habe ist: Kann ich meine neu gegründete zweite Mannschaft, welche anscheinend verdammt ist, auf ewig in den Niederrungen der Kreisliga zu verbleiben, auch wieder abmelden? Mich würde es nämlich extrem nerven, bei einem Langzeitsave mit einem potentiellen Champions-League-Sieger immer noch einen Unterbau zu haben, der komplett sinnlos irgendwo in den untersten unspielbaren Ligen herumdümpelt, in denen ich nicht einmal die Ergebnisse sehen kann. Da würde ich dann lieber auf Partnerclubs zurückgreifen.
  5. Thanks for your help, anyways. However, I'm afraid that what you're describing only applies to teams which are in the highest unplayable league. You can either adjust the reputation or reload a dozen times and then they will appear in the lowest playable tier. I'm concerned that a promotion from one NON-PLAYABLE league to another NON PLAYABLE league is not possible in general, either for my reserves or any AI managed team.
  6. As you describe what happened in real life, this is not exactly what my problem is. There was no doubt, if B-Teams can move up to 3. Liga. From what I can tell in @Mitchutd's screenshot, even in 20 years in advance the 3. Liga will solely contain clubs that played in Tier 4 or higher. So it seems, that there is no way (in-game of course) for teams from fifth divison to ever reach the playable leagues. If you check in real life though, 12 out of 20 clubs in 3. Liga have played in the 5th division over the last 20 years. So the fluctuation is a lot more dynamic than it is in FM, it appears. The crucial question in the beginning was, if my newly created B-Team starting in as it said 'lowest tier of the German league structure' can possibly move up more than one virtual, non-playable league. The only thing I know is that they do play games, but I've no clue about their competition progress. They could have been promoted two ore three times already, being on the 'edge' of becoming visible and playable, or they will stay in that lowest tier for ever.
  7. Wow, this is kind of revealing, as there are no teams lower than Regionalliga, which can be seen as a proof. I'm astonished, as I really would have never thought the promotion/relegation system is THAT static. If it's no coincidence, it's a huge bummer for my reserves as they will be stuck in sunday league for ever, even if the squad is full of world-class players. But it's also sad for long-term saves in general. Luckily, as there are 5 'Regionalligen' in Germany, there is still some room for diversity and fluctuation. But if I'm correct, in a hypothetical single league structure with: 1. Division, 20 teams, playable 2. Division, 20 teams, playable 3. Division, 20 teams, playable 4. Division 20 teams, non-playable that even in 1000 years the top flight will always consist of those 80 teams, even if there are countless more potential teams available further down?
  8. Thank you mate, I'm not concerned with the 3. Liga in particular, it's just the broad question if teams (doesn't even matter if reserves or AI) can promote in the unviewable and unplayable divisions. I hope someone from SI can clarify or someone miraculously has seen it happen. As more as I think about it, I don't think it is reasonable that with the standard db let's say an AI team from German fifth tier, even in thousand years will never be promoted to third division. I assume the promotion is more dynamic than that, as it would only allow teams from the first non-playable league to ever reach anything worth being mentioned. It's something I've never thought of before, though, which would not only be an issue in my particular save but rather in the game in general.
  9. Wow mate, you seem to enjoy your save. I appreciate your answer a lot, although I'm afraid it does not really help me. Dortmund II starts in 'Regionalliga', which is the fourth division and the first one after the lowest playable, the '3.Liga'. This works as intended, determined by reputation and somewhat by chance. (Some people reload the final day in the season quite often to get their reserve up into the playable regions). To apply my concern to your case, I'd like to know if they could have also moved up from the fifth League to the '3. Liga', so they would have to be promoted (virtually, without further notice) to 'Regionalliga' at first. In a perfect scenario, they'd appear in the '3. Liga' after two years then. I don't think you'll ever be informed about their competition progress, I assume if there's any way they'll just appear, then. The crucial question is if they ever will. My reserve team is currently full with players capable of playing in 4th to 5th division and I'm in my 4th year. Regarding the quality, they should have promoted at least 2-3 times with ease if they start in like the 9th tier. Even if they had bad luck, they have to appear in my first playable league, which is the 6th tier, in not too long. Edit: Yeah, German reserves are prohibited from player higher than third division. But it's all fine as soon as they will ever play there first official league game. Thanks a lot though!
  10. Yeah, I think the only thing you can try to adjust is to reduce the text size (if not done already). Otherwise I have no clue, hopefully someone else has a clue, then.
  11. Only as an educated guess, as there is a lot more room in the screenshot in the start post, I think it is due to the resolution of your screen. If you play on a laptop for example, I'm not sure if there's anything you can do, as most skins are designed for bigger i.e. higher resolution screens.
  12. What do you think looks that terrible? I'm not familiar with skins in particular, but at first glance it looks fine to me. I cannot see the start post you're referring to, though.
  13. I was using the search already, but I couldn't find the exact question, so I hope someone can clarify my issues. I started a save using a custom db. I started in Germany's fourth division, when asked I created a reserve team which started as quoted in the lowest league, which should be 2 or three tiers below the first playable league. 1) Is there any chance that they will someday see the lights of a playable league? I don't mind the chances being very low, as long as there is any. As I imagine, after couple of years, they potentially would (by chance and reputation) move up the ranks, but I have no idea if my reserves are only one league shy of being 'playable' or have never been promoted at all. I can totally live with that scenario. However, if they will never get promoted in those unviewable leagues, it'd take a lot of the immersion away, imagining I might be a CL team some day and my reserves still play in some local sunday league. This leads to following questions: 2) Does the lack of high quality first team football damage the development of youngsters? Will it matter then, if they play in the unviewable 8th tier or in the unviewable 6th tier? 3) As there is an option to create a reserve team, is there a way to remove it? If it points out that they will remain unviewable forever, I would search for an appropriate affiliate club instead. I am aware that I raise a lot of questions, but if there's any spare time I'd appreciate it a lot if somebody is willing to help. Maybe these issues remain the same in other countries, too. Thanks a lot in advance, if somebody can even help partly I'd be extremely pleased. I'm loving my safe so much, but this is bugging me
  14. Thanks for this explanation. I thought it would rather improve the ability of more attacking-minded players, so it's good to know that I can neglect it from now on
  15. Either I'm missing something completely or the training groups in the primary/secondary focus have to be vice versa. I was wondering wether it is just a cosmetical UI issue, or if I'm seriously training my defenders with 60% priority in crossing, dribbling, finishing and so on.
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