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  1. You are losing your time. It’s just impossible to represent in ME. All you can do is theorize about it. You can “write in the paper” but it won’t work.
  2. I love people thinking about your tactical mistakes... instead of that, just try yourself to do a really possession tactic and you will see why it’s impossible. You can theorize all what you want... but it doesn’t mean that theories work in the ME.
  3. Attacking midfielders or midfielders arriving from second line?
  4. ShaME. It was rewritten in FM13... five years later and still so far from FM12 playability (yes, old ME was so limited, but at least it seemed a football game). The problem is not your tactics. The problem is the ME.
  5. Cruyff’s philosophy (and Guardiola’s) was always patience build-up from defence but with higher tempo (few touches, ball running fast in order to move the opponent) and wide play (wingers touching the line even in the final third) to create space in the middle. There’s no discussion about. This ‘positional play’ is still impossible to represent in the current ME. I’m really disappointed with that.
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