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  1. Yea I gathered it's not ideal for the minute, and you're right, my goal is exactly that but I'm completely new to creating my own tactic let alone anything that's based on counter attacking play. Understood. I'll keep tweaking until I get something that'll work. What roles would you suggest on this? Always wanted to try Raumdeuter but I've not been majorly successful with it and is it possible in a counter attacking formation/tactic?
  2. Ok, so basically this is my first attempt at my own tactic and it's still in early development and there'll probably be a lot of mistakes you will see instantly that I've missed because it's my first actual one from scratch, I mix and match a lot with the formation but I'm just trying to make a good counter attacking tactic that will be consistent. These are my results and as you can see it's very hit or miss, I can show player roles or anything else if you want too.
  3. I want to edit the Russian league to get more money through TV etc and also to remove all the squad restrictions so that we can sign whoever, I’ve tried myself but I’m awful with the editor so how do I go about it?
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