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  1. Good input. The reason for putting technique to low importance was that I read somewhere that it was mostly tied to "difficult" actions; you know - tricks, flicks and bicycle kicks... But if it is more involved in all actions, then yes, it should probably be more important.
  2. I know. And I have written that in the OP. But surely you have had strikers going through rough patches? Yes? If so, how do you avoid that? Not entirely, but reduce the risk? THAT is what I'm after. I don't need tactical advice, I don't need to understand how to get a striker scoring. I was just thinking about how to maximize the goal/chance of a poacher over the course of a season. No more, no less. So. Quality chances - absolutely. But I employed a poacher that should ONLY sniff out opportunities and finish them. So the tactical bit was sorted, he got a lot of good chances.
  3. Yes, in this case it was purely the goal return. The reason being, I (consciously) built a tactic where most goals would come from a poacher. So I felt it would be absolutely crucial to get a player there who I could rely on to put away the chances he got. So, in other words, I would rather have a player that scores a goal every other game, than a player who scores a hat-trick every six games... This means I am looking to have consistent performers who don't go through confidence crises, injury crises, play a particular style that only suits certain opposition, etc, etc. I know this is a
  4. My aim was not to muse about which attributes are most important for strikers, per se. My aim was to try to figure out what the most important attributes are to get a striker to score regularly (avoid slumps). I've had a lot of trouble finding strikers who score week in and week out. Instead I've had players who score 5 in 3, then go 5 without scoring, then back to scoring for fun. In the end they have a decent goal/game ratio, but I still have many games where (despite creating loads of quality chances) we fail to score. Or are you saying that there are no attributes that help the strik
  5. Introduction I have been struggling to find strikers that can perform game after game. They tend to go through periods where they score a lot, and dry spells when they can't finish a chance to save their lives. In an attempt to avoid this going forward, I've tried to list all of the attributes I believe can impact a strikers´ performance and judge how important they are relative to each-other. I present it here to get feedback, and to get other people with similar problems thinking about why they struggle in a more constructive way. Judging from this, and gi
  6. I'm sure you could turn him into a decent right back, but he's already a good central midfielder (seems ideally suited for a Mezzala role, imo), so I'd keep him there if it was me.
  7. It's easier if you see the player profiles as well. I took the liberty to look up the players and give my take on what they are best suited for given their attributes. ST: Poacher/Targetman - https://fmdataba.com/20/p/147616/odsonne-edouard/ AML: Inside Forward / Inverted Winger who seems to be a bit of a Robben-type. Cuts inside and shoots. Every. Time. - https://fmdataba.com/20/p/147561/jose-izquierdo/ AMR: Probably best as ST, similar to Edouard, could potentially be a Wide Targetman - https://fmdataba.com/20/p/148325/michael-gregoritsch/ MCl: Decent all-roun
  8. Honestly, I play at such a low level, that it is usually very easy to see if a player is good or not. There are typically two ways I go about finding the best players available to me at any given moment: 1. I skim through the youth and reserve ranks at higher clubs (in England, France and Germany, mostly). 2. I go through players my scouts have managed to report on. Most of them have attributes that are significantly worse than what my squad have, but some have roughly equal or better attributes. (I do not play with attribute masking on, as that is not available in FM
  9. Sure, I play FM19 still, but I can share some setups that has worked for me if you want. It was not my intention with the thread (as the focus was more of a discussion of the importance of getting better players vs. setting up the tactics), but if that is what people are interested in... My first season I played this system to great effect. The mentality was "Balanced", and I added "Play out of Defense", "Dribble Less", "Higher Tempo", "Counter", "Distribute to Centre Backs" and "Get Stuck In". The idea was to have a solid low-ish block winning the ball back, and then
  10. NOTE: This is primarily focused on the English game, as that is where I have most experience. NOTE 2: This thread is heavily inspired by this post by Guido over at strikerless. NOTE 3: The title is purposefully controversial. I do, however, believe that from a purely strategic viewpoint, it is largely correct. Introduction I have read a lot of great guides and threads on tactics in this forum over the years, and I've been inspired and learnt a lot. One thing, however, has always been bugging me. I have always had the feeling that there is too much emphasis on tactics,
  11. I have had the exact same issue to deal with, and I actually had an almost identical tactical setup. My setup were as follows: What I did was: - changed my MR from W/S to WM/S and added sit narrower and roam from position - changed my MCr from MEZ/A to CM/A (+ move into channels) - changed my DCl from CD/D to CD/Co - added overlap right - changed mentality from Balanced to Positive and pushed up the defensive line, the line of engagement and the closing down setting one tick each The idea was to achieve two things: 1. The opposition is s
  12. Ok, good point. I still believe that understanding the reasoning behind the rules of thumb and trying to keep them in mind when you create a tactic through trial and error, is better than trying to create a formalized process based on the rules of thumb. But to each his own.
  13. What exactly is the aim of this? To make a balanced tactic? If so, the excel sheet fails to take the perhaps most important aspect of all into account; relative positions of your players. Example 1: you have a "penetrating" player and a "supporting" player trying to occupy the same space, the penetrating player will generally stay back (since the space is already occupied) - and thus should get a low penetration score. Example 2: you have two attack duties on one flank and two defend duties on the other flank. This would be an unbalanced tactic. It could (perhaps) work, but it is most lik
  14. As stated above, an advanced forward will not see much success in a high-press system, typically. What I did in a similar situation was to retrain my fast poacher-type player to an IF (AML since he was right footed) and played a better linkup player as a DLF. He ended up scoring lots of goals coming in from the flank.
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