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  1. I added lower league to Polish competitions, and I found a bug... When team, which won a Premier League, won a national cup too, in European League in next season will play team from... fifth level... Even when I set which team should qualify for european cups... This problem is in the first season, I do not know it is in the next... 3 Liga v1.03.fmf
  2. 4141 NO LOSS The best solid defense for FM19 from every tactics which I tried... Great job knap!
  3. Hi This is my fix for season 2019/20. In next season in polish league from ESA relegated will be 3 teams. In the first and second league will be play-off between 4th teams from position 3-6. In Polish Cup I added all teams from 3rd League (but not "B" teams). I remove promotions from 3rd League to 2nd League for "B" teams. They are to strong for the rest of them. Always new update at the Steam: Subscription Reforma ESA.fmf
  4. Yeah I know about this, but if team hasn't a stadium can qualify... unfortunately...
  5. ... no promotion for team which haven't stadium for 5k seating places? No stadium=no promotion or no qualify for promotion's playoff...
  6. OK I solved this problem so thread to close sorry
  7. Ok... so how I can set that the last team, which qualify for Euro Cup, should be play in playoff? Or not qualify team which won National Cup? Any ideas?
  8. I added new country Mazovia to FM18, and I want set league format for Premier League the same like the new one in Czech Rep. So I made this and... I founded a problem... Huge problem... The team from Champions Group won the National Cup, and they not shoulded played in final playoff for Euro Cups. But they played, and what worst... they lost the game... In the next season I've 4 teams in Euro Cup + 1 in CL... But is only 3 places for EC :/ I checked everything few times, and I think all is the same like in Czech League. So what is a problem? !!!NP Mazovia 16CZEpoor.fmf
  9. New version from '80 years - NO MORE Champions League Other competitions are the same like '90 version Download in OP
  10. it's strange, beacuse it's working fine, not only for me... Euro SuperCup starting from next season is game between Champions League winner and Cup Winners' Cup winner...
  11. Maybe after new patch I'll make a new version like in the 80s
  12. Only Lichtenstein have one team in the Cup Winners' Cup, so in this competition is 54 teams. Gibraltar has one team in each cup (4).
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