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  1. First game against Real... and I won 1:0! v1.2 looks good and my team play nice football Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm looking solid 442 or 4-1-4-1 (traditional not 41221).
  3. when you want increase or decrease number of teams in some league, you need this option set for flexible rules.
  4. Hi In previous version of FM I increase and decrease Polish ESA to 18 or 12 teams and I hadn't any problems. In this version of FM I've a problem when I want change number of teams from 16 to 18... I did everything the same like in the past... So maybe is problem with editor now? Is this a bug? ESA34.fmf
  5. So it's correct. Because I set two extra team add to competition. In previous version of FM it's always working, but not in this version... And I don't know why... There is info missing team is 0...
  6. Hi I've problem with this version of FM. In previous version of FM everything was fine - increase or decrease league. Now I've got error. Maybe someone find what is wrong in this file. Thanks. ESA34.fmf
  7. I added lower league to Polish competitions, and I found a bug... When team, which won a Premier League, won a national cup too, in European League in next season will play team from... fifth level... Even when I set which team should qualify for european cups... This problem is in the first season, I do not know it is in the next... 3 Liga v1.03.fmf
  8. 4141 NO LOSS The best solid defense for FM19 from every tactics which I tried... Great job knap!
  9. Hi This is my fix for season 2019/20. In next season in polish league from ESA relegated will be 3 teams. In the first and second league will be play-off between 4th teams from position 3-6. In Polish Cup I added all teams from 3rd League (but not "B" teams). I remove promotions from 3rd League to 2nd League for "B" teams. They are to strong for the rest of them. Always new update at the Steam: Subscription Reforma ESA.fmf
  10. Yeah I know about this, but if team hasn't a stadium can qualify... unfortunately...
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