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  1. It is an issue every year, not just specific to him. FM never have realistic attendances, especially away attendances. Looks even worse on the 3D engine when just 300 away fans can fill up an entire stand
  2. There is no point in a thread like this! The FM fan boys refuse to accept there is any faults in this game. They will just try to shut down your views. Anyway, you are right. It is broke for sure. Players in this game cause problems all the time - wanting to leave, unhappy with playing time, get annoyed because one of their team mates get sold, get annoyed when one of their team mates doesn’t get sold. FM have messed about with this part of the game far too much. The only way to sort out this issue is to just wait for the player to stop sulking and get over it, this shows how broke it is
  3. Afternoon all Back in FM2017 and previous years when you started a new career game, your chosen active league set up screen would already have all the leagues chosen from when you last picked them. Since last year, every time you start a new game you have to indivually pick every league you want loaded and to what detail (Playable or view only)...the problem is that it’s so time consuming to keep going through this process every time I want to start a new game. My custom database and player count is the only thing that seems to remain the same. Am I missing something or do I just have to go through this process and pick each individual league every time I start a new game? Thanks
  4. I run almost every league. About 80% of which In full detail and the others in view only. I use a custom database with players loaded from leagues outside of the ones you can choose too. This usually leaves me with about 125,000 players loaded and running the game on half a star, but for some reason the game is still super smooth and I never have any delays or long processing times. It still runs for me the exact same as when I’ve loaded a 5 star game.
  5. This is actually a really good question. Hopefully someone 100% knows the rule and can share
  6. I believe you have to add the option in the pre game editor. That’s how it was last year anyway.
  7. No one was expecting the world mate. Just a feature - and we didn’t get that.
  8. Yeah, i’ll echo other comments - Wednesday and Saturday fixtures are completely normal
  9. Just saying the headline features were massively underwhelming. If you can’t innovate and change the game as a whole year on year (which is hard to do, I agree), then the one thing you can improve on without doubt is the match and graphics engines. Sorry, but there’s just no excuses.
  10. It’s a game mate. They produce near enough the same product every year, they should be called out on it. Bringing “back” a league that was in the game just last year and treating it as something special is not worthy of praise.
  11. No idea. People have been asking for it for years now and FM refuse to address the issue or tell us what is or isn’t possible. But considering there are stadiums in the game already, I can’t see it being too difficult for them to produce.
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