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  1. CSKA Moscow, Anderlecht and AZ Alkmaar bidding for a 31 year old Irish left back (Enda Stevens) playing in the championship. I see transfers are still going to be random and unrealistic once again!!!! Transfer AI has always been an immersion game breaker for me, hoping it would of been improved this year
  2. Since it has been brought up...Genuine question: When was the last time international management was updated? It hasn’t changed, from what I can see, since I started playing in 2008.
  3. Yeah, Miles Jacobson used #FM22Features in his hashtag on the tweet lol
  4. If individual/team talks were authentic and original then I would do the same. But it becomes muscle memory and more often that not, you have to click the same replies to the same questions time and time again to trigger the response you want...and that’s without the fact you can respond more than reasonably to certain requests, only for the players/team to react with a completely illogical, unrealistic response which creates another problem. Every new save you just end up using the same responses to the same interactions over and over again...
  5. Sometimes you come across the roofless stands, but 99% of the South American stadiums look stupid...especially the bigger the capacity gets. Also, are we going to ignore altitude? It’s a massive part of South American football (one of the game breaking save parts IMO) , but for some reason it is never reflected in FM Is altitude finally going to be fixed this year?
  6. Nothing in the game resembles South American football, so how do you manage to get immersed in your saves?? Genuinely curious. Stadiums are the same, altitude doesn’t make a difference, fans behaviour is the same, salaries are not accurate. No difference managing in the Copa Libertadores or the Vanarama National league. Unless you mean all your immersion comes from what you create within your imagination??
  7. Surely this is the only way to play!?!?Without holidaying between games, we would have to face the same repetitive squad problems, questions from journalists, useless staff advice, pointless emails...it’s just way too much of a drag to go through day by day imo. And now this year, it looks like it’s going to be even more of this... none of that creates immersion.
  8. Anyone that has used the deadline date feature on this game...I’m 99% sure has never used it again. Takes forever, so repetitive, just outright brain numbing. You can make signings on deadline day irregardless of whether you click the icon to participate. It’s just a chore.
  9. Oh man...more meetings and more questions from journalists??? Two of the things that most people wanted less of. Looks like more jobs that are going be skipped or just handed to the assistant. Massively disappointed
  10. This. They’ve already announced the headlines features...it was clear after the FM Features preview video they released too. A new positional role as a headline feature though...come on...
  11. Whether or not YOU pay attention isn’t the point though. FM decided to introduce 3D stadiums, correct? So if the stadiums are all the same, no matter what country you play in, then this needs be looked at. If you commit to 3D then it really needs to be improved on every year... Also, why do you care about crowd noise, or crowd interactions? Or the dugout...you could just not pay attention to it and focus just on the 90 mins
  12. How do you get immersion when nearly every stadium in every country is exactly the same...it’s a huge problem.
  13. To be fair, they did bring back flares this year in certain countries. But look how much better the STADIUM looks here! None of those huge tunnels scattered throughout the stands
  14. Look at what they called the video they released: Football Manager 2022|New features preview I’m guessing what we will get is a more in-depth blog of what they showed in the trailer. The data hub thingy...and new positions. I’ll genuinely be shocked if we have any proper headline features. Plus with only a month or so until release, if something big was happening, they would of let everyone know by now...no news is sometimes bad news unfortunately. This would also make sense considering the statement Miles Jacobson put out the other day regarding FM22 development... But hopefully I’m made to look silly and there are plenty more HEADLINE features in store!!!
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