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  1. Hello. Maybe the problem was there before the hotpatches but I haven't noticed it. Now the available player traits to train vary between players in a way that doesn't seem to make sense. For example, "try first time shots" option is available for Modric (defensive midfielder) but not for Benzema (striker). Has this bug somehow been introduced by recent patches or was it there before? And are you planning to fix it or are you wholly concentrated on FM21?
  2. One way to limit number of injuries is to give the whole squad, bar GK, a 1 day rest after matches, but that has a detrimental effect on their performance, so it's best to simply have deep squad and rotate regularly. Always rest players with very high injury risk though.
  3. Depends what you look for in the game. If it's total domination - go for FM2005. In that edition you could realistically expect to win all the games in the season with minimal mental input required. I remember beating Barcelona 5-0 away and 8-0 at home, Valencia 9-0 in Spanish Cup and some other equally ridiculous results. You could win champions league 20 times in a row. However you need an older version of Windows for that game - won't run in 10.
  4. I know it's an old topic but I have the same problem in FM20. What the heck!?
  5. Say, if I want to make a search like: ((job: coach or manager) and (determination+motivating+discipline>=48) and (fitness>18)) OR ((job: coach or manager) and (determination+motivating+discipline>=55) and (fitness>16)) ...then the filters in the game won't allow me. How about you introducing parentheses?
  6. Hi. I feel that staff in FM2020 is grossly inadequate. Say, for example, Real Madrid. I become the manager and what I see? Staff quality is below mediocre. Would they have won CL 3 times in row with such pitiful backroom staff? What I, as the new manager, feel obliged to do is to sack everyone on the spot (actually agree mutual termination, which they feel they have no option but to agree to, is that realistic?). Then within about a week I sign a brand new set of staff that provide the best training among Spanish clubs. In real life I would expect pretty good staff already present and the club
  7. Thank you for your responses. The thing is, though, the game was programmed in a way that really made it impossible to match morale of some computer-controlled sides . Performance-wise I'm doing great (except for goalkeepers) but morale is still low - even after I won the triplet. Man Utd (Alex Ferguson - Motivating Ability 200/200) - their morale is bound to be Superb all across the spectrum after a while, even if they do poorly in all the competitions. What it looks like to me is that changing one parameter - equivalent of "Motivating Ability" for AI managers - might solve the issue for good
  8. Many thanks, very kind of you. I know Oliver is a very busy person, but is there any way I could ask him a few questions? These are questions I can't solve on my own and I've been struggling with this for a long time and he could possibly be of great help here. What I'm dying to know is: how to improve morale in CM97/98. I tried to use CheatEngine (via dosbox) and probably there's a static parameter, something like Motivating Ability for computer managers, but I don't know what to look for. Any, even smallest hints, would be much appreciated in that they would probably save me a lot of time.
  9. Hello, does anyone know that? Or any idea how one proceeds to obtain that information? Thanks.
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