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  1. Holy cow man. This had drama in both ends of the table. Been on both ends of last day relegations but never seen anything quite like yours
  2. I took charge of them with 11 or 12 matches to go with them on 13th. Failed to get anything going till the last day; with all the bottom three spots taken by three teams but the order still to be decided,third bottom gets in a playoff. Then this happened. I didn't notice the they scored in 90+2. After my pen went in I just went to the updates screen and found out. So ffffing heartbreaking
  3. I have been said that some of the earlier versions of fm had youth management. So two questions- Which version of fm was the last to include managing U18/U23 sides? And was that good or just another sidekick back then like the present international management?
  4. So here is that same old same old story. One team dominant in every possible department but still on the losing side. Funny thing is: I was the manager of Bosnia.
  5. I've never seen any handball penalties in FM. I don't think there is any feature like this. Shouldn't handball be included? People do not concede PKs just by shoving opponents into the ground (Moussa Sissoko), and with the new handball rules in place from next season I think FM20 should have handball penalties in there
  6. Starting with the lowest reputation and no license makes it somewhat difficult,as I have learned (learnt?). Players don't trust you,they are always disinterested in your pep talk etc. It's down to your perspective of what you consider to be realistic; or sometimes a balance between realistic enough and fun enough. For me, it's starting as Sunday league player with no coaching license as unemployed. I've heard people say "Nobody gets in the football manager field without any coaching license" so starting with a decent coaching license is realistic for them. I can never get invested if I don't start with no license and Sunday league because that's what I have irl. I quit those saves in around January. But starting in the least favourable way takes up an awful lot of time atleast for me to reach a good level & sometimes ultimately when you reach the desired level,you lose the passion. I started my most recent career in Slovakia,Iceland,Serbia,Slovenia and 1 more country where I haven't managed ever,and after struggling for around 2022 I finally found my feet in Samorin of Slovak second division,got them promoted,wanted to make them European powerhouses (lol) but I never managed to really upgrade the finances and the board didn't help either and after a spell with Zilina and then Bosnia,finally when I found a good job in Denmark,ranked 21st in 2030,I lost interest in the save completely. Now haven't played FM for 2/3 weeks because I can't muster the drive to start all over again :(
  7. When players are on international duty,dont they train at all? I'm currently managing Bosnia and I want them to train a little bit (tactical familiarity is abysmal for 5-6 starters and in every match assman tells me we need to focus on defensive setpieces). I don't really believe this is the case in real life. Surely they would do some light training at least? International management is overlooked on fm I know but if you put this feature in,surely you have to introduce something as basic as training?
  8. This sounds weird but I feel that whenever I set TI to play for set pieces,my players seem to predominantly shoot at the goalie to get a corner instead of shooting at the wide open goal. I've noticed it for quite a number of teams. Decent strikers seem to forget how to score from openplay and just smash it at the goalie. Not sure if it's the players who are dumb or it's me
  9. Would like to know about the interesting and bizarre things to happen in your careers. One for me was in my Mansfield career when one of my players (Lee Beevers) got suspended for almost half a season because he hit the referee😂 Another extraordinary thing was when my son got promoted from the youth setup in Lotte. He was **** tho
  10. FM13. Winning the champions league with Lotte. And that too,with scoring the equalizing goal on 90th min through Igor Marjanovic and then going on to win 1-3 in ET. Got a player named Jan Mayer when we were in the third division. Had him for almost 12/13 years and he was captain for almost 10 seasons. When the guy retired,my son was promoted to the Lotte youth setup as a result of loyalty shown to a retiring player. Never seen anything like that before,never seen it since
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