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  1. Would like to know about the interesting and bizarre things to happen in your careers. One for me was in my Mansfield career when one of my players (Lee Beevers) got suspended for almost half a season because he hit the referee😂 Another extraordinary thing was when my son got promoted from the youth setup in Lotte. He was **** tho
  2. FM13. Winning the champions league with Lotte. And that too,with scoring the equalizing goal on 90th min through Igor Marjanovic and then going on to win 1-3 in ET. Got a player named Jan Mayer when we were in the third division. Had him for almost 12/13 years and he was captain for almost 10 seasons. When the guy retired,my son was promoted to the Lotte youth setup as a result of loyalty shown to a retiring player. Never seen anything like that before,never seen it since
  3. I'm under 18. Idk about other countries but in Bangladesh you can't get a credit card until you're 18. And sorry but what actually does a cash-transfer mean? My parents don't have credit cards either because in this country a credit card isn't really necessary unless you do commercial transactions
  4. It probably will not stay up for long. But there's no other way to play FM for me. I just wrote my heart out. Doesn't matter if it's taken down
  5. Okay,this might be controversial. This isn't any question. And it's a long post. I first started playing fmm (formerly fmh) in 2015. Although I'm not a game-crazy person,I've always had interest in football management games. I've played almost every available games on playstore before I found FMH13 on a free site. Since then,this game has been pretty much an indispensable part of my life. As weird as it may sound,I turned to this game whenever I needed a mood lift. I still remember some careers (specifically a few players who were incredible for me). Since then I've got a PC and now play FM. Now coming to the point,in my country no gaming sites sell FM probably due to the unpopularity. And I don't own a credit card either. I download cracked versions of the game. In doing so,I feel a slight sense of regret because I'm actually cheating someone (SEGA) who is providing something I so so love. If it was possible I would have fairly bought FM but since it isn't,I have to follow the wrong path. I don't know if there's anyone in the forum like me. I am just so confused.
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