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  1. Can Kosovo gain more continental spots as its reputation grows?
  2. Couldn't be active for the past two weeks, but I'm wondering if any news on Kosovo not gaining extra continental spots even after you vastly improve the league and decades pass. They changed this for Gibraltar after 2-3 seasons. About the information providing... A few days ago I discovered that the game have been purely on fictional terms simulating Brexit since FM17, giving totally random scenarios for different saves. I read there was even a scenario when Northern Ireland would leave the UK and unite. I mean, really? SI even got warned about messing with "sensitive issues" and "making foolish predictions". https://www.balls.ie/football/football-manager-united-ireland-349433 https://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/football-manager-2017-ni-leaves-uk-in-brexit-scenario-1-7639120 SI had and has no solid information whatsoever about how Brexit will really happen (or if it will happen AT ALL) but still created totally fictional random scenarios (even making a country cease to exist in one of them). But Kosovo having normal continental spots even when massively improved after decades and perhaps with continental titles is too much? Sorry if this sounds a little ranty, and I really do appreciate you personally answering this and others' issues, which is not easy, but it really did feel like I got punched in the face.
  3. Well, Gibraltar started the same as Kosovo and got spots as normal after some time and requesting it. It's a precedent. There was nothing saying Gibraltar would or would not be able either. Also, it's unlikely the AI will ever do anything noticeable with Kosovo anyway, but for anyone willing to play there for a long save... you pretty much just lock them out. Anyway, if SI is unwilling to do it oficially, can you at least make this available in the game's editor? I asked editors and they said it's pretty much impossible to do this (or a ridiculous amount of work - like rebuilding the entire continental competitions (and World's Club)) and to edit it through the editor. If I can randomly toss hundreds of billions around from San Marino to Belarus and create fictional countries and competitions, surely this isn't just too much to ask?
  4. I don't know about this, does that mean that those teams can never attempt or actually have a good game against bigger sides? Or they a bad game? Or a bad phase? I mean, look at United recently. What if I manage a 7th division team and bring it to the Premier? Would every other team just trash me because I'm not expected to have the ball at all? Also, things can change as the years pass, and if they "hard code" something like this, we would never have the possibility of surprises in a save like big teams on a bad phase spree and other ones becoming big. Maybe there is an issue, who knows, specially if it happens all the time in every game.
  5. There doesn't seem to be any rule for this type of situation (I searched for days). It's all discussed and decided on meetings of the UEFA Commitee, something the game can't simulate. And of course, using the Gibraltar precedent, there's no way that if Kosovo, say, at 2060, passed dozens of nations in the coefficients and would remain with just one spot in real life instead of gaining spots as normal, and specially since in the game you can play way over that. Thanks for putting it under review. Can only start a save if this gets changed and would really suck to have to wait for something like Football Manager 2020 (or more) to actually play a save that would only bear some fruits at 2040+.
  6. I searched for days for this and there doesn't seem to be any rules for this type of issue (Kosovo). It's all discussed and decided in the meetings of the UEFA Commitee, something the game can't simulate. Gibraltar spent five years applying until the commitee accepted them, then in two or three years Gibraltar requested to gain more continental spots and the commitee agreed. Same thing for Kosovo's membership. Using Gibraltar as a precedent, Kosovo can in a few years (or even next year) request the same. Even if it's not accepted now, it's clear they will gain more spots with time and performances. In the game I can play until say, 2050, and have Kosovo in the top 5 leagues but forever locked with 1 continental spot, something that would never happen in real life. Not even sure if you can actually reach top 5 with just 1 team in the UCL and 1 in the UEL And again, it would really suck to wait for something like Football Manager 2020 or more to try a proper Kosovo save. And in the Public Beta forum, Freddie Sands replied and actually said they were supposed to gain spots like the other nations (on coefficient performance) and flagged this issue under review.
  7. I hope they didn't kill the direct counter-attack tactic. It was refreshing to play a different style after FM18 was all possession short passing football high defensive line and low defensive blocks were pretty bad. Low defensive blocks ARE supposed to be pretty hard to break down. The lack of movement from forwards was pretty justifiable, but I hope they didn't kill the effectiveness of a low block defense. I know a lot of people just want to play possession based attacking football and it wasn't working properly, but hopefully they won't kill other styles to improve it.
  8. Well, this is strange, Neil Brock said they were hard coded to just one: I don't have a save myself, I read it in a career save in Kosovo right here in the forum. He's at 2025 and despite Kosovo improving a lot, the nation doesn't gain more spots: That's what prevented me from starting a save myself and requesting this to be looked into. Thanks.
  9. Can you include an option to display Attributes inside boxes (and to change their colors as desired)? That's the only thing that would make the skin really perfect for me. Also, I decreased zoom to 95% and the sidebar's text disappears (but it's fine on 85%).
  10. I read that same article haha. Kosovo has only one spot because of a Uefa Committee meeting decision, but apparently it was the same as happened with Gibraltar and their performance allowed them to gain spots as normal. Opened a thread in the public beta forum for them to look into it: https://community.sigames.com/topic/459360-kosovo-continental-spots/
  11. Read some careers in Kosovo and wanted to try a save in there, but found out that Kosovo is hard coded to forever only have 1 spot for continental tournaments (1 for the UEL and 1 for the UCL) no matter how you improve the nation's co-efficients. Liechestein is "hard coded" IRL into only having one spot regardless of co-efficients because they don't run a domestic league (all teams play in Switzerland) and run only a cup. Very different from Kosovo, which has 3 full divisions. Gibraltar initially had the same number of spots as Kovoso when they jointed UEFA, but that quickly changed: https://www.gibraltarfa.com/news/20-09-2016/Gibraltar-gains-an-additional-spot-in-the-europa-league So if Kosovo's co-efficients improve, they could do the same as Gibraltar and gain more spots as normal, like the other nations. This haven't happened in 2018 so far, but since in FM you can play pratically forever, this hard code can lead to a very frustrating situation if someone attempts a "improve the nation" save type with Kosovo. So I ask for this to be looked into. It's very unlikely the AI is gonna do anything crazy with Kosovo anyway, but for the human player it would be, again, frustrating to play, not realistic if you manage to somehow put Kosovo, say, in the top 10 by 2050 and not to mention to have to wait for a new version of Football Manager to try this.
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