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  1. I managed Benfica for 6 years. Managed to get into Top 4 for 4 direct sopots on the UCL. A decade later Benfica was still doing great, won another UCL, and kept doing well, so well that Liga NOS reached rank 3. Once Vitória de Guimarãe won the UEL. You don't need 3-4 super clubs, just to keep consistently doing well. I think it would be sensible to keep the Premier League disabled, as the game is heavily biased towards it and you'll see 4 of the top 6 constantly reaching at least quarter finals of UCL, and most of the time winning it as well, and like others said, it's a failure that
  2. To be fair, sometimes this gets ridiculous on the physical attributes. I had a bunch of 32 year olds who had between 13-15 Acceleration and Pace, the moment they turn 33, they drop 4+ points and go to single digits on each before the season even ends and even if they play regularly. Maybe some of the researchers can tell what's the deal with this. Do players suddenly stop being able to run when they turn 33? The only players who don't suffer from this, and you can very visibly see the difference, are very famous real players.
  3. Maybe he didn't word it well, but maybe he meant he made changes to reduce intensity to avoid injuries. Or maybe with a lead he felt he didn't need to expose his defense and tried to play on the counter... which is what most teams actually do. And why not? If I'm 3-4 goals in the lead I'll definitely ask my players (or some of them) to Easy of Tackles, Close Down a little less, play slower, probably drop a little deeper too... all which do have high tactical implications. No need to Gegenpress high in the pitch with intense urgency the whole match with a 4 goal lead (though in FM you
  4. The only thing that makes me clearly rotate someone is when Injury Susceptibility is high, specially if the report highlights a reocurring injury. Unless low match sharpness is the cause, in which way you're only gonna improve it by... playing the player. Otherwise you are mostly safe. 3 matches in 14 days is almost 5 days between them, which is plenty of time to rest and recover. I also have this High injury risk in 3 matches in 14 days and my tactic is not even intense (and the report doesn't tell me it's a risk either). It really should be worded better, probably the case there is
  5. I also enjoy it. Portugal is fantastic for this, as the B teams play in the 2nd division, which is a good competitive tier with a tourament structure, which helps talents and even to keep non-essential players fit and happy. Unfortunately, I don't know if other teams are able to create a B team there or if you're stuck with what the games starts with. Unfortunately in other leagues they just play friendlies. There should be a reserve championship (or the ability to create one for the current season if there are enough interested), even if some teams would only have grey players.
  6. I'd say squad rotation. Sometimes even very rich and top teams start a match against mine with their players at ~80-75% physical condition, sometimes even also with an injury. When the medical tab tells me that injuries on our club are like 40%+ lower than the average of the league, I know it's not just me being super careful with my players, it's that the AI doesn't really seem to know how to rotate (which is also tied to squad building logic). Sometimes it also seems unable to see the importance of some games ahead. Once I remember having Real Madrid field their entire first t
  7. Sometimes this is on the manager not having the balls for a confrontation but sometimes it's also poorly done. Recently had three players who felt they achieved everything for the club. They didn't want to renew and both me and the captains failed to convince them. So in the end they signed pre-contracts with other teams and I even managed to receive a decent fee to liberate them right away, so I could free up wages and give playing time to youngsters/underused players. Here comes the leaders demanding to know why I let them go... Hello? Didn't you see they were publicly UNHAPPY for weeks
  8. Nobody is asking for a "it needs to take 30+ seasons until MAYBE you are considered for a mid-top EPL side" , just that perhaps being offered it in like, 3 years later after being in the 4th-3rd division (without even winning anything or having proper badges) feels way too much of a player bias.
  9. You're not alone. This version seems far easier to score from volley screams from 20+ yards than one on ones clear cut chances. Long shots should be powerful weapons, but they are clearly overtuned, along with set-pieces. Curiously in 18 long shots and direct free kicks were an aberration in how bad they were. Guess they just reverted the roles for 19, and now let's pray 20 has some semblance of balance.
  10. If it makes it any better, I switched to a club in France, and after a few years two low-mid table clubs improved a lot and eventually upgraded to state of the art facilities. So I have no idea why Real and Barça didn't upgrade. Could be that their current managers at the time didn't care for youth, and the ones in the French teams did, (that's a trait), I didn't check. Club philosophies can also change over time. And Barça was really in a bazillion debt when I arrived, so there's also that (though Real was filthy rich and still did nothing, but kept hiring star players - a club philosophy)
  11. I doubt this statistic is to exactly reflect Bellerin's numbers in real life...
  12. Obviously, he's exagerating. There's actually a lot of crossing, but also an enormous amount of corners because sometimes wingers tend to hold up on the ball no matter the tempo just to smash it in a defender's legs.
  13. FM18 - Excellent attacking movement, long shots and direct free kicks are an attrocity in how bad they are, both in quantity and quality. FM19 - Attrocious attacking movement, long shots and direct free kicks are excellent, both in quantity and quality. FM20 - ???
  14. They brought up the licensing issues, but then again, they weren't using real names in the game. The Brazilian League had 3 letter teams (stuff like SEP, APL, etc), fake shields and kits. I don't remember if the players were also fake. This brings two points that are probably relevant for them: 1) If SI is using real names overseas, even if just for the players, and there's a licensing issue, why isn't the Brazilian Federation sueing them then? What allows the game to be commercially sold with their real players names overseas? 2) If all names are fake for everyone, then what's
  15. I'm not sure, I had a save that went over 2030 and Real Madrid and Barcelona had 3,5 stars facilities. I was hired by Barça and managed to get it back to 5. Real stayed the same over the 7 years I stayed there and then didn't look again.
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