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  1. i have been trying to get into fm 19 in the last couple of days, but when i load the game up it gets to the first FM19 screen and then crashes, i have done all the fixes that i can find, and i have uninstalled game and steam and reinstalled it all, i have even removed all the downloaded databases and it still not working, any ideas just as a note, i have installed fm 18 again and it works fine, so i dont know whats up with fm 19
  2. yeah, i guess they must being going somewhere, but where is the questions :) and i am running a window 10 laptop
  3. i have tried to download new databases off steam recently, but they havent appeared, i have even uninstalled fm and also deleted all the databases that are in the editor folder but anything i download dont appear in the folder and when i start the game it doesnt show
  4. i have been looking for help with something like this as well, if you find anything or anyone is able to help that would be great, i am also looking to do a british league system in fm 19, but not sure how to do it, as anything i do doesnt work
  5. british league structure? have all the teams in england/scotland/wales and ireland( either north and south or have a combined one) and start them off in leagues sorted by there rep - has anyone done this or would anyone be able to do this ? or bring back the friendly cup games for example, The Discovery Cup, involving Dundee united,Dundee and 2 other random european teams, it can be created every year but i have seen it in previous FM's that it is a database and it creates every year automatically - any help would be appreciated
  6. has anyone done a british league database yet for fm19? or has the step by step to create a new nation and the leagues and cup, so i can have a go at it myself
  7. hey, hope someone can help, i been looking to get into making my own databases, i am fed up trying to find ones to use and also asking others to do it for me, so looking to learn it myself. The problem is all i am finding are youtube videos, i am really looking for a step by step guide for creating my own nation so i can then put leagues in it. so yea i am looking for everything, how to create the nation, how to create the league structure, how to create any cup comps to go with it, if anyone has a step by step that is easily followed and can be printed off even better that would be great
  8. I am looking to use the USA style league and convert it to put European clubs into it. something like the attached file, i have just added some teams in it as an example any help would be appreciated, i understand that it might be a waste of time for FM18, but if i could get it to work, or at least help to start it then i could try and get it done for fm19 European Club League Idea.txt
  9. hey any help would be amazing. I am new to the editor(basically dont know what i am doing) I am looking to get some practice in before the new game come out, and was looking for someone to maybe point me in the direction of a printable step by step that i can follow to create my new Nation(europe) league structure. any help or assistance would be gratefully received
  10. hey yea i have, but i cant find what i am looking for, i am looking a printable help guide(cheat sheet) to allow me to follow step by step in creating my own world/european league system, which will have multiple leagues and a few cups, i have watched all the videos and everything like that, but i want to be abe to have something that i can follow myself and practice
  11. Hey, I am wanting to try and start my own league/cup databases, but anything i try wont work, does anyone have any step by step guides to creating leagues or cup competitions ? any help would be amazing Thanks
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