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  1. No more discussion about this? I gave a savefile but didn't get any reply yet..
  2. No further process of this thread anymore? I still have to take over responsibility for finding loans for youth players every time I start a game. And changing position ability using in-game-editor keeps returns as it was.
  3. The responsibility changes back every time I restart the game. I just found out today playing again. So I take responsibility over -> save the game and exit -> open FM again twice more, and it changes back every time I turn on FM again
  4. Not sure when it exactly happens. Don't bother if you can't check this out but I'm sure it's happening repeatedly because I've changed to take it over more than 5 times while I'm playing. But the most annoying part is changing position ability. Can you check this issue please? Karamoko Dembele has 16 ability at left wingback for some reason and it really affects his CA a lot. But even though I change it to 1 using editor it just gets back to 16 again. This happens in 5 days and that I can tell for sure.
  5. U23 match - weird positions.fm using CM as a ST GK as a DM 2 CMs as CBs
  6. I uploaded at https://oc.sigames.com/owncloud/index.php/s/Kzvhd0MdU3v4Nv4 but not sure how to give this to you. File name is "Nick Wilde - 찰튼.fm" is this enough? or do I have to give you a link or something?
  7. I want to do this thing by myself so I take over this responsibility. But after processing maybe 3~4 days in gametime, it just comes back to original - staff has responsibility for it. And I take it over again, it just returns to this setting again. this keep continues over and over. Plus, players get weird positions as I mentioned in above thread, So, one of my player, Karamoko Dembele got 16 in left wingback for no reason. and I also mentioned there, even though I change Dembele's position ability at left wingback to 1, it comes back to 16 in 3~4 days in gametime also. So maybe this is not an in-game-editor issue but something keep happens that discard my changes.
  8. U23 manager or U18 manager just uses any player at totally weird positions if there's no player availabe. The RB in that picture, Osaghae is actually a GK but U23 manager just uses him as RB because I don't have much players in U23. And our RCB right there is natural at DR but still uses GK as a RB. LCB and LB is natural at MC but uses them as a defender. As a result players get weird positions like below.
  9. I kinda gave up but thanks to you could've fixed it. Thanks a lot!
  10. So, I have a regen right winger playing for U18 team now. But U18 manager kept using him as a wingback and his position ability of wingback went up to 16 from 1 So I changed it to 1 again using in-game-editor. But after processing 3 or 4 days in game, it just gets back to 16. Not only this guy but also all others having same issue
  11. I changed the font, and when I process the game the words in red circle is slightly cutted Can you tell me which panel do I have to fix it? Thanks in advance
  12. Hi, I really love your skin. It's my favorite skin ever and I really appreciate for your work. I have a question about the panel. As you can see from the screenshot, I changed the font but when I process the game, the words in red circle is slightly cutted. Can you tell me which panel do I have to look into please?
  13. After .2 patch, suddenly there's an error like screenshot above. But I can't find out how to solve it. Can someone help me please? Not only with Spain league but I found same error on England league too. Didn't checked other leagues but I guess other leagues will be same. How can I fix Club word championship rule
  14. This is what exactly happening to me too. I'm using user skin too and I changed shared.fmf file to change the original font. But I guess skin is not the cause of this problem since changing to orginal skin doesn't fix anything. and I also guess changing shared.fmf can't be a problem since here's a person going through same happening. I also tried deleting cache files and start again. It fixes it for the first time, but then same problem again when I play next. Exiting game and starting again fixed it occasionally but It seems like it's not working anymore since I just tried it 10 times and it's still the same p.s. I tried with deleting preference folder only from %appdata%, it was fixed. But whenever I start game next time, broken UI happens again.
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