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  1. Hello, i would love to see browsing through player lists with the keyboard added. Scrolling with arrow keys is enabled for messages, previous page and back asf. However.. when setting up training, looking at player profiles or while browsing transfer lists, it isn't possible to scroll to the next player from the team or given list or it is a bad implementation (i.e. transfer list - shows next player of the last viewed players team, instead of the next player from transfer/scout list) It would be much more intuitive and user friendly, if i wasn't forced to go back a page and select the next player from the list myself (or not be forced to use the down arrow top left with my mouse). (Could not find an option to bind this to a key. If i missed something, please let me know.) I hope i described it good enough for you to figure it. If not, please let me know. berst regards, meebee
  2. Sorry for another post in such a short period of time. But as i had to create an account to report a crash recently, i thought i'd better make use of it anyways.. i just had a player complaining about lack of first team football, who had been injured several months (broken leg) After slowly building up his match fitness, he entered my usual rotation system and got his fair share of playing time. However, there is no option to tell him that he had been injured a long time and that this was the only reason why his appearance number is that low (about 80% of my players got Rotation as team status and he is one of them) I would appreciate, if sometimes in the future, there would be some additional choices to react for such cases. --------- The same applies for team meetings. Usually they are only related to the league. But my team recently lost 6-3 to Liverpool during our quarter final match (3-0 after 8 mins! - 6-1 after 45mins) Although i had my fair share of guilt for choosing a bad match opening tactic, this is in no way acceptable. I would like really need an option to call for a team meeting and kick their a**** for such a poor performance. And for such rare occasions i also would like to have the option to fine all players, not just those who performed particularly bad (group punishment, not just individuals) I would gladly pay the fine myself too.
  3. While i am a big fan of rogue games (and i really can't stop myself to ragequit fm, once in a while): since nethack, there has always been a workaround to cheat on ironman/rogue mode too. One would still need the discipline not to do so. Although i feel there is no need for such a mode, i would still appreciate it to help discipline myself. But i think there is no need to attach special achievements to it (maybe one or two would be ok). However, i dislike the idea of random gen players for such a mode. Much immersion would be lost (for me).
  4. Hello, for the sake of UI consistency, i would suggest to turn the pitch on the matches tactics screen 45 degree to the left (counter clockwise). Because any team view or tactics view does show the team with goalkeeper at the bottom. Just not the match tactics screen I found this to be disturbing. (the heat map, and passing overview at match reports do show the pitch in another orientation too, but their purpose is different and i see the point why one would choose another orientation there)
  5. I remember a cup match of my youth team, guess it was FM13, that ended 20-19 after penalty shootout. Sadly the screenshot got lost and i can't remember how many players missed to score on the way. Was it just the last one? Were it several? (And yes. it was shown as 20-19, not "e2-2" like it is shown today)
  6. i found 40k player database to be the sweet spot for me. thats enough to have the major european leagues playable and all other european leagues as viewable. I don't add leagues outside of europe, as i feel adding Brazil i.e. would be cheating and most likeley see me ending up with south american players only.
  7. pre season - about 20-30 hours maybe 20-30 additional hours for the season itself usually i start 2 or 3 saves with the same club, playing one pre-season and 2 entire seasons to build a tactic and evaluate a team before i go into the first season with a lenghty save. (its all about optimizing gameplay) therefore, in fact i do spend about 100+ hours before i start the "real" save --- it has not been always like that however, after all these years playing football managers, i now usually enjoy the "preparation" part most
  8. Even if so... he does own an i7 Quad core processor with 3.2GB boost already (not sure if it boosts up top that speed on all cores. Might be just on 1) Would 2 additional cores make any difference? Does the new cpu boost at higher speed on all cores or only one? Because if you look closely, you might realize that the base core is not much higher (if at all). Yes. Infrastructure has changed. And on an old machine transfer rates are limited due to narrow pipelines. Still.. the entire daily routine will be better. Its about "how it feels" compared to the present 5.4k rpm drive. Remember the first time you experienced the difference between hdd and ssd while installing and booting up your system? Thats HUGE!
  9. Sure. Don't feel offended. I just felt the need to make my point of view. I do nothing but sitting in front of my computer every day and for my tasks, apart from gaming, i do need additional memory. Thats why i got 32GB, Quad Channel Memory and 8cores 16 threads. However, when upgrading from my 3rd Gen Intel to the present machine, i felt almost no improvement while playing fm. I couldn't back it up by numbers. It just what it feels like. (maybe because i had a good build before too) Just thought one should make clear, that the performance increase might not be what one would expect when investing 1k.
  10. When had you ever an "engine" failing you? Although i run my computers almost 24/7 , i had it happen only once within 30+ years as computer user. And that CPU was replaced by Intel as it still had warranty.
  11. Well SSD's do have a heavy impact on loading times at least. (and if i imagine, that with only 8GB, virtual memory will be used while playing fm, then it still does move data from and to ssd while playing it) And as much as i know, fm is still single thread? Therefore the maximum increase will be aprox. about 25% if you invest in a cpu with boost around 4.1GHz. (that would be around 1k) If he got the money, sure.. why not? Is it worth it? I am not sure. To me, laptops are a waste of money anyways. I only bought one for myself once, because i needed it for work. Desktop computers offer much more possibilities to keep them alive for a long time. Upgrading and expanding it step by step. Nevermind. There could be plenty of reasons, about which i don't know, why buying a new one would be more reasonable. But if its for fm only - then i would advise.. consider twice (one thing for sure. with windows 10 i would never go with 8GB memory only. Nor did i ever since WIN7)
  12. Honestly. If you used to play FM on this machine and it ran fine, then you probably will still be good to go. Check your handbook if you can't expand the memory to 16 gb and add one ssd (or better.. buy a tray for the dvd slot, put a second ssd in and let them run as RAID 0 - use an external usb dvd afterwards, and an external hd as storage for important data) Assuming it allows to upgrade to 16GB (i did not bother to search the manual online) , then with something about 100-200 bucks you could make it a decent machine for 2 more years, probably more. (~1 day work involved, upgrading and setting up the system) Enough time to save some additional money for a new, quality one. -------- done this several times with used Elitebooks for my neighbourhood. (expanded) 6 year old quality notebooks do work better, faster and more reliable than a cheap new one.. not as shiny... but...
  13. I am the manager. I don't care if he does not agree. Just get the job done!
  14. Yeah. but honestly... thats too much of a fuzz ... I do it with my second team already. Doing it for the youth too, would probably add 30% additional playing time, doing it properly. But thanks a lot for your reply!
  15. Hello, i usually decide about tactics i want to play, then building my team accordingly. My youth team does use the same tactics and i (re-)train players to their positions. However, i found that my youth coach doesn't play the players in positions i want them to be. He probably decides about who is suited best for a particular role at given time. Thats not what i want. It slows down progress learning the new role. I build the youth squad like my main squad. Usually 2 players for each position. And with time, a few additional ones due to intakes and some worthy signings. That way i try to asure that every single player in each squad does get enough playing time for proper development and good moral. Therefore i do suggest a setting for coaches, which players have to be played in certain positions. (its about pitch position mostly. not roles) Even if this won't be the best choice and unless none of those is available. However, although i spent a lot of time playing fm, i am not sure if i missed anything in current iterations that would allow me to have them act like this. If so, please forgive my ignorance. A hint would be appreciated.
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