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  1. Crossing the Waters: Waterford F.C. & Ireland “I expect an amazing atmosphere for the Irish team, and I know it won’t be easy at all. I also expect typical commitment and desire. I think Ireland can play really good football.”- Thierry Henry, Arsenal and France National Team. Hello, and welcome to a new story. The last one I posted, the save had a bug involving the Ivory Coast u23’s and player retirements in the middle of an international tournament. I moved onto a couple of other saves, and am currently enjoying a fun one in Ireland on FM 17. I am using Waterford F.C. with an eye to manage Ireland. This story will have multiple different ways to be told. Formats that I am toying with include a fake documentary, board meetings at both the club level and national level, clips from television, news articles, and journal entries. In addition, there will be some divergences from real life results since this save is on an older system. The characters in this story will both be real and fictional. Enough rambling, onto the show. Chapter 1: Ireland’s Status in 2016. The Republic of Ireland coming off of the back of Euro 2016 is in a good place. Martin O’Neill’s side had a successful run to the knockout rounds, and all seems well in the world of Irish football. However, those in the know would have you know differently. The Football Association of Ireland (FAI) controls both the national team and the national league system. The League of Ireland has two divisions, with a total of 20 teams. The League of Ireland Premier Division has 12 teams, and the League of Ireland First Division has 8 teams. All of those teams struggle financially, and there is a long history of Irish teams going broke. The problem that the League of Ireland faces is that there are plenty of football supporters in Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland always enjoys fantastic support. Those national team supporters also are more likely to watch English clubs and Celtic, not going out to see their local sides. There are a core group of League of Ireland fans that attend the league, but there are not enough of them to make money for the clubs. Shamrock Rovers in 2011 are the only team to make the group stages of a European competition. You might remember them for taking the lead at White Hart Lane against Spurs in the Europa League groups that year. Shamrock Rovers lost all 6 of their group games that year, so no Irish team has ever gotten a point in European group stages before. Waterford F.C. have been in the First Division for a decade, and have been struggling financially. Despite the financial struggles, they have been trying to get promoted to the top tier consistently over the past several years. It hasn’t worked despite the best efforts of the club. If they could just get promoted and consolidate in the next few years, then they could look to challenge for honors and get into Europe. The League of Ireland is fighting to make sure that they can be taken more seriously and capture the hearts of the whole of the Irish fanbase. All it takes is one team to have a run into Europe, and stun some teams. Waterford have decided to be bold, and appoint a 21-year-old manager from America named Steven Patterson. Steven Patterson was born in Chicago, where he became interested in football at a young age. His first memory was watching the United States have a surprise run to the quarterfinals of the 2002 World Cup, and that team had rubbed off on him. Patterson was never good enough to make it as a youth player, so he studied for management, and wanted to find a club that would allow him to make a difference. His football philosophy was based around getting a team to work as one, and to dare to dream. Ireland appealed to him because there was no reason that an Irish team could not thrive and succeed. He was willing to take a chance on a team in an uncertain financial situation. He applied for the Waterford job in early 2016, and got hired. In his interview, Patterson stated that “This club has the chance to be something special. We can get promoted and stay up. What that will take is to maximize our resources and asking the question of why not us. We can control how we play, and how we succeed. If we can get notice, then the club succeeds. It would be arrogant of me to come in here and change everything. What I am asking is to give me what tools you have, and allow me to work with the lads. If I don’t get this team up, you can fire me. Irish football may be across the water from England, but that body of water is not a barrier to the League of Ireland. I never think of those barriers as anything other than objects that need to be dealt with and passed no matter what those barriers may contain”
  2. It was interesting to read and watch some of the coverage of Everton's thumping of United last weekend. I realize that United is a very popular club and that there are a lot of talking points surrounding them , but anyone who has been watching Everton recently would not have been surprised. We still have a chance of getting into the Europa League, and we are the last team to take points off Liverpool, and kept a clean sheet at home against United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool. There is no doubt in my mind that Marco Silva has done a great job of instilling his personality, and it looks like we have a set team and style of playing each week.
  3. Chris, I am so sorry for your loss. I am praying for you and your family, and you are in my thoughts right now.
  4. The thing that fascinated me about Kepa only getting fined a weeks wages is that Sarri seemed to brush it off to me. I’m not a Chelsea supporter, but who is going to manage that club? Jose, Conte, and Sarri are all managers that have done great things. Yet the players ignore them and nothing gets done. In other news, it was good to see Everton play well in Cardiff. It’s clear that we need to get Silva some time, which is why Sunday is important. We need some stability right now, and something to go right.
  5. Interesting. Google reports that they currently are 6th in the Egyptian top flight, and hopefully they got a sell on clause for Salah. Looks like the three contenders all won today in the Premier League. I personally think that City have the edge, even though I know that Liverpool have the game in hand. Say what you will about City and their financial doping, they have depth and Pep has proven he can win a major trophy in England. I think Klopp is a talented manager, but he still has yet to win a major trophy in England. Same thing with Spurs, and I don't know if they can hold on until they get their injury bug straightened out. My beloved Everton could be sleepwalking to a trap door if they don't start performing better. The one match that could turn supporters around on Silva is the derby in a few weeks. If he succeeds where Moyes at the end, Martinez, Koeman, and Big Sam all couldn't, he will get more time.
  6. Thanks for the welcome, and I've enjoyed myself a lot so far. You guys are very good writers.
  7. Just realized that I might not have properly introduced myself to my fellow members. I am from the United States, and only got into football within the last decade or so. The first World Cup I remember watching was 2006, though I started taking a real interest in the sport around 2009/10. I remember being excited when the US beat Spain at the Confederations Cup in 2009, but the matches that really made me take notice were the USA against Slovenia and Algeria at the World Cup in South Africa based on the dramatic comebacks that we had. I decided that I wanted in on this, and I needed a club team. I picked Everton because Tim Howard is a legend and arguably the most successful American to play in the Premier League, and when I first saw Goodison Park I felt like I do when I am watching my favorite MLB team or American football teams. I have FM17 and FM 18, and have saves that I enjoy on both of those games. I personally enjoy the fact that FM is a game that helps me learn more about this great game, and since most of my friends don't play it, I am glad to share my passion with you guys and improve my writing.
  8. Just wanted to say good job, and I really think Eastern Europe is a fun place to manage.
  9. Very interested in this save. I am interested to see where you manage, and wish you best of luck.
  10. Author’s note: I am jumping ahead in time because Kaiser has been offered an international role and wanted to try something a bit different. He got this job on February 17th, 2017, and it was a youth national team side in an area of the world of which I personally enjoy managing and have had plenty of success in FM. We will continue with regularly scheduled updates next time. For Immediate Release Today, the Ivorian Football Federation is proud to announce that they have reached an agreement with Kaiser Effenburg to be the manager of the Under 20’s side. Effenburg is currently the manager of Welsh Premier side The New Saints and will continue there in a dual role. Effenburg is in his first year of management and currently has guided his club side to top of the Welsh Premier League and won the Nathaniel MG Cup. Why Effenburg? The Ivorian Football Federation chose Effenburg because he impressed us in his interview. He was able to articulate that he wanted to develop the young talents in a tournament setting. He indicated that winning the Under 20’s Cup of Nations was to be his goal. Although he is a young manager, he has shown that he wanted to build players up and give them experience in pressure settings to improve them and test them. The New Saints For Immediate Release The club would like to praise Kaiser Effenburg for his loyalty and agreement to continue managing the club. We understand that due to our success in the league, that Effenburg would be considered for other management roles. We feel that his new job with Ivory Coast is going to be a good one for him and the league as a whole. Assistant Manager Scott Ruscoe will handle the team during the international breaks and will make sure that Effenburg is going to still be in touch. Effenburg will decide tactics and match preparation, though Ruscoe will make sure that the team is doing well and continuing the success that we expect in our domestic competitions. The club would like to thank the Ivorian FA for agreeing to work with us and sharing Effenburg, and we wish them luck in their upcoming U20’s internationals against Uganda and Cape Verde later this month. February 17, 2017. It is a great thrill to be named the manager of the Under 20 Ivory Coast side. This job seems a bit out of left field to some, and I understand that my attentions are going to be divided between two jobs for a while. My reasoning is that I always have wanted to experience an international tournament, especially one where there is going to be plenty of chances for me to experience some different players and tactics. Africa is a nation where the footballing talent continues to impress, and I always have felt that CAF as a federation is competitive and has given us some entertaining teams over the years. Most German managers might not choose to manage in Africa, but I always believe that to be a great manager, your methods should work anywhere in the world. I hope to improve my skills, and to enjoy the experience.
  11. Very interesting idea. Can't wait to see where he goes.
  12. Positive start in the league and the Betfred Cup, and really enjoying your writing. Do you think that you can get promoted this year?
  13. Very good work on the blog. The Chinese Super League is something that interests me on FM and had an enjoyable spell managing Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao on FM,
  14. I hope everyone is having a great end of the year. My beloved Everton looked very good on Boxing Day, and hopefully Silva can keep us going towards Europe. I wouldn't mind a good FA Cup run.
  15. Looks like Mark is going to have to get his next hires right. Out of curiosity, how often does Catts go to matches to scout players?
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