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  1. Ultimate FM Challenge Update: 2022 Season Things are going decently well with Cobreloa, as we have a chance to stay up, but I'll let you know at the end of the season. I was able to get my first full international job with a senior side. So, who am I going to work with? That's right, I will be taking over the reigns at Bosnia. They just failed to qualify for the 2022 World Cup, and are currently ranked 38th in the world. The goal is going to be to qualify for the 2024 Euros and be competitive in the Nations League. What does our group look like in the Nations League? We are
  2. @berrers Congrats on winning the CONCACAF Champions League with Minnesota United. As a proud Everton supporter, I wish you all the best with the Toffees.
  3. FM 21 Ultimate Challenge: End of 2021 Season Update So when I took over at Cobreloa, I was hoping to get in the top half of the table. Well, I didn't deliver on that promise. But it's okay, as results looked really good. This might be the craziest run in I have ever had. We just clicked with a more attacking mindset and a 4-2-4 tactic that seemed to work well. So, how did the league table end up? Promoted as champions, thanks to some amazing form by ourselves, and some mixed form by some of our rivals. I know that winning the Chilean second tier doesn't count, but thi
  4. Ultimate FM Challenge: New Club Job So after applying to a bunch of jobs, someone finally decided to give me a chance. And I'm pretty excited about it. So who gave me a chance? Cobreloa, who currently sit 9th in the Chilean second tier. And I join them at the perfect time, as there is a midseason break. Thus, I shall get to work with scheduling some friendlies to improve morale, as well as to get to know the team tactically. So, how are we looking in the table? 9th is not good. However, we are only halfway through, and are 12 points clear of relegation. More importantly
  5. Ultimate FM Challenge: 2021 South America U20 Championship First international tournament in my first job with Peru. Goal was to qualify for the finals, and anything there would be a bonus. First Stage: Topping the group and going undefeated? I'll take it. As I said, I can't take credit for beating Argentina, as the AI handled that. We beat Paraguay and Venezuela by an identical 1-0 score, and had a good draw with Chile. Final Stage: A disappointment, though not a huge surprise. We drew our opening game against Chile, but then lost the last 4 games. Most di
  6. So sadly the save I was using wouldn't load. The good news is that I can start again, and I wasn't too far along anyway. So I'm restarting, but with a twist. Instead of going to South Africa and Asia, why not start in the Americas? I'm using the same Miguel Santos profile, and hopefully starting in either North America or South America will be the ticket. So after looking over some jobs, I ended up getting an interesting job. Peru is currently in the U20 South American Championships, having beaten Argentina. It's pretty rare to take charge in the middle of an international tou
  7. @goonergez Thanks for the kind words. FM 21 Ultimate Challenge: 2021 Update So after the dumpster fire that was my last job, I ended up applying for a lot of jobs, and decided to try a different league. Well, someone was nice enough to take me on. Sichuan Jiuniu is my next port of call, in the Chinese 2nd tier. They are a younger club, and seem to look a lot better than what I had in South Africa. It's going to be a relegation scrap, but we have some good talent, including a youngster on loan from Manchester City. Yes, you read that right. All the board wants f
  8. FM 21 Ultimate Challenge--2020/21 Update We go live to South Africa for a live look at how things went for Miguel Santos. In fact, there is even a picture. Yeah, that did not go well at all. In hindsight, that was a bad club. Despite a tactical change, we just couldn't get the results, and left in 13th place. This resignation was more of a go before you were pushed, as the board called me into a meeting to discuss manager's future. Only getting 11 points is bad, and to make matters worse the club was in debt and would be in huge trouble. Taking a hit to the reputation
  9. 2021 U20 Cup of Nations: Ghana U20 First international tournament, and my first taste of management. Would Ghana be able to win the tournament, or at least not do too badly? Well, that wasn't great. Drawing with Mauritania was bad, even if they were hosting. Drawing with Nigeria was not terrible, but we needed to beat Tunisia to go through. Well, thanks to striker Kwadow Opoku scoring all 5 goals, we were able to get the result to go through in second place. Our reward was playing South Africa, who was just better. We beat Tunisia to get the bronze medal. On the bright sid
  10. Guess I will give this a try, and thanks to @vikeologist for running this. The above screenshot is to show that the manager is Sunday Leaguer with no badges. I went with 20 years old because that way I have more time to manage to get all the trophies. To start, I loaded up China, Mexico, United States, Australia, and South Africa. In past saves, I haven't managed too long in these countries, so I am excited to see where this goes. In case nobody will hire me at club level, I am willing to manage a youth international side to get some experience and maybe win something. Af
  11. 2021 April Update: Everton de Viña del Mar Hello and welcome back to the thread. Last time out the club was in a continental qualification spot, and results were looking pretty good. How are things looking right now? Results: Unfortunately, we have struggled in front of goal, and were lucky to get a couple of draws. Colo Colo away wasn't a result that I was expecting, but I felt like it would have been nice. I've scheduled a couple of friendlies in the next month to boost up some morale. The two draws at home against similar sized opposition was disturbing, and we outplayed
  12. 2021 March Update: Everton de Viña del Mar So, it's time to see what happened in March. When I last shared what was going on in the save, the club was sitting in 9th place in the league table, as well as having been able to stay in the black with the finances. So would March continue the trend? Results: The identity of this side is becoming quite clear. We may not score a whole lot of goals, but we defend pretty well and can grind out results. I don't think that playing fluid counter is the OP tactic, especially considering that I have dropped points and am not scoring an i
  13. Looks like you are doing a good job. I'm currently managing in Chile as well and find it to be a fun country to manage in. I also love the rule about playing under 21 players, as it forces you to give youth a chance. Best of luck for this season, and hopefully you can build towards promotion.
  14. 2021 Febuary Update: Everton de Viña del Mar Hello, and welcome back to the thread. I've completed the first month of the season, plus the first game from January. Let's begin by taking a look at the results from our first handful of matches in the league, and see what thoughts I have. That has been a pretty solid start to the season. Universidad was one of the sides that is traditionally one of the big boys in Chilean football, so getting a draw away from home was outstanding. The only real blip was losing at home to Antofagasta, but we responded in kind with a win in our last
  15. 2021 Preseason and Transfer Update It is late January, and the season is about to get underway. I feel a lot better about how the squad is looking, and ended up having a couple of changes coming that seem to suit the team a lot better. Preseason In terms of results, it wasn't too terrible. The standout result was getting a draw against Independiente of Argentina, who are one of the Big 5 of Argentinean football. The two losses were expected to Sao Paulo and Mineiro, but a formation change made in the middle of the preseason seemed to work well, and the team feels a lo
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