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  1. My team close of transfer window September 2013: GK - De Gea, Lindegaard DR - Rafael, Montoya DCR - Jones, Smalling, Ferdinand DCL - Vidic, Evans DL - Evra, Fabio MR - Valencia, Nani, Zaha MCR - Carrick, Verratti, Fletcher MCL - Fellaini, Giggs ML - Asamoah, Kagawa AMC - Rooney, Januzaj STC - van Persie, Hernandez, Welbeck Ins: Asamoah - Juventus - £22.5m Verratti - PSG - £12.5m Montoya - Barcelona - £5.75m Outs: Cleverley - Arsenal - £20m (Arsenal enquired, and I said £20m which they accepted. Might've been able to get more) Buttner - PSV - £4.2m Anderson - Inter - £8m Amos - Blackburn - £1.1m Not bad so far I think, got about £20m left to play with in January, so might invest in a new left back. Young is on the transfer list but will be back up to Kagawa and Asamoah (might shift Kagawa to be back up for Rooney if I choose to loan Janujaz out). Any suggestions?
  2. Mucking about in the BETA with Man United, and I found that literally moving the same player to their new position (IE. Moving Nani from the AMR to AML) all across the board and you should have no issues. Maybe tweak the individual set pieces, but I've only done a few games. Attacking wise it's immense, and very unique. But make sure you do the changes Glesga pointed out. Also, the defensive one seems to be pretty solid too, but I prefer the original. I can make do with 8-2 scorelines for a while
  3. Is anyone else struggling to motivate the team? They just appear to be disinterested. Also I'm struggling for tactics too, gone for a fluid attacking mentality in a flat 442, however I'm leaking goals and the front two (RVP and Rooney) just won't score.
  4. Great opening thread, and I do like the tactics you've given. Gives me a good starting point. Decided for the full game, I'm taking on Inter before I move to beloved Man United (Doing something different this season) and I do like Inter's team. No wingers or side midfielders is a first for me in FM hehe.
  5. I was considering that too, however I would like Jones to replace Rio long term, as he does seem to have better potential than Smalling. I shall experiment and see what works. Just seen in other posts that people can't seem to get a bid for Gotze accepted lower than £50m. I might leave that option as I never pay over the odds like that.
  6. Has anyone tried signing Gotze? Just wondering how much you can get him for. If I can get him at a decent price (may pay over 48 months), I might sign him up and Srna, making my final team as the following... GK (Goalkeeper, Defence) - De Gea, Lindegaard DR (Full Back, Automatic) - Rafael, Srna DC (Central Defender, Stopper) - Vidic, Smalling DC (Ball Playing Defender, Cover) - Ferdinand, Jones, Evans DL (Full Back, Automatic) - Evra, Fabio MC (Ball Winning Midfielder, Defence) - Fletcher, Carrick MC (Central Midfielder, Support) - Anderson, Giggs, Cleverley AMR (Winger, Attack) - Nani, Valencia, Park AML (Winger, Attack) - Gotze, Young ST (Deep Lying Forward, Support) - Rooney, Berbatov ST (Advanced Forward, Attack) - Hernandez, Welbeck, Owen Thoughts and opinions? Didn't want to sell anyone and will probably buy Ganso at the end of the season in the full game to replace Giggs. Also, Jones will be in the starting lineup more often as the season progresses.
  7. Has anyone noticed that Mike Phelan's opinion seems to go way down on Ashley Young through pre-season? He goes from CA and PA of 3 1/2 stars to 2 1/2
  8. Hehe I'm going to pass on it, even though he's a great player, I can't buy a City player and what he did was flat out disgraceful...I'm talking about SIGNING for City of course.
  9. Still getting to grips with the demo. My main issue is sorting out the tactics really. Trying to find a decent attacking tactic that United play. Thinking Hernandez as a poacher, Rooney as a Deep Lying Forward and Nani as an Inside Forward. No idea what to do with the central midfielders or the team instructions. Anyone offer suggestions?
  10. Hmm I completely forgot about Cleverley being able to play on the wings. Keeping Giggs in the centre to begin with so he isn't sprinting everywhere. I probably won't make a signing if I'm honest and keep our tiny tiny budget as a backup for the worst injury crisis, or in case a great player get's transfer listed. I don't mind Gibson too much, but I just can't see a place for him in the team if I'm honest.
  11. We have pretty decent depth this year, so it looks like the only purchases I'll make is cover for AML and DR. I want to offload Carrick, but don't know how easy it is to sell players.
  12. Bought him last year, was a great buy for me. What's his natural position as I'm hoping to use him in a AML role.
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