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  1. So! Maybe this have already been suggested and maybe this is already being worked on. But, I would like to see set pieces changed. In the way that now it is a bit boring and not so easy to work with. Well, maybe it is somewhat simple but its not so easy. What I mean, is that it takes a lot of time going through the set pieces in total, for only one tactic. And here is where it becomes even more pain in the ass. You need to work on penalties, corners, freekicks from several positions etc. for every tactic you make. AND you need to fix them every time you change your formation. I don't have a great suggestion to make working on set pieces easier and more fun but to myself, I would love to be able to delegate set piece responsibilities and even sign a dedicated set pieces coach. Which would make the game ahellofalot more fun for me at least since I only like doing set pieces maybe one time throughout a year. I know this probably won't be reviewed and considered for fm19 but I hope you guy will untill fm20, because right now set pieces is killing much of the will to play because set pieces is alot of the goals in the game right now. OH and another thing I hope will be considered are the way things are delegated at all in the game. Like when I try to use a sports director to handle contracts and transfers on wishlists. They SUCK! and there should be like a list where I can put players I want to resign a contract that the director will handle. Because now need to do everything manually. Actually i think fifa (I never play fifa but here they are on to something) have with they're career mode where you can ask the assistent manager to go sign or resign a player on some predefined terms, like transfer fee, salaries, and length of contract. Yeah so I hope you can look into this and I hope some more people will agree on this. Thanks!
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